Very Easy Wall decor idea for kids room

Check out this super easy wall decor idea for beautifying your kids room

I had been thinking for some time how to add some colour to my kid’s room. I had thought of various things but all required time and energy. And, all of us know how much time and energy we have left after a full day of running around with kids.

Then I saw an amazon advertisement of wall décor stickers in my mail box. Since the price was not too much I decided to give it a try. And I am so happy with the result that I am actually writing a blog on this.

Here is how our wall looks after sticking the decals.


What you need

  • Wall stickers
  • Foam photo frames (The castle in the middle)
  • And some time to peel them off and stick to a wall
    That’s it 🙂

Stickers that I bought from Amazon to achieve the look above

The Foam photo frame that I have used is a gift that I already had. For the purpose of making this blog complete, I am including some suggestions from Amazon below

Note – The above are Amazon associates link so on clicking will take you directly to Amazon shopping page

Tips for buying wall Stickers

1  Do not rely only on image, check the Item size to get an idea of how they will fit on your wall.

2  Go through the customer views as some of the customers have added actual photographs. These pics are very useful to understand how the stickers will actually look

3  I noticed that the stickers that were pre-cut in small sizes were easier to stick on the wall. For e.g. the bird and trees in the above Image. The grass and flowers sticker above was pre-cut into a larger sizes. So they were comparatively difficult to stick in one go. My advice to you will be – “pick up a scissor and cut the sticker into smaller easily manageable pieces and then peel off and stick them”.

4  Don’t worry about sticking these stickers as per the image provided. Get creative and play around to see how they will best fit in your room. You can buy a combination of stickers to get the desired effect.

My toddler and I had lots of fun doing this wall décor and the end result was beautiful too. So I am planning to convert the whole room into a beautiful play area using more of such stickers.

If you get inspired to do something similar, please do share with me.

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