DIY Cute Caterpillar craft for toddlers and preschoolers | Easy Paper crafts for kids

Free step by step crafts tutorial on how to make a cute caterpillar craft for toddlers and preschoolers. This cute caterpillar can be used as a prop while reading a story to kids. This is a wonderful hungry caterpillar themed craft for kids. And if you are looking for some summer craft ideas then this can be one for you.

Materials required to make DIY Cute Caterpillar for toddlers

  • Chart papers ( Green, Red, Yellow, Black)
  • Glue Stick
  • Scissors

Step by Step tutorial on how to make a DIY Cute Caterpillar

Here is a step by step instructions (with pictures) tutorial on how you can make cute Caterpillar.

As this is purely a paper craft, thus it would be good if we first cut all the required shapes before we start making this cute caterpillar.

So here are what all we need to cut…

1 red almost D shape cut out ( it will be the face of caterpillar )

8 green oval shapes ( these will form the body of caterpillar)

1 green small triangle cut out ( this will be the nose of caterpillar)

2 yellow small oval shape cut out ( these will be the outer layer of eyes of caterpillar)

2 green small (should be smaller than the yellow oval cut outs ) oval shape cut out ( these will be the inner layer of eyes of caterpillar)

2 black small leaf shape cut out ( these will be the antenna of caterpillar)

3 pair of black leg shape cut out ( these will be the legs of caterpillar)

Step 1 – Take two small green and yellow oval shape cut outs and paste yellow oval shape cut out over the green cut out. These will be the eyes of caterpillar.

Step 2 – Now make the face of the caterpillar. For this take the red D shape cut out and paste eyes (prepared in step 1) and nose ( small green triangular cut out) and antennas (black leaf shape cut out) on it. After this face will be ready.

Step 3 – Now make the body of caterpillar and for this start pasting the green oval shape cut outs. Go slow and let the pasting get dry. Try to paste little small oval shapes at the end as it will be the end body part of caterpillar.

Step 4 – Now paste the body and face of caterpillar together.

Step 5 – Now you need to paste the legs of caterpillar.

caterpilllar craft

Your little curly wurly caterpillar is ready. Play with it, sing a rhyme or enjoy a story.

Hope you liked this craft and would love to make it with your little ones. If you do, then don’t forget to share with us right here.

Happy Crafting !!

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