Must Read Do’s and Don’t for a healthy pregnancy

Must Read Do’s and Don’t for a healthy pregnancy

Pregnancy is a period when everybody around you will be offering you advice and this may be another article trying to do so. But nonetheless do read this article till the end as there is nothing much to loose and you may find some information useful.

Trying to keep it short, here are five habits that you can adopt for a smoother pregnancy and a healthier you.

 Healthy Habit 1 - Do Drink lots of water

Make it a habit to drink water whenever you can. Water flushes out all toxins from your body. Also, this is the time when your body needs water – even more than the usual 8 glasses a day. So keep yourself hydrated.

Having good amount of water will not only help you in avoiding constipation but it will also help you in avoiding Urinary Tract Infections (UTI) which are very common during this period.

Also having good amount of water may help you in avoiding a C section which at times is triggered by lack of amniotic fluid.

Believe me it is much easier to have water rather than suffering consequences due to lack of it.

 Healthy Habit 2 – Do Eat healthy

Eating becomes a task in pregnancy and looses any charm or taste that was earlier associated with it.

With the list of what to have and what not to have, I know it becomes difficult to decide what to eat. But whatever you decide to eat, make it a habit of eating healthy.

Start looking at food in terms of what it contains for e.g. proteins, vitamins and minerals. This habit would benefit you and your baby not only during but also after pregnancy.

Life as you know it is going to change. So it is a good idea to change some of your eating habits.

Healthy Habit 3 - Be active

You might feel like resting all the time and may feel too tired to even move around. But believe me remaining active and walking around will help you.

Experts say that remaining active during pregnancy helps your body prepare for child birth. Also it helps you to stay a healkthy weight and avoid related complications.

But at the same time you must also listen to your body. As you are the best judge of what is being active and what being exerted for you.

Healthy Habit 4 – Do not forget to take your supplements

No matter what remember to take supplements advised by Doctor. They are not only required for you but they are essential for your baby’s growth.

Usually supplements advised during pregnancy are – Folic acid said to prevents neural defects in your baby, Vitamin D and Calcium required for building your baby’s bones and teeth and Iron necessary for you to avoid tiredness caused by anaemia.

If you are still not convinced just do a quick search on why you should take a particular supplement and decide for yourself.

Healthy Habit 5 – Avoid taking alcohol and smoking

Studies have shown that alcohol consumption can result in birth defects like poor growth, mental retardation and learning disabilities. Smoking is believed to result in premature delivery, lack of oxygen intake of your baby and thus organ development.

In general these habits not only affect you adversely but also your baby. So decision is yours and so is the responsibility of choices you make.

Healthy Habit 6 – Do what makes you Happy

I believe this is the most important aspect and probably the most difficult one.

Life is not easy when you are pregnant and there are number of restrictions and inconveniences.

You may not realize it now but this is also one of the best phases of your life. This is the time when everybody around you will pamper you and love you all the way more. This is the time when even strangers will be kind to you and come across to share their stories and experiences. So be aware of all this love around you.

Most importantly – Spend this time in Doing what makes you Happy. Take time out to indulge in your hobbies – read books, paint, listen to music, watch movies or do whatever it is that you enjoy doing.

Once your little one arrives you may not have time (at least for a while) for these hobbies. Though he/she will keep you happy and completely occupied :-).

Healthy Habit 7 - Do Trust and Listen to your Doctor

Last but not the least, with the amount of free advices that you are getting nowadays (mine included) It is surely difficult to decide what to do.

There is a simple rule to avoid this confusion . When in doubt consult your doctor. And follow what he or she says religiously.

If you do not trust your doctor then it is time for a change – Find a doctor whom you can trust.

All I will say in the end is that this is a difficult but beautiful phase of life so make the most of it.

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  1. Very good tips. During both pregnancies I did make an effort to take all my supplements and drink lots of water. And mental health is just as important!

    • Thanks a lot . That’s really nice these small efforts actually make pregnancy easier and you are absolutely correct. Mental health is very very important

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