Today we are going to learn how to make a DIY Bowl with Foam sheet.

DIY Bowl-with-Foam-Sheet

New Year is just around the corner and we all are ready to welcome a brand new year with open arms and a smile on our face. Everyone has its own way to celebrate, we have plans for party and are busy in deciding the menu, decoration, gifts etc. Every year we want to do something new, something unique but usually we are unable to execute them due to shortage of time. So today we are going to talk about a craft activity that doesn’t need much of your time.

Read on for a step by step tutorial with pictures to help you with this innovative multipurpose DIY bowl from foam sheet.

This is so quick and easy that you can try this activity with your kids. Let them contribute in preparations and then bask in the glory of making and presenting something new.

So lets get started. Here is a step by step instructions on How to make a Bowl with Foam Sheet

Materials needed to make Bowl with Foam Sheet

  • Foam Sheet
  • Satin Ribbon
  • Scissors
  • Punching Machine

Step 1 – Take a foam sheet and cut it into a circle

DIY Bowl-with-Foam-Sheet

Step 2 – Cut the edge of the circle as shown below.

DIY Bowl-with-Foam-Sheet

Step 3 – With the help of punching machine make holes.

DIY Bowl-with-Foam-Sheet

Step 4 – Start sewing the satin ribbon through the holes (see below)

DIY Bowl-with-Foam-Sheet

Step 5 – Keep sewing the ribbon through the holes.

DIY Bowl-with-Foam-Sheet

Step 6 – When you reach at the end, stretch the ribbon and tie a beautiful knot. Your bowl is ready.

DIY Bowl-with-Foam-Sheet

So friends are you ready to welcome your guests with a bowl of cookies and a smile on your face. Trust me it will bring a smile on their face too.

Do share what you made using comments below.

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Lavanya Neelam
Lavanya Neelam

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