Best Breast-Pumps in India 2023 Complete guide from MOMs)

If you are looking for the best Breast-Pump in India, not sure whether to buy a manual pump or electric breast-pump and which are the best breast-pumps in India. Read this detailed analysis which starts with basics like What is a Breast-pump,  what breast pumps are available in the market, and factors you need to consider which one is RIGHT for you.

Don’t have much time to read the whole article? Here are the best-loved and highly-rated breast-pumps available in India. Check out these three breast pumps or you can just compare in the table below and take a decision.

Best Manual Breast-pump India 2023

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Best Single Electric Breast Pump in India 2023

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Best Electric Double Breast-Pump in India 2023

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Breastfeeding is a primal thing and it’s something a woman’s body is made to do. As we all are aware that exclusive breastfeeding should be followed for 6 months hence it is important for us to be well prepared to get through this phase smoothly.

List of Best Breast pumps in India 2023 (Compared)

Medela Harmony (Click here to see details)ManualOccasionalNA
Philips Avent Manual Breast Pump (Click here to see details)ManualOccasional NA
TruMom Electric Breast-Pump (Click here to see details)Electric Single Pump OftenRechargeable
battery lasts 2 hours
Medela Swing Breast Pump (Click here to see details)Single ElectricOftenLasts up to one hour
Medela Maxi (Click here to see details)Double Electric PumpRegularLasts up to one hour
Best Breast pumps Available in India

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What is a Breast Pump?

A breast pump is a device which is used to extract milk from a lactating woman’s breast.

Breast pump is one piece of equipment that can help a new mom. Breast pumps have proved as a boon to working mothers who can easily provide their kids with breast milk without compromising their working schedule

Why do you need a Breast pump?

When a baby can not feed directly from the mother’s breast, a pump is needed to extract the milk. Many times, mother and baby are away and breast pumps make it possible for moms to exclusively breastfeed their babies even when away.

List of Best breast Pump in India 2023

Here I have narrowed down the search to the best breast pumps available in india depending on the type and utility of each one of them.

Philips Avent manual breast pump

Spectra Baby USA S1 Plus Hospital Grade Double/single Breast Pump W Rechargeable Battery No Tote

Rs. 22,500
Rs. 20,700
 in stock
6 new from Rs. 20,700
as of 15th June 2024 5:19 pm


Part Number MM011091
Model MM011091
Color White - Sky Blue
Is Adult Product
Size 1 Count (Pack of 1)
Language English

Medela Harmony breast pump

Chicco Manual Breast pump

Lansinoh Manual breast pump

R for Rabbit First Feed Manual Breast Pump most Safe & Comfortable Feeding Milk Breast Pump for Moms

SYGA Manual Breast Pump with Feeding Nipple

LuvLap Manual Breast Pump, 3 Level Suction Adjustment, Soft & Gentle, BPA Free

Trumom electric Breast pump

Medela Swing Breast Pump

Philips Avent single electric Breast Pump

R for rabbit Electric Breast pump

Luvlap electric breast pump

Medela maxi Breast pump

Lansinoh double electric breast pump

Best Hospital Grade Breast Pump In India

Hospital grade pumps are intended for use by multiple users. These are bigger and more powerful. Some brands do make personal use breast pumps as good or as effective as Hospital Grade breast pumps. One such example is –

Spectra Baby USA S1 Plus Hospital Grade Double/single Breast Pump

Best Breast pump for Regular use

Medela Pump in Style Advanced Breast Pump – Pump In Style Advanced is a daily use breast pump designed for moms who pump several times a day. All Pump In Style Advanced breastpumps offer portable convenience for quiet, discreet pumping anywhere. It comes with three stylish microfiber bags to choose from (On-the-go-tote, backpack, or the Metro bag) to hold everything you need to pump.The perfect pump for pumping and transport flexibility, and for greater comfort while pumping.

Best Breast Pump for Working Moms

Spectra S1, Medela Pump in Style as shared above and Medela Freestyle are all good for working breastfeeding mothers.

Medela Freestyle

Medela Freestyle is preferred by many working mothers, from our research we can say that it is one of the best pumps for working moms

Accessories for Breastfeeding mothers

Motherhood comes with a large set of responsibilities and a unique paraphernalia of things. Breastfeeding is natural but, you may need some extra things to make it smooth and easy for you. Here we have listed some stuff that will come in handy for you.

LuvLap Ultra Thin Honeycomb Nursing Breast Pads

LuvLap Washable Maternity Nursing Breast Pads

Non Padded Non-Wired Maternity Bra

Breast Milk Storage Bag

Benefits of a Breast pump

1. It allows working moms to experience the satisfaction of providing the nutrition of breast milk to their baby. Also helps in dad bonding!

2. It allows you to provide breast milk to the babies who are premature or too sick to feed on their own.

3. Pumping helps you avoid the expenses and health risks of using formula milk and we all know how beneficial breast milk is.

4. It can be used in a situation when you are suffering from nipple soreness or breast engorgement or other health issues, where feeding the baby directly from the breasts is not possible, pumping can help empty the breast and aid in the healing process.

5. Pumping can help maintain the milk supply when you are away from your baby. Else there are chances that the time gap can ruin your milk supply.

6. It also allows you the freedom to run for occasional errands.

Do check out these other baby-feeding essentials that will make your life easier. These products are used and loved by other parents. Click here to see the list

Questions to Ask yourself before investing in a breast pump you need

A) Why you need a breast pump? Do you plan on exclusively breastfeeding the baby?
B) Your budget?
C) How much time do you have?

There are tons of breast pumps available in the market and searching for the right breast pump can be really exhaustive. The situation of every mom is different and you will need a pump that precisely suits your needs.

The best breast pump for you will be the one which mimics your baby’s nursing behaviour the closest.

What is right for one mom will not be right for the other mom. So I would suggest take your time to decide if you need a breast pump or not and if at all you need one, buy the one that suits your need the most.

compare Breast pumps and choose the right ones. Best Breast pump in India

Best Manual Breast pumps India

What is a manual Breast Pump? It requires you to manually express the milk out.

It is for those who occasionally pump and feed their baby. A good option for stay at home moms or the ones who occasionally go out and are away from their kids only for a couple of hours.

They can be used in places where there is no access to power supply like while traveling.

Manual pumps are time-consuming and little tiring but are an economical, lightweight, portable, easy to use option in breast pumps. I would suggest this for moms who plan to use it sometimes.

The best manual breast pumps in India are

1. Philips Avent Manual breast pump

2. Medela Harmony breast pump

3. Chicco manual Breast pump

4. Lansinoh manual breast pump

Electric Breast Pump India

There are 2 variants of electric pumps available
a) Single electric pump
b) Double electric pump

Electric pumps are basically for mothers who pump regularly. It gets the job done quickly without having to put in a lot of effort. They can be either battery operated or through power outlet. Although the battery operated a little cheap as compared to power outlet ones but they are considered slow in their working.

Electric pumps are really efficient but they are not portable.

Double electric pumps are for extensive and high milk supply users. It saves up a lot of time and are quite expensive.

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Let’s compare the Manual Breast pumps

Avent vs Medela vs Lansinoh

Avent Manual Breast pumps

  • Works more effortlessly as compared to Medela
  • Requires less manual pressure and time to extract milk from the breast
  • Easier to clean and every nook and corner of the pump can be cleaned.
  • Only Avent bottles can be used

See more about Avent Manual Breast pump here

Medela Manual Breast pumps

  • Needs more pressure to pump milk
  • Less milk is produced as compared to Avent
  • Easier to assemble as compared to Avent
  • Cleaning is a little tricky as it is so designed that some amount of milk will definitely be trapped inside it. It’s really hard to clean this pump.
  • Bottle stand is better than Avent and also any bottle can be used and not necessarily the Medela bottles.

See more about Medela Manual Breast Pump here

Lansinoh Manual Breast pumps

  • It is effective at producing milk due to its 2 phase stimulation, comes with 2 size flanges.
  • The diaphragm is very thick and makes the whole process really tiring.
  • Expensive as compared to the above pumps.

See more details about Lansinoh Manual Breast Pump here

Best Single Electric Breast Pump India

1. Trumom electric Breast pump

2. Medela swing Breast Pump

Pumping Basics 101

3. Philips Avent single electric Breast Pump

Let’s compare the Single electric pumps

Medela Swing VS Avent

  • Both the Swing and the Avent Electric are easy to use with one hand.
  • They are both reasonably quiet.
  • Both models are BPA-free.
  • The Swing breast pump is fast at expressing milk because it has the 2-phase method which stimulates milk let-down.
  • The Avent Electric can be used as a manual breast pump which is handy if there is ever a power cut. Also with this one, you start using the pump as a manual, and then when you are comfortable
  • You push the button and the pump continues at whichever speed you were doing.
    Both are almost similarly priced.

See more details about Medela Swing single Electric pump here


  • It is packed with more features such as the massage mode which helps in more milk production
  • The product is light enough to be carried anywhere
  • Comparatively a cheaper option to both Avent and Medela and is very efficient.
  • Can work with power bank and adapter.

See more details about Trumom single Electric pump here

Best Double Electric Breast Pump India

1. Medela maxi

2. Lansinoh double electric breast pump

Best Breastpump for Low Milk Supply

✅ Good breast-pumps tend to mimic baby’s natural sucking pattern, which in-turn results in improved milk supply. Two highly rated Breastpumps that improve milk supply are Medela Symphony and Spectra S1.

How to Choose the Right Breast Pump for you

Deciding for an accurate breast pump can be really overwhelming so I have compiled this list based on some personal experiences and product features and reviews. Whenever you buy a breast pump make sure it is properly fitting on your breast and does not hurt you anyway as an ill-fitted pump can be unusable.

Make sure that the pump is properly cleaned after every use by separating the parts of it as it is really important to maintain the hygiene

Let’s compare the Double electric Breast pumps


LANSINOH Double electric pump

• The price is affordable and a value-for-money product.
• Portable, lightweight
• Soft breast cups
• Flanges allow it to work for different breast sizes.
• The LCD screen means you can easily monitor your pumping time
• Protects your baby from allergens, bacteria, and viruses, as it comes in a closed system, do backflow of milk.
• Offers three pumping styles and eight suction levels
• Easy to wash and maintain hygiene.
• Comes with everything you need including bottles, a cooler, and a pump bag
• Doesn’t come with a rechargeable battery.
• It is a little noisier than other pumps.

See more details on Lansinoh Double electric breast pump

Medela Freestyle Breastpump

  • Handy easy to use.
  • Can be used as a single or double pump
  • Almost similar price as LANSINOH
  • Easy to clean and maintain.

See more details on Medela Freestyle Breast pump here

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How to Safely Use Breast Pump?

Wash your hands before you sit to express milk. Ensure the pump and bottles are clean, washed, and sterilized.

You can use fisher price sterilizer, reasonable and good.

How to Store Expressed/Pumped Breast Milk?

Ensure that the bottles are clean. If you are storing in bags, make sure that the bags are right and designed to store breast milk. follow the below-mentioned points to avoid stored milk getting spoilt.

  • Use storage bags or bottles designed to store breast milk for long periods.
  • Clean bottles between each use.
  • Don’t add fresh milk to frozen milk.
  • Don’t refreeze milk that has been thawed once.
  • If there are many packs of frozen mil, don’t forget to label them

How do I Thaw frozen Milk?

You can put the frozen milk in refrigerator or out of refrigerator for sometime. You can even use warm water in a large bowl to put the frozen bottle/bags. Ensure that the water is not very hot. DO NOT microwave or boil or use very hot water, that can spoil the milk due to sudden change in temperature.

How Long can the Breast Milk be Stored?

In deep freezer (commercial) at -4°F (-20°C) for 6-12 months

In Freezer (home) for 3 months

In Refrigerator both fresh and thawed milk can be kept for upto 48 hours.

At Room Temperature the milk can be kept for upto 4 hours

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