Reasons to Consider Snugkins Washable Cloth Diapers

Let’s read about the Snugkins brand which introduced all-new kinds of reusable, eco-friendly cloth diapers that are comfortable and good to wear.

Being a parent is exciting and terrifying at the same time. There are many things that parents must plan for and keep up with daily. Baby diapering is one of the daily tasks. In the present world, cloth diapers are incredibly common. Because washable cloth diapers surpass disposables in many ways, every new mother prefers to use them. In this article, we’ll talk about Snugkins, a well-known cloth diaper maker.

About the Brand

Komal Lalpuria, co-founded the eco-friendly baby diaper company Snugkins in 2021. Snugkins offers a wide selection of superbly designed organic cloth diapers and daily necessities for infants and toddlers. The company is well known for creating the first designer diapers in India with Tomas De Bruyne and Archana Kochhar.

The US Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act, which aims to improve the safety of items designed for children under the age of 12, has thoroughly evaluated and certified Snugkins products. It verifies and accredits the absence of lead, phthalates, and inferior product quality from the products. Cloth diapers are also GOTS (Global organic textile standard) certified as the best possible products.

Why is Snugkins the most well-known brand of cloth diapers in India? Find out by reading on.

Washable/Reusable Cloth Diapers

A reusable or washable cloth diaper is constructed from natural fibers, manufactured materials, or a combination of both. Cloth diapers are sometimes also known as cloth nappy. With a waterproof shell and an internal pocket where you can insert an absorbent insert, cloth diapers are a complete diapering system. The inserts can be cleaned and used again. The various materials used for inserts include microfiber, hemp, and cotton.

Since washable cloth diapers are more breathable, they may lessen infants’ chances of developing skin rashes. The benefits of cloth diapers for the environment and the baby’s skin are frequently lauded. I used cloth diapers for my child when he was a baby, and trust me, he never had diaper rashes. Contrary to disposable diapers, cloth diapers have numerous advantages, like:

  • Effective and comfortable
  • More economical
  • Easy to use and washable
  • Reusable and Eco-friendly
  • Healthier as they do not contain any chemical absorbent like in disposable diapers

Material– Soft Natural Fabric Cloth Diapers

The major features of Snugkins washable diapers include being hypoallergenic, non-irritating, all-natural, bleach-free, stretchable, and breathable. The washable cloth diapers are strong and highly absorbent, keeping newborns dry and well-ventilated. The soaker pad in a washable cloth diaper is comprised of 21 layers of GOTS-certified 100 percent organic cotton with a stay-dry feel layer. The back and thighs also include soft elastics. Therefore, your child would have a very comfortable experience wearing these diapers. Snugkins diapers are also fragrance-free and chemical-free.

Comfort- Comfortable Cloth Diapers by Snugkins

Clothing and diaper comfort are both crucial, but newborns require extra care. SnugkinsCloth Diaper material and elastic are incredibly soft, gentle, and comfortable to wear. Even after prolonged use, the 21 layers of GOTS and the cotton padding won’t leave any elastic marks on the baby’s skin. The baby skin is kept smooth and undamaged by the seamless elastic and stitching included in every item. Your baby has a completely dry experience thanks to the stay-dry feel layer. The baby’s skin is softly touched by cloth diapers because they are made of 100% organic cotton.

Absorption: Most Absorbent Cloth Diapers in India

The washable diapers from Snugkins have an incredibly high absorption rate. Your kid will always be protected from moisture due to the stay-dry feel layer. The diaper should constantly be checked after every hour even though its absorption capacity is between ten and twelve hours. Since every baby is unique, you should check and change the diaper by your requirement.

Size & Fit: Best Fit Cloth Diapers in India

There are cloth diapers available for infants weighing 2.5 kg to 17 kg. Additionally, the website offers potty training pants that may be purchased and used for diaper-free time. No worries, these diapers will also grow as your kid grows because they are made to fit 3 different sizes. The brand effectively fulfills the reuse purposes. The question is now how to put these diapers on the baby. Depending on the weight of your infant, you must modify the size of the outer shell. The pads should then be applied, and the waist velcro should be used to secure it. That’s it; your infant is now secured in place. Always be sure to look at the waist gap. Around the thigh, it shouldn’t be either too tight or too loose.

Packaging: Sturdy and Appealing Packaging

We were astounded by how efficiently the diapers were packed. The product is shipped in a thin and colorful branded package. The packaging box is reliable and secure.

Price: Most Affordable Cloth Diapers

Price per diaper: 649 INR (Newborn cloth diaper)

We discovered that this brand’s price is fair while reviewing it. Cloth diapers for newborns are offered for 649 INR. A pack of three New Age Langots only costs 509 Indian rupees. Additionally, you only need to pay 977 INR for a pack of 6 Langots. Even the cost of children’s daily apparel is relatively affordable. Visit the “Shop” section of their website for further information.

Main Features or Reasons to Consider Snugkins Cloth Diapers

  • Every diaper created by Snugkins is constructed of 100% organic cotton and other chemical-free materials to ensure that your child only receives the best, softest materials. As these diapers are lead and phthalate free, there is nearly no danger of developing a skin rash.
  • The Snugkins diapers’ key distinguishing characteristic is that they are lighter and more streamlined than other bulky cloth diapers.
  • Snugkins Cloth Diapers are significantly less expensive than other well-known and lesser-known brands.
  • There’s no need to exert additional effort because you can just wash these diapers with your usual laundry. You may choose 300 or more washes.
  • This brand’s items are returnable, so there is no concern if you wish to send the item back due to a problem. This is one of its primary selling points.
  • Each diaper has 21 layers of GOTS-certified 100 percent organic cotton, a stay-dry feel layer, and booster pads to keep the baby dry for up to 12 hours.
  • The brand also has a committed and experienced support staff to answer all parents’ questions about how to use, how to clean, which size would be appropriate and other issues. The website also includes a “FAQ” section that addresses all typical questions from parents.

Where to Buy

Here’s the buyable link to grab with a special discount.

Final words

We go above and above to provide the best for newborns whenever possible. When we review a product, we always double-check it, and the same is true for Snugkins Cloth Diapers Review Post. Parents and other caregivers can choose the Snugkins cloth diapers without a second thought if they’re looking for the most incredible baby-friendly diapers. Every new parent should be given Snugkins Cloth Diapers for two key reasons: their utility and patterns. These diapers are well-absorbent and stop leaks and spills. These diapers are also chemical-free and based on cutting-edge technology.

We did our best to highlight all the key characteristics of this popular cloth diaper company, We genuinely hope that you found our review of Snugkins Cloth Diapers to be educational and helpful.

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