How to become a content writer in India

If you are looking for how to become a content writer in India? How to get started with content writing if you have no experience? What skills are needed to be a content writer? how much does a content writer earn in India? Can content writing be a good work from home option. Then you have landed on the right place. We will cover all these questions and more,

So let us get started.

What is content writing?

It is a general terms used for planning, writing and editing content on a particular topic for readers to solve a problem.

Content writing is a broad term and it can mean writing articles for blog or websites or scripts for videos or copywriting for sales pages or content for specific social media platforms.

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Content writing basics

  • You are writing for readers (so you must know your readers and use language your readers understand easily)
  • You need to have knowledge of the subject you are writing on. Usually referred to as your niche.
  • You need to solve a problem with your content. So you can write to educate or entertain but in whatever you do you need to help your reader and solve his/her problem.
  • You need to know SEO (Search Engine optimization). Basically the art of writing in a way that gets your articles found in search engines like Google,

Is content writing same as writing essays in schools or colleges? No it is not.

Does content writing need you to know very good English – No. You need to know correct English and should be able to get across your point in correct grammar. It is not necessary to use very difficult language unless that is the need of your readers.

Mostly the art of content writing is to get your point across in a simple language

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How do I start content writing

First Identify you niche. Niche is your strength that you can write about – Also there needs to be a demand for that niche for you to get content writing assignments.

Here is an ebook to help you identify your niche

Second step is start writing. Create a blog to showcase your work. And believe me writing with time will actually hone your skills and help you understand what kind of blog posts you are good at creating.

If possible Learn On page SEO. it would be an added qualification and it something that people are looking for when hiring you.

Be aware of powerful words you can use and the art of copywriting, As it helps you also get a variety of content writing assignments and help you earn more money.

You can learn on page SEO and copywriting (along with many other topics) in this content writing ebook and course.

Once you have learned the art of writing, network with other writers.

Once you have found your niche and created some good article – showcase your authority on the subject using social media (You can create a Facebook page or use Instagram or post in Facebook groups and Linked in).

With time your good work will start bringing you opportunities.

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Is content writing easy

Yes and No.

It is not so tough that you can do not do it. And it is not so easy that you can do content writing without learning the required skills.

You may not need any degrees to start content writing but yes you do need the skills to get you content writing assignments.

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What are the types of content writing

There are various types of content writing. To name a few:

  • Web content (what you see on websites)
  • Blogging
  • Social Media
  • Advertisements, sales copy and texts on sales pages on websites
  • Experts or Industry writing (very niche focused content)
  • News writing/ Journalism
  • Creative writing

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How to become a content writer with no experience

I would say the first step would be get to started. If you find someone who is willing to train you then train and get started.

If you have to get started on your own. Start a blog (Here is a step by step process to start a blog) and use it to showcase your work. Use it as your resume.

Create content for other websites for FREE. Yes (but do not do it for long and only do it for leading websites). You can check sites that are coming on google search. These are submission pages where you can reach out to website owners and pitch your ideas.

So check the website you want to write for – see what value you can add to them and reach out to them. While you are building your portfolio and are learning write one article and do not write for free for long.

After one article – if someone likes your work they would be willing to pay you.

Use your social media and profiles to mention that you are a content writer and you know SEO. So that people can contact you for writing assignments.

Join Facebook groups where you can land writing assignments.

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Can content writing be a good option for work from home moms

Yes definitely why not.

Just know your niche and your value. Brush up your skills and start writing.

Content writing is one type of job that can be done at your own pace. You can pick up freelance assignments and work when your baby sleeps.

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What is SEO content writing?

SEO in simple terms is search engine optimization. The art of writing in a way that search engines like google find our articles. This is also referred to as on page SEO – in which write in way that Google finds our article quickly.

This is a sought after skills and something that would be good to learn.

How much can I earn as a content writer in India?

Honestly it depends on your skills and the payee’s budget.

Some big brands pay more and some startups that have smaller budget may pay less.

Also for new writers the pay would be lesser and for experienced SEO content writers and those who are good at copywriting the pay would be more.

You can either get paid per article or you can get paid ppw which is price per word. So if you write a 1000 words article and the rate agreed 50 ppw you will get 500 Rs for an article.

You can get paid based on number of articles you write. I have seen newbies working for Rs 200 per article and I have also seen few people working on Rs 5 per word or more.

In worst case – you can always write for your own self hosted blog and make money. Check out this course on how you can make money using your social media and blog

I hope I answered most of your questions, if you have more you can always ask me in comments

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Content writing course in India

If you are interested in learning content writing you can get this ebook below. It covers all aspects of content writing.


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