Health foods in Pregnancy and during Lactation

Eating health foods in pregnancy and during Lactation is essential to ensure you get all nutrients that you and your developing baby needs.

Health Foods during Pregnancy and Lactation

Here are some super foods that you should include daily in pregnancy and during lactation.


Eggs are one of the best foods during pregnancy. It consist of essential nutrients. Eggs have the highest biological value which means they are the best protein source with good absorption. It also contains minerals like zinc, selenium which are required for the development of baby.


Whole grain cereals in the breakfast are one of the best choices during the pregnancy. Whole grain cereals are rich in complex carbohydrates as well as fibers. Complex carbohydrates absorb slowly keeping you full for long and avoid unnecessary cravings and fiber improves digestion. Oats are the best source. Regular intake keeps a check on cholesterol and sugar levels.


Bananas are a wonderful fruit as it is a rich source of potassium which keeps the blood pressure in control. It is also one of the best sources for Vitamin B6, Vitamin C as well as fibre. Regular intake help to produce Bananas are a wonderful fruit as it is a rich source of potassium red blood cells, lower the stress levels and many more benefits

It is ideal to obtain these essential nutrients through a healthy and well-balanced diet, but you must also regularly take your prescribed prenatal multivitamins just to be sure you are getting all the vitamins you need during the pregnancy. Expecting mothers need certain specific multivitamin dose, these are called as prenatal vitamins. These should generally contain more folic acid, iron, calcium, Vitamin D and iodine than any general multivitamin.

Dosage and What are the Benefits of Prenatal Vitamins

  • Folic acid: 

Folic acid is found in foods such as beans, leafy greens and breakfast cereals. It helps to reduce the risk of developing neural tube defects such as spina bifida in unborn babies.

  • Iron: 

Include poultry, and fish, vegetarian sources such as dates, prunes, green leafy vegetables in your daily diet as these are good sources of iron. Iron is essential for making hemoglobin in your body, which is required to support the growth of your baby.

  • Vitamin D:

Expose yourself to the morning sunrays for about 10-15 min for healthy development of bones and teething a growing fetus during pregnancy.

  • Calcium

The calcium requirement is doubled when a woman becomes pregnant. Dairy products, dark leafy vegetables, tofu and canned salmon have high quantity of calcium.

Remember self medication can be dangerous as if not taken under supervision and the recommended dosage then they can be dangerous.

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