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Successful Women Have we got our definition right. Celebrate Womenhood this International Womens day

Successful Women – Have we got our definition right ? Let us Celebrate who we are.

Read our definition of Successful Women.  Why we think we are not celebrating womanhood sufficiently. Should men and women be competing ? What problems we see in current society and much more. International Women’s day is celebrated on 8th March every year ...
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How motherhood has changed me and my perspective

10 ways how motherhood has changed me & my perspective for life

From someone who wondered why people have kids to someone who wonders why didn’t I have one before ? Motherhood has changed me a lot in the past three years after becoming a mom. Motherhood is a life changing experience ...
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So Much To Learn !

So Much To Learn !

So much to learn… I have never felt so humiliated by anyone in my life till date but today by my own daughter.But instead of being sad I am happy because it opened n broadened my whole perspective about parenting ...
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What not to do with your toddler

What NOT To Do With Your Toddler – A Funny Take

As a mother of 2 fast growing and rebellious kids, I have had my share of goof-ups! I have written enough and more on these. However, that doesn’t mean I don’t end up messing up on more occasions than I ...
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How to explain the significance of Republic day to your child

How To Explain The Significance Of Republic Day To Your Child In Simple Words

My daughter is about that age now that she has started to feel like a miniature grown up. Barely a 6, she often wants to have a say in where we holiday, what’s cooked for dinner, why isn’t the maid ...
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Are we being too harsh on ourselves

Being Too Harsh On Ourselves – A Perspective of Motherhood

Ask any mother, ‘How is she doing’, and the most common answer you will get from mommies across the world is ‘I hardly get time to breathe’. As mothers, we are always on our toes. Right from the time we ...
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DIY Crafts - Watch, Learn and make something new

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