Best baby powders in India for newborns and babies – Updated August 2022

Looking for the best baby powder for your newborn? Here is a list of best powder for babies that are safe and recommended by moms.

Every new mom gets clueless while preparing a list of products to buy for her newborn baby. She always wants to give her baby the best and safe products. If you are one such new mother in search of handy information then this is the post for you to read.

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Among all the essential products that we list for our baby skincare, baby powder is one of them. So, the question is what is baby powder? What are its uses? What are some of the best baby powders among all the available brands in the market?

A Baby powder is a very essential product in the skincare routine of the baby. It helps in keeping the baby refreshed all through the day and also aids your baby feel dry. As the baby powder has a mild fragrance it adds heaps of charisma to your little bundle of joy.

But do check with your doctor before getting baby powder as some pediatrician do not recommend using baby powders.

Benefits of using baby powder are :

  • It prevents diaper rash due to friction
  • It absorbs any excess moisture on the skin.
  • It reduces the chances of skin rash in sensitive areas as in neck, armpit, thigh, and genitals.

✅ Best baby powder in India 2022

As a parent, we always want to provide the best and safe product to our little one, and to achieve that here below is the list of top 10 best baby powder available these curated just for you.

Himalaya Baby powder

It is a very well known brand in natural skincare products. The Himalaya baby powder is very helpful in eliminating dryness and it keeps the baby skin comfortable and supple. The ingredients it contains almond oil, olive oil, Khus-khus extract give a cooling effect and gives a fresh feel on the baby’s skin. This product is very good for the prevention of too much dampness.

Himalaya Baby Powder (400g)

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as of 22nd January 2023 5:29 pm


  • Superior powder infused with the power of herbs & Zinc Oxide
  • Yashad Bhasma (Zinc Oxide): Protects and prevents skin from rashes and infections
  • Olive Oil & Almond Oil: Vitamin E nourishes the skin and keeps skin soft & moisturized
  • Khus Grass: Keeps skin cool and fresh
  • Free from Parabens, Phthalates & Synthetic Colors, the usual factors for rashes & allergies

Mamaearth dusting powder:

This product is certified as the first safe product among most other baby care products in Asia. It is best suited for sensitive baby skin. It is made of 100% organic ingredients such as cornstarch, oatmeal, lavender oil, and arrowroot. The mild aroma present in the powder gives a heavenly feel and it gently calms the dry skin of the baby. It not only prevents diaper rash but also heals if there are any.  Oatmeal which is a Natural ingredient absorbs excess moisture and is antimicrobial.

Mamaearth Dusting Powder with Organic Oatmeal & Arrowroot Powder for Babies - 300g

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  • CALMS & RELAXES BABY'S SKIN: The talc-free dusting powder ensures that the skin stays oil and sweat-free, leaving you with a happy baby.
  • BEST FOR DRY & IRRITATED SKIN: A baby’s skin is sensitive and prone to rashes & dryness. The dusting powder ensures that the baby’s skin stays away from dryness and irritation.
  • PREVENTS DIAPER RASH: Diaper rashes are common in newborns and infants. Oatmeal and lavender ensure that they prevent and heal the rashes.

Sebamed baby powder:

This Product is mostly suggested by pediatricians since it has the best pH level of 5.5. It protects against skin annoyance and eases the effects of friction and chafing. The olive oil content in the product calm and prevents skin dryness and suitable even for a newborn baby. Sebamed is among the best baby powder available in India and highly endorsed by dermatologists in more than 85 countries around the world.

Sebamed Baby Powder, 200g

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  • Made in Germany
  • Helps to prevent friction, prevents nappy rash, olive oil soothes and protects baby's skin from dryness, allantoin reduces irritation
  • Talc, micronized form of titanium dioxide, extracts of olive oil, allantoin
  • To apply, step away from your baby and shake the powder into your hand and don't shake it directly on your baby or nearby and then apply gently to avoid producing a cloud of powder and store the powder out of your baby's reach
  • Instructions Included

The Mom’s co. Talc-free Natural baby powder:

This is a reputed Australian company that specializes in baby products free from chemicals and made of organic ingredients. The key element being the corn starch extract- then it is instilled with jojoba, calendula, and chamomile which gives a freshening influence to the skin of the baby. These ingredients nourish and protect the skin.

The Moms Co. Talc-Free Natural Baby Powder with Corn Starch | 100% Natural | Australia-Certified Toxin-Free | with Chamomile Oil, Calendula Oil and Organic Jojoba Oil - 100g

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  • TALC-FREE POWDER MADE WITH NATURAL CORN STARCH: The Moms Co. Natural Baby powder is a talc-free baby powder made with Natural corn starch which absorbs moisture and keeps your baby’s chubby folds dry.
  • SOOTHES MILD IRRITATIONs: The Moms Co. Natural Baby powder is packed with anti-inflammatory properties of Organic Jojoba Oil which moisturizes and protects the skin.
  • CALMS THE SKIN: The Moms Co. Natural Baby powder is enriched with Organic Chamomile Oil which has been known for soothing the skin. It also eases mild skin irritation.
  • MOISTURISES & PROTECTS SKIN: The Moms Co. Natural Baby powder is enriched with Calendula Oil, popularly known as the ‘pot marigold’, which has countless benefits for the skin and acts as a great moisturizer for dry skin.
  • NATURE IN, TOXINS OUT : The Moms Co. Natural Baby Powder is mineral oil-free and contains no harmful or synthetic ingredients - Our Made Safe, Australia-Certified Toxin-Free and Allergy Free baby powder is from our range of best baby skin-care products. It is made without Mineral Oil, Sulphates (SLS, SLES), Parabens, DEA/TEA, Phenoxyethanol, Synthetic Fragrances, PEGs, and many other potentially harmful chemicals.

Chicco Baby Powder:

This is yet another trustworthy brand name in infant baby skincare. It contains mild and gentle ingredients such as rice starch that is suitable for a baby sensitive skin. The baby powder has a wide variety of sizes. It doesn’t contain any parabens.  It lets the baby’s skin breathe and doesn’t clog the skin pores.

Chicco Baby Moments Talcum Powder, Soothes & Moisturises Baby’s Skin, Vegetarian, Dermatologically tested, Paraben free, 0m+ (300 g)

Rs. 299
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  • Chicco Baby Moments Talcum Powder is made using special rice starch formula to help soothe and moisturise baby’s skin without clogging pores. The formula creates a breathable layer on baby’s skin for a soothing and refreshing feel all day long
  • Baby’s delicate skin is prone to diaper rash, fabric irritation, etc. Chicco Talcum Powder contains Zinc oxide, Allantoin, and Castor oil to protect and prevent the baby’s skin against rashes
  • Keeps Skin Moisture Balance: Chicco Baby Moments Talcum Powder is formulated with moisturising properties to let the skin retain its moisture balance, thus keeping baby’s skin refreshed and soft. When skin stays happy baby stays happy
  • Quick-Absorbing Formula: Powder gets quickly absorbed into the skin on applying, thus benefitting the baby's skin from within and preserving against further damage
  • All ingredients are of vegetarian origin making the talcum powder safe for baby’s skin

Mother Sparsh dusting powder:

This is another baby product that one can trust. The baby powder contains natural ingredients that remove excess moisture from the baby’s skin and makes it refreshing.  It contains natural ingredients such as cornstarch and arrowroot that soothes the baby’s skin. It prevents friction and thus the diaper rashes. It is mild and very gentle hence suitable for the sensitive skin of infants.

Mother Sparsh Talc-Free Natural Dusting Powder for Babies, 100 g

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  • TALC-FREE FORMULATION: Plant Powered Dusting Powder for Babies is a talc-free baby powder made with Corn-Starch and Arrowroot Powder. These ingredients are gentle on your baby’s body and keep them safe from harmful chemicals. The natural absorption properties of these ingredients soak up extra moisture from the baby's body and prevent diaper rashes.
  • SOOTHES IRRITATED SKIN: Our Dusting Powder for Babies is a pure composition of Corn-Starch and Arrowroot powder with a rich infusion of Lavender Oil. It forms a protective layer on baby skin, soothes the area, and absorbs excess moisture left on the skin. It is safe for use on sensitive and rash-prone areas like baby bums and thighs.
  • RICH IN CALMING AGENTS: The premium blend of cornstarch and oat com in this powder imparts a soothing texture to this product. The hypoallergenic property of this powder and the richness of herbs and organic ingredients ensure your baby’s skin health. Added to it is the mild fragrance of lavender oil that helps bring a calming effect.
  • ANTI-MICROBIAL: Brimming with organic ingredients and essential oils, our Baby Dusting Powder has antimicrobial properties that help in the prevention of fungal infection & yeast infection. As the natural powder pumps out excess moisture, sweat and dampness from the baby's body, you do not have to worry about skin rashes and other microbial actions.
  • TOXIN & CHEMICAL FREE: Our Plant Powered Dusting Powder for Babies is free from harmful or synthetic ingredients. It does not contain Sulfites (SLS, SLES), Parabens, Phenoxyethanol, Synthetic Fragrances, or any other potentially harmful chemicals.

Pigeon Baby powder:

This is another baby product with natural ingredients that protect against diaper rash and skin irritation. It can be used on the delicate baby skin as it doesn’t clog the skin pores and leaves the skin soft and silky smooth. It is free from any colour or fragrance enriched with rose-hip, chamomile, and olive oil.


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MeeMee fresh feel baby powder:

MeeMee brand is a market leader in baby care products and they offer a wide range of products to choose from as per your requirement. They also ensure the best quality product for their users. This Baby powder is very mild in fragrance and soft on skin which helps in keeping the baby skin comfortably fresh. It can be used after every diaper change, after the baby bath, and before he/she goes to sleep. It is very reasonably priced and easy on the pocket.

Mee Mee Baby Powder (Fresh Feel - 500 g (Single Pack))

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  • Suitable From New Borns Mee Mee products are made from ingredient which are naturally available, it is safe & suitable for New Born.
  • Powder Made With Natural Chamomile Extracts Contains natural moisturizing and soothing fruit extracts infused in the lotion gently moisturizes the baby's skin
  • Suitable and safe for all type of skins
  • Clinically and dermatologically tested - safe to use for babies

Mothercare All we know baby powder:

This UK brand specializes in baby products. This soft and absorbent baby powder is excellent for a newborn baby. This baby powder comprises olive oil and chamomile extracts. This absorbent powder consists of natural moisturizers and zero unsafe chemicals. It subdues irritation and damp due to sweat and moisture.

Mothercare All We Know Baby Powder 150g (Combo Pack Of 3 Pcs)

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Part Number MC POWDER*3PK
Color White

Johnson &Johnson Baby powder with triple protection:

It is a trusted name in newborn care products. They offer various variants in the skincare range in different sizes. This is the safest powders for babies. The products always have a mild fragrance and safe on the delicate skin of the baby.  It is a natural ingredient of cornstarch in this baby powder that does not leave behind any dampness on the baby skin, makes the baby skin feel smooth and soft. This powder has a nice, silky feel which makes it easy to apply.

Johnson's Triple Protection Baby Powder 500g

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  • Made especially for babies
  • Clinically proven to be safe, gentle and mild on your baby's skin
  • Triple baby protection
  • Delicate Floral fragrance
  • Dermatologist-tested and allergy and hypoallergenic

Dabur baby powder

Dabur baby products are made with ayurvedic products and it is a brand that we can trust.

Dabur Baby Powder: No added Talc and Asbestos | Contains Oat Starch , Arrowroot Powder & Amba Haldi |Hypoallergenic & Dermatologically Tested with No Paraben & Phthalates - 300 g

Rs. 375
Rs. 251
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as of 22nd January 2023 5:29 pm


  • Enriched with baby loving ayurvedic herbs: Dabur Baby care range of products are made with baby loving ayruvedic herbs so that you can use all our products without any concern about harmful chemicals
  • Dabur Baby Care range has been specially developed by Dabur with its 135 years of expertise and trust in Ayurveda
  • Superior Formulation Crafted for Baby's Skin: Talc-free formulation with Oat Com powder that absorbs excess moisture from baby's skin and keeps it free from irritation
  • Dermatologically tested for safety: All products of Dabur Baby Care range are Deramtologically tested to be suitable for baby’s soft and sensitive skin
  • All products of Dabur Baby Care range are clinically tested to be mild and gentle on baby’s soft and sensitive skin and has special PH balanced formula to match PH of baby skin

These are a few selected top 10 baby powder that is mild and safe to use for a newborn baby. Do tell us if we missed any popular baby powder? Tell us by dropping your valuable comments.

FAQs on best baby powder.

Which is the best baby powder in India?

Sebamed baby powder, Moms co, and Mee Mee are the best brands, read the above list for more products.

Which is the best baby powder for a newborn?

Sebamed is microbiologically tested. Also, the fragrance is mild. Highly recommended for newborns babies.

Which organic baby powder can be used for kids?

The Moms co and Mamearth are good options, You can also check Forest Essentials Dasapushpadi Baby Body Powder

Is Himalaya baby powders are talc-free?

No Himalaya baby powder is not talc-free., The Moms co is talc-free baby powder, you can use it.

To conclude, always choose which baby powder suits your baby’s skin.

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