How To Setup A Montessori Classroom At Home & At School

Are you looking to set up a Montessori-style classroom at your home? or a Montessori playschool?

We have some fantastic tips and ideas that will help you create your Montessori space. Montessori furniture and toys play a vital role in the classroom or Montessori homeschooling; this post will share all you need to know about setting up a Montessori-style space for your child.

What is Montessori?

Maria Montessori developed the Montessori method of early education. It is a child-centric approach to teaching and is driven by children. It is a holistic approach focusing on the emotional, social, physical, and intellectual development of every child. In Montessori, the environment is created in such a way that it inspires the child to learn.

How to set up a Montessori classroom at home

To set up a Montessori classroom at home:

  1. Read about Montessori education
  2. Buy or arrange for low shelves and child-sized tables, chair stools, or simple playmats.
  3. Arrange for DIY Montessori materials needed and make inexpensive versions

A traditional Montessori classroom has 5 learning areas-

  • Maths,
  • Sensorial,
  • Practical learning,
  • Language, and
  • Cultural

Apart from the designated learning areas, the classrooms are peculiarly different, in a way that the walls are not heavily decorated. Most furniture used in a Montessori set-up is in the plain natural wooden finish, instead of the colorful furniture of a regular playschool.

Here are some Montessori Classroom Setup Ideas

A Montessori classroom is simple and minimal giving each child an environment to focus on the tasks at hand. The teaching material is kept on open shelves, popularly known as Montessori Shelf, and is kept in open baskets or boxes for ease of visibility and access.

montessori shelf in India

It is not difficult to set up a Montessori classroom at home. However, you must keep the space uncluttered and minimalistic.

Below is a short checklist for you to keep in mind for setting up a Montessori classroom at home.

  • Choose Child-friendly small-sized wooden furniture
  • Keep the learning space clean and clutter-free
  • Keep natural, child-safe material. Avoid battery-operated toys or screens.
  • Have space and activities for practicing life-skills
  • Display books on a Montessori bookshelf, the books are placed facing the front for ease of access and recognition.
  • Use attractive, neat, and crisp worksheets for teaching and practicing
  • Create an environment that encourages independent play
montessori worktable in india

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Is there a difference when we consider -The Montessori classroom setup for toddlers?

The Montessori toddler classrooms are mostly made of Practical Life materials with materials like puzzles, stringing beads, blocks, etc., and cultural lessons are included in the language sessions, where they learn about the weather, objects and their names, time, and calendar.

What are the General Equipments needed for a Toddler Montessori Space?

  1. Montessori Shelves for the display of play and learning materials
  2. Small child-size table and chairs
  3. Small rugs and Tablemats
  4. Plants to water and look after
  5. Art and craft material,
  6. A pet that they can care for
  7. Books appropriate for toddlers
  8. Simple musical instruments

For a toddler reading area, this freestanding bookshelf is perfect.

Other important parts of Montessori for Toddlers are-

  • Practical life teaching
  • Sensorial Stimulation
  • Language
  • Maths

Practical Life Teachings

Practical life skills are taught through the following-

A. Control of Movement through Pouring, Scooping, & Spooning work, transferring activities, sorting activities (colors, shapes, sizes), and stringing and lacing activities for fine motor skills and hand and eye coordination.

B. Care of Person- Here they are taught with dressing frames, and activities like folding napkins, washcloths, etc are taken up.

C. Care of Environment- Here the children learn through cleaning activities like sweeping, mopping, dusting, etc. children are encouraged to water plants and to look after their pet ( a fish, cat or a dog)

Sensorial Stimulation

Sensorial activities are necessary for the growing child

  1. Pink Tower
  2. Small Cylinder Block Set
  3. SoundBox
  4. Scent Box or Smelling bottles
montessori classroom environment

Language in Montessori

Language is introduced to the little ones through wooden puzzles of all kinds. matching activity (picture/picture, object/picture, etc), picture sequencing cards, sandpaper letters, tracing trays

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Mathematics in Montessori

Mathematics is practiced with sandpaper numbers, number blocks and puzzles, stacking and nesting cubes, and sorting and counting materials

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Gross Motor Activities- Best For Montessori School

Gross motor activities are very important for toddlers and even older children. Children love to move and they need to be encouraged to do so with the right tools and environment. Games or activities below will help children improve their gross motor skills.

  • Climbing Up and Down the couch and bed
  • Obstacle course with pillows and cushions
  • Life skills like dusting, mopping, sweeping, etc.
  • Yoga
  • Dancing
  • Running or playing chase
  • Pikler Triangle

Where to get Montessori Furniture?

Parents in India often face the challenge of getting the right Montessori equipment, toys, and Furniture in order to set up their own Montessori classroom at home.

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Best Montessori Furniture in India

X&Y makes safe, easy to assemble sturdy furniture for children. The furniture is made in India and everytime you buy a piece of furniture a sapling is planted by X&Y.

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Best Montessori Toys and Activity Boxes

Below are some non-battery-operated, eco-friendly, open-ended toys for little children. Click on the images to check the toys on amazon.

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