How to Potty Train your Toddler- toilet training essentials you need to buy

Parenting starts with a constant wait for achieving milestones and one of the most awaited major milestones is Potty Training!

The journey starts on day 1 and continues for many months at a stretch- Nurse-Poop-Pee- Repeat! Slowly parents get a hang of it, but this one thing is certainly never enjoyable for anyone.

“I love changing diapers- said no parent ever”

If you have been waiting to start Potty training for your toddler, this is the right time, as there are no outings and parents are all working from home.

Here are some frequently asked questions that will help you prepare for the job!

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What are The Things I need for Potty Training, my Toddler?

Like everything else to do with children, Potty training too needs a lot of patience, along with patience you will need these following listed things. Before starting do ensure that your child shows signs of readiness.

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Potty Seat/chair

A simple or fancy Potty seat. The best is that you make your child choose a seat for herself. Talk about it and show her videos of children using it.

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Training Underwear

Get training pants or special underwear designed for Potty Training. The best available ones are by Superbottoms, they are called padded underwear or Potty training Pants.

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Why Training pants from Superbottoms are the best?

  • The training underwear is easy to wear as it is pull-up pant-style.
  • They have extra cushioning/padding making it a little absorbent.
  • It has 3 Layers of 100% cotton padding and partial waterproofing, which is good enough for your baby to feel the wetness and to some extent restricts the sudden downpour.

Check out more collections by Superbottom here

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Fun Book on Potty Training

Get a fun book on Potty Training, see that the book has interesting and catchy illustrations to get your child hooked on to it.

We used this book for our son, you can try it or other similar books if your child is fond of books.

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Fun songs or rhymes help, as your toddler can sing and remind herself every time she needs to use the potty seat.

Check out this super popular Botty Potty video, I am sure your child will love it and also learn to put his botty on the potty when they feel funny in their tummy!

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How to Know That Your Baby is Ready for Potty Training?

You will know your child is ready for potty training when-

  • Your child can communicate and understands bathroom lingo
  • You see your child hating dirty diapers
  • Your child copies the adults in the family and wants to use the potty.
  • Your child can pull their diaper/underwear down to use the toilet.

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By What Age Should a Child be Potty Trained?

In India, people are always worried about Potty and toilet training, many mothers even fall for the peer pressure and start Potty training their babies as early as 6-8 months.

In reality, you can’t call it toilet training, it is only understanding the pattern n cues of pee and poop. Babies so small don’t have any control over their bladder and rectum and can’t really develop it so early.

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How Long does it take to Potty Train a Toddler?

Potty training can take from few days to many weeks, the time depends upon the readiness of your child. If the child’s system is ready and he/she is getting the right support then it becomes easy and quick.

There is no sure-shot formula to potty train, even if your child is trained, there will be accidents, be prepared.

best training pants for toddlers
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What is a 3-Day Potty Training Method?

Would you believe that it is possible to potty train your toddler over a long weekend?

To begin with, check for readiness. If you know your child is ready for it, then take the plunge, else there is no point wasting your time and stressing over it.

  1. Keep your child’s bottoms bare, it is easier to make them sit on the potty whenever there is an urge. You could try to use pull-up training pants or regular under-wears too. The 3-day training method suggests that the child is left naked (or at least the bottom part)
  2. talk talk and talk about using Potty. tell them continuously (every few minutes) that they need to use the potty when they feel like peeing or pooping.
  3. Give them fluids, juices, water, milk more than you usually do. This will have them frequent the washroom n thus will inadvertently practice the thing.
  4. Have them use the potty right before nap/bedtime and right after waking up.
  5. Do this consistently for 3 days.
  6. Don’t scold or reprimand your child. If he is not able to follow, he may not be ready yet.

At last, stay calm and don’t lose your cool over sh*t!!

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