DIY Popsicle Puzzle with free printables

We do not always need expensive toys to keep our kids engaged and contribute to their growth. Today I would like to share how I made a DIY Popsicle Puzzle with free printable.

diy popsicle puzzle from free printables

Do you know puzzles are not only fun to play but also good for your child’s little brain. It encourages your child to work out something on their own.

My son loves puzzles and he solves at least one puzzle in a day at his desired time. During our learning journey, I have made some simple puzzles at home as he gets bored with the regular ones with time. Few of these have been prepared when he was much younger, but he still loves them when we revisit them after few days.

Today I want to share these simple homemade Popsicle puzzle with mums so they can easily prepare them at home with material that is easily available. This DIY Popsicle Puzzle is loved by kids of all age group.

Materials Required to make DIY Popsicle Puzzle

  • Popsicle sticks
  • Scissors
  • Any small sharp knife
  • Glue
  • Any cutout from old printable of a vehicle, animals or fruits

DIY Puzzle Bindu Sharath

Procedure to make this easy Popsicle Puzzle at home

  • Place all the sticks very close together and paste the picture with glue on the sticks.
  • Let it dry and cut it exactly between the popsicle sticks.
  • The first Puzzle is ready.

DIY Puzzle Bindu Sharath

DIY Puzzle with free printables

diy popsicle puzzle

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Bindu Bhavani
Bindu Bhavani

I am a mother to a super active 3 year old son. I work part time but we together (me and my son) do lots of fun stuff at home. I play a major role in his early learning and try to make activities that are interest led by my child. You can visit us at our facebook page to see what we do.....

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