How to make effective and easy DIY diaper inserts at home

I confess that my son (now two years old) was always a frequent and heavy wetter. Which according to my pediatric is a good sign that the baby is hydrated. My son used to get up in between his sleep and this was affecting him and me both. Of course, then I used diapers not only at night but during the day times as well.

Market diapers proved to be a boon for me but then rashes and skin problem popped up.

While looking for other options I found that pocket cloth diapers were effective but then with them you have to buy inserts too. Everything was costing too much. Only two inserts were not working for me as they were less. At last, to workout this problem I came up with my own solution  – making inserts myself.

How to make Diaper Inserts

These inserts are not only cheaper but are also easy to make, wash and reuse.

So let us come to the main topic – How to make diaper inserts effectively, cheap and easy way.

Lets get started with what materials you will need to make your own Diaper inserts-

1) Microfiber or fleece material or you can use microfiber bath towel which works awesome. Microfiber cloth has quick drying properties.

2) Quick dry sheet available at any baby store.

Instructions to make homemade Diaper Inserts

1) Take quick dry sheet and mark the measurements of 36*15 cm. Cut and keep aside. It has two sides – lower side is plastic and upper side is microfiber.

2) Take microfiber fleece material measurements 45*36. Make three folds such that it aligns with the dry sheet.

3) Now this step is optional that you want to sew them both together or align them properly and use.

Your diaper inserts are ready. You can make five inserts from one microfiber bath towel.

Note – Remember to keep the lower plastic side of dry sheet down and folded microfiber bath towel upside when using it as inserts.

Try this diaper inserts – I still use them and they never leak and are very effective than other cloth inserts. Hope this is Useful.

Happy Motherhood!

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