How to help your kid settle in school

Your little one has started first grade but still your child is not happy at school or does not feel comfortable. Know How to help your kid settle in school.

As I said in my previous article in the same series, I understand that the time of transition from kindergarten to first grade is an exciting time for children but can also be frightening for many.

How to help your kid settle in school

The early education literature validates the notion that not only is the move from preschool to kindergarten daunting but transition from a relatively warm, caring, child-centered kindergarten to a potentially more intimidating and less flexible first grade classroom is also quiet a struggle for many children and their parents.

If your kid has not yet started school then I suggest you read the first article in this series – How to help your child in transition from Kindergarten to First Grade. But if he is already going to school for a few weeks and is still having problems, there could be a deeper issue.

To know what you can do, read the below tips on – How to help your kid settle in school.

1. Think of what is typical for your child

If you have a child that is typically not anxious about going back to school or has low levels of anxiety about going back to school, and all of a sudden this looks much different. If you see that his levels of anxiety are much higher than before, you may want to investigate and ask the child more questions.

2. Empathize with your child

Let your child know you understand something is wrong and you want to help.

3. Identify the problem.

Identify the specific problem your child is having. If your child doesn’t want to go to school, then find out why?

4. Work with your child to put a plan in place

Often kids have really great ideas about how they could get support. Children like to feel that they are actively a part of, and have some kind of control over their future.

When they know the plan and are part of it, they are likely to feel more successful and to buy into the plan.

5. Work with the teacher

The teacher works with your child on a daily basis and probably has experienced similar issues with other children. The teacher will often have very helpful ideas to rectify the situation.

6. Get help else where

If none of the above works, contact counselor or psychologist.

Some children will adjust quickly, and others may need more time before they develop longer attention spans. Patience is vital. Be consistent in your expectations, praise your child for effort, and always keep the channels of communication open with your child’s teacher.

Finally, constant support and encouragement is an important part of helping your child to make any transition, including the transition to first grade.

Helping your child feel like a “big kid,” and telling him that he is smart, and that you are proud of all of his hard work will encourage him to work harder in first grade.

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Greshma Momaya
Greshma Momaya

Greshma Momaya is a fervent early childhood educator since a decade always wanting to use her knowledge & expertise in the field of Child Development to help children lead a thoughtful life. Her degrees in Human Development and School Counselling have motivated her to be a passionate educator since decade and still continuing her work as a Preschool Coordinator at Trio Tots, preschool initiative of Trio World School, Sahakaranagar. Her expertise lies in setting up preschool and developing early childhood curriculum and activities. Along with her work as coordinator, she supports children with Phonetics, wherein she conducts Phonetics workshops and classes for Children, Teachers & Parents. She also honoured with “Education Expert” on Super mums of India. She also writes articles on various early childhood topics. Mighty Minds is also one of her ventures wherein they develop customized Phonics Curriculum & Summer Camp Curriculum. They are also coming up with Home school Curriculum and activity bags for children.

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