30+ Best short stories in English with moral (Valuable lessons for kids)

Looking for short stories in English with moral? Check out this list of must-read short stories for children with unique moral lessons.

These very short stories with morals in English language teach children about morality and ethics. They also help them develop their critical thinking skills.

These are short learning stories that you can read at bedtime. You will not be disappointed by these classic short moral stories in English and they work like a charm for kids of any age.

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In this page very short stories in English with morals are available both as pictures and in pdf. Just download and read.

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A collection of very short moral stories in English for students – See what is inside video

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I can never imagine my childhood without stories. It was fascinating. But kids today are lost in a digital world. While we grew up listening to stories or reading good stories books, our kids are hooked on their screens watching cartoons or playing games on their mobiles.

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As if it weren’t enough, the pandemic hit hard their childhood and made them homebound. Even schools are teaching online. Reading books is fast becoming an alien concept to kids. 

But all hope is not lost. Kids have an inherent liking for fantasy and wonderland. They respond well to stories told to them. We as parents should read them stories from a very tender age- a habit they will carry forward into their lives ahead.

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Classic Moral stories in English

Classic moral stories in English are a great way to teach children about important life lessons. There are many stories moral in English that have been passed down through the generations, and they continue to be popular today. stories morals in English can teach children about right and wrong, responsibility, honesty, and other important life lessons. In addition, short moral stories in English are often entertaining and can help children to develop a love for reading.

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There are many must read moral stories in English for kids to choose from, so finding the right one for your child can be a challenge. However, there are some tips that can help you choose the best short stories with moral lessons for kids in English for your child.

First, consider your child’s age and interests. moral stories for kids that are too difficult or too simple will likely not hold your child’s attention. Second, look for stories that teach important life lessons. Third, choose stories that are entertaining and will help your child to develop a love for reading.

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5 lines story with moral for nursery class

1. Once upon a time, there was a little girl who was very naughty.

2. She always made trouble for others and never listened to her elders.

3. One day, she ran away from home and got lost in the forest.

4. A kind old lady found her and helped her find her way back home.

5. The little girl learned her lesson and was never naughty again.

Moral of the story: It is always better to be good and obey your elders. Otherwise, you may end up in big trouble.

4 line stories in English (moral value story in English)

1. Once upon a time, there was a beautiful princess who lived in a castle with her loving parents.

2.One day, a wicked witch cast a spell on the princess, turning her into a frog.

3.The only way to break the spell was for a prince to kiss her.

4.Fortunately, a brave prince came along and broke the spell, and they lived happily ever after.

Another story about an ugly duckling

1.Once upon a time, there was an ugly duckling who was rejected by everyone.

2.But one day, he met a kindhearted woman who accepted him for who he was.

3.And she helped him to see that he was really a beautiful swan.

4.They lived happily ever after.

3 line stories in English

Here is another very short story about a poor boy

1.Once upon a time, there was a poor boy who had to work hard every day just to survive.

2.But one day, he met a wealthy man who took him under his wing and taught him the ways of business.

3.The boy became a successful businessman himself, and he never forgot the man who had helped him.

1.Once upon a time, there was a girl who dreamed of becoming a singer.

2.But her parents told her that it was impossible, and she should just be content with her life.

3.However, the girl never gave up on her dream, and she eventually became a famous singer.

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10 lines short stories with moral

1. Aesop’s fables are a great example of 10 lines short stories with moral for kids. They teach valuable lessons about life and how to live it in a simple, yet effective way.

2. Another 10 lines short story with moral for kids is “The Ant and the Grasshopper”. This story teaches kids the importance of hard work and how it pays off in the end.

3. “The Boy Who Cried Wolf” is yet another 10 lines short story with moral for kids that teaches an important lesson.

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The Ant and the Grasshopper story in English in 10 lines (best English story with moral)

The Ant worked hard all summer long, gathering food for the winter. The Grasshopper laughed and played, doing nothing to prepare for the cold months ahead.

When winter came, the Grasshopper had nothing to eat while the Ant was well-prepared with a cozy home and plenty of food. The Grasshopper begged the Ant for help, but the Ant refused, saying, “You should have worked hard like me when there was food to be had.”

The Grasshopper eventually starved to death, learning too late the importance of hard work and preparation.

Short puppet story with moral lesson

The three little pigs went out into the world to seek their fortunes. The first little pig built himself a straw house, and the second little pig built himself a stick house. But the third little pig built himself a brick house, and it was this house that withstood the big bad wolf’s huffing and puffing.

The moral of this story is that it pays to be prepared. The third little pig had taken the time to build a strong house, and as a result, he was able to withstand the wolf’s attacks. If the other pigs had been as prepared as the third little pig, they would have been able to avoid becoming the wolf’s dinner.

What is puppet story?

A puppet story is a short story that uses puppets as the main characters. Puppet stories are often used to teach children moral lessons or to entertain them. Many popular children’s stories, such as The Three Little Pigs and Pinocchio, began as puppet stories.

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The Boy Who Cried Wolf story in English 10 lines (10 lines moral stories)

1. There was a boy who lived in a village near a forest.

2. The boy used to tend to the sheep in the village.

3. One day, the boy saw a wolf in the forest and cried out, “Wolf! Wolf!”

4. The villagers came running, but when they got there, they saw that there was no wolf.

5. The boy laughed and the villagers went back to their homes.

6. The next day, the boy saw the wolf again and cried out, “Wolf! Wolf!”

7. The villagers came running, but when they got there, they saw that there was no wolf.

8. The boy laughed and the villagers went back to their homes.

9. The third day, the boy saw the wolf again and cried out, “Wolf! Wolf!”

10. This time, when the villagers came, they saw that there was a wolf. The boy had lied so many times that they didn’t believe him and the wolf ate the boy.

The moral of the story is that you should never lie, because if you do, people won’t believe you even when you’re telling the truth.

Collection of moral stories in English small

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Benefits of Short Moral stories for kids (in English)

  • Narrating stories build strong interpersonal bonds and keep them away from the screen too.
  • They boost the child’s fantasy and creativity.
  • Stories increase their concentration power.
  • The child’s vocabulary is enhanced.
  • Kids get exposed to a wider world- a real and practical one.
  • Kids learn to be patient while listening to stories.
  • Stories are a great way to teach them valuable lessons for their lives ahead.

Check out these 30+ (5 to 10 lines) very short stories in English with moral values

As moms navigating the ever-evolving landscape of parenting, we’re always on the lookout for the perfect stories that strike the balance between entertainment and valuable life lessons. The challenge of finding the best short stories in English with morals can be overwhelming, especially when we desire narratives that leave a lasting impact on our children’s character. Well, fellow moms, I’m here to ease that journey for you.

Join me in discovering a curated collection of the Best Short Stories in English with Moral – each tale carefully chosen to not just engage but to impart invaluable lessons that our little ones will carry into the future.

Let’s turn storytelling into a transformative experience for both us and our children. Ready to dive into a world of captivating narratives and meaningful insights?

Let the storytelling adventure commence!

The Bird-catcher And The Pigeons – Unity is strength pigeon story with pictures (a small story in English with moral)

Once a flock of pigeons was caught in a bird catcher’s net. They tried to free themselves but couldn’t. So, they all panicked. There was an old pigeon. He calmed them down and said,” We should not panic if we want to escape from here.

The birds calmed down and listened to him. The old pigeon asked them to follow his instructions and said,” We will fly together at the count of three and take this net with us. Just remember to fly together.”

The bird-catcher was coming to take the birds away when the unexpected happened. The birds flapped their wings together and flew away with the net! The bird-catcher could not do anything. He was shocked to see such wisdom and unity in birds.

Moral: You can achieve anything with unity. We should be calm in difficult situations to overcome them.

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Most Popular Moral Stories For Kids- The Birdcatcher And The Pigeon

The Eagle And The Woodcutter

There lived a kind woodcutter in a village. He once freed an eagle from a trap. One day he went to the hills to cut trees for wood. The hill was steep, so the woodcutter could not come down and needed help.

Upset, he sat down on the rock and waited for some help. Suddenly, an eagle flew down close to him and took away his hat. The woodcutter was angry and he started chasing the bird. After some time, he realized he has found the way down the hill.

It then occurred to him that the bird was the same eagle he had once rescued. He now understood why the eagle flew away with his hat. He thanked the eagle for its brilliant idea and said,”  You took away my hat so that I can follow you and reach here. You are my true friend. Thank you!”

Moral: Kindness is always rewarded. We should always help others selflessly.

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Most Popular Moral Stories For Kids- The Eagle And The Woodcutter.

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The foolish lion and the clever rabbit short story pdf

Once, there lived a lion in a jungle. He was very cruel and greedy. He used to hunt and kill other animals even when wasn’t hungry. All the animals were afraid of him.

One day, they gathered together and went to the lion. They said,” Oh king of the jungle, if you hunt at this rate, we all will be killed soon, and you will soon run out of food. Every day, we will send you one animal for food. This way you will have easy food and we will get a chance to survive.

The lion agreed and from that day on he would get an animal as his meal at his home. This continued for several days.

One day, it was the turn of a young hare. He was clever and did not want to be eaten away by the cruel lion. He thought of a plan to get rid of the lion altogether.

The next day he got up late and walked very slowly toward the lion’s den. He even slept on the way. Finally, he reached the lion after sunset. Seeing the hare, the lion roared fiercely as he was very hungry.

The small rabbit was a little food for him. But the rabbit did not get scared. Instead, he told the lion -” Oh mighty king! I was stopped by another lion. He said that he was the new king of the jungle. He even took the other two hares that the animals had sent with me. He wanted to eat me too, but  somehow I escaped and came to you.”

Hearing this the hungry lion got angrier and told the hare to take him to this new lion so that he could kill him. The hare readily agreed and led him to a well and said, “ See, he is here, growling and staring at me.”

The lion looked into the well. He saw his own reflection growling back. Furious, he jumped into the well and died. The clever hare rejoiced and ran away to share this news with the other animals.

Moral: We should keep calm in times of crisis. We should not believe whatever we hear.

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Popular Bedtime Stories For Kids- The Clever Hare And The Foolish Lion.

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The Loyal Mongoose

Once there lived a farmer with his wife. They had an infant baby. One day, the farmer found an injured mongoose while returning home from the fields.

He told his wife that he would nurse the mongoose to health and keep it as a pet. The wife didn’t like the idea but agreed reluctantly.  The mongoose recovered soon and played around in the house. The wife kept it away from her infant son.

One day, the wife left the sleeping baby with her husband and went out to fetch some groceries. She told him to keep the mongoose away from the child. Meanwhile, the farmer got an urgent call from the field and he left the son with the mongoose. He trusted the mongoose and was sure that his child was safe with him.

After some time, the farmer’s wife returned with a big grocery basket.  She saw the mongoose standing outside the gate with blood on his mouth and paw. Without a second thought, she yelled and smashed the poor animal with the basket full of groceries. She ran inside crying and wailing but was shocked to see her son sleeping peacefully near a dead snake.

Now, the reality dawned upon her. She understood that a snake must have come to bite her son, but the mongoose killed the snake to save the baby. The bloodstain was that of the snake’s. She rushed out to check on the mongoose. The poor loyal mongoose was dead.

Moral: We should not jump to conclusions. We should not take decisions in a hurry.

Most Popular Moral Stories For Kids- The Mongoose And The Snake.

The Mice That Ate Iron

Mohan and Sohan were good friends and lived in a city. One day, Mohan decided to visit his family in the village and left a heavy iron chest with Sohan. He said,” Sohan, I would return in a couple of months. Till then take care of my belongings.”

The next day, Mohan went away to his village. Three months later, he returned to the city and went straight to meet Sohan. Sohan welcomed him and served him food. While leaving he told Sohan that he wants to take his iron chest with him. Sohan was greedy, he didn’t want to return the chest to Mohan. The iron box would fetch him good money if he were to sell it in the market.

He said to Mohan that his house has many mice, and they ate away his iron chest and said,” I am sorry my friend.” Mohan immediately understood the dishonest intentions of Sohan. He asked his friend not to be sorry as it was not his fault. And went away. Before leaving he asked Soham to send his son to his house so that he could give him the gifts he had bought. Soham sent his son with Mohan.

Soham thought Mohan had fallen for his lie and was very happy. Mohan locked the child in a room. When the child didn’t return by the evening, the father went to Mohan to enquire about his son.

Mohan casually said that an eagle flew away with his son. He tried to save him but could not. Soham was furious as he knew that it was a lie. Soon both the friends began to quarrel and took the matter to the court. 

The judge asked Mohan to return the child as he was lying. To this, he replied,” If mice can eat iron, then an eagle can carry away a child too.” The judge now asked for the entire matter to be revealed. Mohan told the entire story. Sohan understood he had been caught. He accepted his mistakes and returned the iron chest to Mohan and got back his son.

Moral: Greed has its downfall.

Famous Moral Stories For Kids- The Mice That Ate Iron

The Lion And The Mouse

A lion was once sleeping in his den when a mouse started running up and down his body just for fun. This woke up the lion , and he was quite angry.

He was about to eat the mouse when the mouse pleaded with the lion to set him free. “I promise you, I will be of great help to you someday if you save me.” The lion laughed at the mouse’s confidence and let him go.

One day, a few hunters came into the forest and trapped the lion in a net. They tied him up against a tree. The lion started to roar and struggled to free himself.

Soon, the mouse walked past and noticed the lion in trouble. He ran and called his friends for help. Together they gnawed on the ropes to set the lion free. They ran off into the jungle and remain friends thereafter.

Moral: A small act of kindness can go a long way.

Famous Stories for kids- The Lion And The Mouse

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Fox and Crane story in English pdf

One day, a wicked fox invited a crane for dinner. The crane was very happy with the invitation. She reached the fox’s home on time and knocked at the door with her long beak.  She has been excited the whole day and was extremely hungry.

The fox soon served some soup in shallow bowls for both of them. The crane was surprised and angry too, as she couldn’t have soup at all. Her long beak couldn’t help her drink from the bowl.

But, the fox licked up his soup quickly. Feeling cheated and humiliated, she decided to teach the fox a lesson soon. 

She didn’t show her anger and behaved politely with the fox. Before leaving she invited him for dinner the next day. She made rice porridge for the dinner and served it in two tall narrow vases.

She happily drank her porridge from the vase. The fox tried hard but couldn’t, as the neck of the vessel was narrow.  The fox understood everything. He had learned his lesson and had to go home hungry.

Moral: A selfish act backfires sooner or later.

Most Famous Moral Stories For Kids- The Fox And The Crane.

The fox and the grapes short story with moral

Famous Moral Stories For Kids- The Fox And The Grapes.

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Once a fox wandered across the jungle in order to get some food. It was very hot, and the fox was very hungry. He looked everywhere, but couldn’t find anything that he could eat.

His stomach was hurting by now, but he continued his search. Soon, he spotted a vineyard that was laden with big juicy grapes. He looked around and saw no one. He thought to himself that the grapes must be really sweet to eat. So he decided to steal some grapes.

He jumped high, but he couldn’t reach the grapes. He tried again and again, but he could not catch a bunch of grapes. He went back and forth to build up speed but still, the grapes were beyond his reach.

The grapes were too high, but he refused to give up. He tried a few more times, and jumped high in the air but couldn’t reach the grapes.

 It was getting dark and the fox was getting angry.  He finally gave up as his legs started to hurt. Walking away, he said, “I’m sure the grapes are sour. I am wasting my time and energy on them.

Moral: We pretend to hate something when we can’t have them.

Famous Moral Stories For Kids- The Fox And The Grapes.

The Axe And The Woodcutter

Once there lived a woodcutter in a village. He was poor but hard-working. He used to go to the forest to cut down trees for wood. He sold them in the market and earned money for some food.

One day as he was cutting a tree, his axe accidentally fell into the river. The river was deep and was flowing fast. It carried away his axe swiftly. The woodcutter sat at the bank of the river and began to cry.

Suddenly, the Goddess of the river arose and asked him what happened. The woodcutter told her the story. The Goddess of the river offered to help him by looking for his axe.

She disappeared into the river and soon came up with a golden axe. The Goddess asked the woodcutter if it was his axe, but the woodcutter said it was not his.

She disappeared again and this time came back with a silver ax. Again, She asked him if it belongs to him, but the woodcutter said that that was not his either.

The Goddess disappeared into the water again and this time came back with an iron axe. The woodcutter jumped with joy and said it was his. The Goddess was impressed with the woodcutter’s honesty and gifted him both the golden and the silver axes.

Moral: Honesty is the best policy.

Famous Stories For Kids- The Axe And The Woodcutter

The Greedy Lion

On a hot summer day, a lion in the forest started feeling hungry. He went hunting for food. Soon he spotted a rabbit roaming around alone. He thought to himself, “Such a small rabbit as this can’t satisfy my hunger.” 

Instead of catching the rabbit, the lion let it go. Just then, a beautiful deer passed by, and the lion decided to hunt it down.

So, he ran behind the deer. Since he was weak because of the hunger, he could not keep up with the deer’s speed. Soon, he was tired and could no longer chase the deer.

He let go of the deer and went backing looking for the rabbit to fill his stomach for some time. But, the rabbit was gone. The lion was sad and remained hungry for a long time.

Moral:Greed is never a good thing. We should be happy with whatever we get.

Famous Stories For Kids-The Greedy Lion.

The Brahmin And The Cheats

There lived a simple brahmin in a village. One day, he went to another village to attend a religious ceremony. As a gift, he received a goat. He put the animal on his shoulder and started walking towards home.

On the way, a group of three cheats spotted him with the goat. They wanted to feast on the goat. They knew the brahmin would not give the goat to them easily, so they decided to trick him. They made a plan and started working on it.

They hid behind a tree in some distance and waited for the brahmin to pass by. As soon he passed by, the first cheat approached him and said in a surprised tone,” Why are you carrying a dog on your shoulder?. You are such a pious man.” The brahmin replied angrily that it was a goat, not a dog. The cheat smiled inwardly and apologized.

The Brahmin walked away cursing the cheat. A few minutes later, the second cheat approached the brahmin and enquired,” Why are you carrying a dead animal on your shoulder. You are a holy man, it doesn’t suit you.”

Now, the brahmin was furious. He shouted back angrily and started cursing the man. He said,” Are you blind? Can’t you see that I am carrying a goat, you blind fool!” The rogue pretended innocence and said,” I say whatever I see in front of me.” The brahmin called him an idiot and began to walk very fast towards his home.

As planned, the third cheat now approached the brahmin. He stopped him and asked,” Why are you carrying a donkey on your shoulder?” The brahmin grew impatient and started abusing the cheat. But the trickster continued with his lies and convinced him that he was indeed carrying a donkey and walked away.

Now, the Brahmin started shaking in fear. The three cheats gathered at a distance and watched everything. Their plan was successful. The brahmin was convinced that he was carrying some evil creature on this shoulder. Every person he met on the way saw a different creature on his shoulder. He started to shake in fear. He threw the goat on the road and ran away hurriedly to his home without looking back.

The cheats laughed heartily. They took the goat home and feasted on it. They enjoyed the fact that they could fool the brahmin easily.

Moral: We should not let go of our common sense. We should not believe whatever anyone says.

The Greedy Hunter And The Rabbit

A hunter once caught a rabbit. The rabbit was very scared. He then calmed down and thought of a plan to save himself. 

He was a clever rabbit. He said to the hunter,” I know of a place which is full of gold. You can have it all for yourself. You can become so rich that you will not need to work for your living.”

Now, the hunter was greedy. He was easily trapped in the rabbit’s plan. He said,” You take me to that place.”The rabbit said,” First you have to free me, and then follow me to reach that place.”Without a second thought, the hunter placed the rabbit on the ground.

Without wasting another second, the rabbit ran away swiftly. The hunter was left wondering and he regretted his decision. But now, it was too late to do anything. He never got to see any gold and even lost the rabbit he had captured.

Moral: Greed leads to loss. We should be patient in every situation.

Most Popular Moral Stories For Kids- The Greedy Hunter And The Rabbit.

The Ant And The Elephant

There once lived an elephant in a jungle. He was very arrogant and short-tempered. He was very proud of his strength and huge body. The other animals in the jungle feared him a lot. He enjoyed doing things that showed off his strength and always troubled other small animals in the jungle.

In that jungle, there also lived a family of ants in a tiny hole. The ant used to despise the elephant for his haughty nature. One day, when the ants were away to collect food, the elephant stopped them and sprayed a trunk full of water on them.

The ants got angry and said,” You should not trouble others for your pleasure.”The elephant shouted angrily and said,” You tiny creatures, keep quiet, or I will crush you to death.”

Now, the ants decided to reach the arrogant animal a lesson for life. They slowly crept under his trunk and spread to his ears and started biting him. The elephant became restless and started crying for help.

None of the animals came forward to rescue him. They were happy to see him getting punished for his acts. He kept apologizing to the ants, but they continued to bite him.

When they were sure that he has learned his lesson, they let him go and said, “This is how others feel when you hurt them.” The ants marched off leaving a wailing elephant there. Then on, the elephant never troubled anyone in the jungle.

Moral: Pride and arrogance never go unpunished.

Most Popular Moral Storires For Kids- The Ant And The Elephant.

The Monkey And The Crocodile

Once a monkey and a crocodile were friends. The monkey lived on a jamun tree on the bank of the river where the crocodile lived. The monkey used to feed on the jamuns and share them with the crocodile.

One day, the crocodile took some fruits home for his wife. The wife tasted it and loved the fruit. She asked her husband,” Where did you get these from?” The crocodile then told her about his friend, monkey. The wife expressed her desire to eat the monkey’s heart.

The crocodile refused, but she continued to persuade her husband. Finally, he gave in. He was upset as he loved the monkey much and did not want to see him killed. The next day he lied to the monkey that his wife had invited him (the monkey) for dinner. The monkey gladly accepted the invitation. He jumped on the crocodile’s back and reached the middle of the river. 

The monkey noticed that the crocodile was looking lost. The crocodile could no longer hide anything. He said that his wife would eat his heart. He didn’t want to cheat his friend but was left with no other option.

The monkey was shocked, but he calmed himself and said in a friendly tone,” Why did not tell me earlier? I left my heart on the tree. Let’s swim back to the bank to get it .”The foolish crocodile immediately agreed and quickly swam back to the river bank.

The monkey quickly jumped off the crocodile’s back and climbed up to the topmost branch of the tree. He shouted,” You fool, how can someone live without his heart. You don’t deserve to be my friend. Get lost.”The crocodile was sad to lose his good friend forever.

Moral: Foolishness can make you take wrong decisions.

All- Time Popular Bedtime Stories For Kids- The Monkey And The Crocodile.

Short story Monkey and Cap seller story with pictures pdf

There was a cap seller. He used to make and sell caps to neighboring villages and markets. One day, he packed all his caps in a basket and set afoot on his journey. It was a hot day. He got tired of walking and decided to rest under a big banyan tree. Since he was very tired, he fell asleep. 

After some time, he woke up. He was shocked to see his basket empty. The caps were missing. He started looking everywhere when he suddenly spotted a monkey wearing a cap. 

He looked up to the tree and saw many monkeys wearing his cap.  He now understood everything.When he was sleeping, several monkeys came down the tree and pulled the cap seller’s basket. They picked up the caps and climbed back up the trees. 

The cap seller became very upset. He shouted at the monkeys on the tree. The monkeys yelled back at him. The cap seller was irritated. He picked up few stones from the ground and threw them at the monkeys to scare them. But the monkeys started pelting stones in return too. 

The cap seller was frustrated now. He started crying. The monkeys started crying too. Now, he realized that the monkeys were imitating him.

He thought of an idea and threw his cap on the ground. Seeing this, all the monkeys copied his action and did exactly the same. The cap seller quickly collected his caps in the basket and ran away.

Moral: Wisdom is powerful than strength.

Popular Moral Stories In English For Kids- Monkey And The Cap

The Hare And The Tortoise

There once lived a hare in a jungle. He was very proud of himself. In the same jungle lived an old tortoise. The arrogant hare found him funny and always made fun of his slow pace in front of other animals.

The tortoise lost his cool one day and challenged the hare for a race. Everybody was surprised, and the hare was laughing loudly. Nevertheless, he accepted the challenge. The race was to take place the next day. The winner had to reach the bank of the river. They started the running race.

The hare ran very fast. But the tortoise walked very slowly. Within no time, the proud hare was halfway through the distance. He thought to himself that the tortoise with his slow pace can never match him. So, he decided to rest under a tree for some time. But, he soon fell asleep.

On the other hand, the tortoise continued to walk towards the finishing point without pausing for a rest. He passed by the sleeping hare. Soon, it was sunset. There was a loud noise of clapping. 

That day the hare had slept longer than usual. When he woke up, he heard the clapping sound at a distance. He ran fast towards the finishing line. He was shocked to see the old tortoise at the finishing line. All the animals were celebrating his victory. The hare had learned his lesson for life. He never mocked anybody thereafter.

Moral :Slow and steady wins the race.

Most Popular Bedtime Stories For Kids- The Hare And The Tortoise.

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The Daydreamer Milkman

Once upon a time, there lived a poor milkman. He was extremely lazy. He did not want to do any hard work. He was, always busy daydreaming about getting rich.

One morning he milked his cows and set out to sell the milk in the market. While walking, he began to dream about becoming rich.

He dreamt: “ I will sell the milk in the market. With the money, I would buy a hen. The hen will lay eggs. Some will be sold in the market. Some will hatch and become chicks. These chicks will become cocks and hens, who, in turn, will lay hundreds of eggs. I would soon have his poultry farm

He kept on imagining:”.Again, I will sell all the hens to buy some bull. And finally, sell the bulls to buy a small house. While thinking about all this, he overlooked a stone on the way.

He fell over it and the milk spilled on the ground. All his dreams were broken in a second, and he realized he was daydreaming.

Moral: Work hard to fulfil your dreams.

Most Popular Bedtime Moral Stories For Kids- The DayDreamer Milkman.

The Cats And The Monkey

Two cats once found a piece of bread. They both were very hungry. They were not willing to share the food with each other. They started fighting for the bread. One cat said, “I found it first it’s mine.” Another cat said, “No I found it first, it’s mine” 

A monkey was seeing this from a distance. He wanted to eat the bread too. He thought of a plan to eat it himself. He approached the cats and asked them why they were quarreling. The cats told him everything. He then offered to solve the matter.  He said,” I will divide the bread into two equal halves and give it to you.”

Both the cats agreed to his proposal and gave him the bread. He cunningly divided the bread into two uneven pieces- one was bigger than the other. He then took a big bite from the bigger part. But this made the other part bigger than the other. He continued doing this until he ate the whole of the bread.

The two cats were too late to realize his cleverness. The monkey fled away after eating their bread right in front of them. They now realized that had they shared the bread with each other, they would not have been left hungry.

Moral: If two people fight, the third one takes an undue advantage.

Popular Moral Stories For The Kids- The Cat And The Monkey.

Greedy dog story in English pdf

A greedy dog once found a juicy bone lying near a meat shop. He picked it up and held it tightly in his mouth. He looked here and there, and then, ran away to a lonely place. He stopped at a bridge over the river that ran nearby. 

There he saw his reflection in the water. He thought that there was another dog with a bone  in the water. He got greedier and thought of taking away that bone from the other dog. 

He immediately started barking at his reflection in the water. The moment he opened his mouth, the bone in his mouth fell into the river. The greedy dog did not get any bone and even lost the one he had. He realized his mistake and left the place feeling upset.

Moral: Greed causes pain and brings regret.

Popular Moral Stories For The Kids -The Greedy Dog.

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The Golden Geese

Once a fairy gifted a magical goose to a poor farmer. It laid one golden egg every morning. The farmer made money by selling that golden egg in the market. Slowly, he became rich.

Now, the farmer became greedy. He wanted more wealth. He thought to himself,” This goose gives me just one golden egg a day. What if I cut it open and take out all the golden eggs at once? I will be the wealthiest person in the village.”

Without a second thought, the farmer took a knife and killed the goose. He cut open his belly, but could not find any egg there. He started crying when he realized his mistake. He not only lost the goose but also the golden egg it laid every day.

Moral: Greed causes miseries.

Popular Moral Stories For The Kids- The Golden Geese.

A Farmer And His Four Sons

Once there lived an old farmer in a village. He had four sons. They were always quarreling with each other. The farmer tried hard to bring unity among them. He would request them to live with love and peace, but they would never listen to his advice. He was always worried about their future.

One day, he fell sick. He thought that it was his chance to bring harmony among his sons. So, he called his sons and asked each of them to bring a few sticks. They brought the sticks to their father.

The farmer asked one of them to tie the sticks in a bundle. He then asked each of them to try and break the sticks.

One by one, all the four sons tried to break the bundle but failed. Then, the farmer untied the bundle. He gave one stick to each of them and asked them to break it. This time they were able to do it easily.

The farmer said, “I just wanted to show you that if you are united nobody can defeat you. But you keep quarreling among yourself, you will be easily broken by anyone.”The sons learned their lesson and lived happily with their father thereafter.

Moral: Unity is strength.

Popular Moral Stories For The Kids- A Farmer And His Four Sons.

Belling  The Cat

Once there was a big warehouse full of rice bags.  Many rats lived there and ruined the grains. The owner was tired of finding ways to keep the rats away. So, he bought a cat and left it in the warehouse.

The cat would silently play around and chased the rats away. The rats were terrified and decided to have a meeting. They gathered together one evening at a secluded place and started their discussion. They were very confused and couldn’t think of any solution to stop the cat. 

Suddenly one of the rats said, ” We should tie a bell around the cat’s neck. If we tie a bell around the cat’s neck, we can hear the sound of the bell when the cat comes. This way we would be alerted.” 

The rats found the idea interesting. Then a rat asked, “who will tie the bell around the cat’s neck?” Now, all the rats fell silent as no one was willing to take a risk. They understood that it is easier said than done.

Moral:Most things are easier said than done.             

Popular Moral Stories For The Kids- Belling The Cat.

The Boy Who Cried Wolf

There was a shepherd boy who had to look after a flock of sheep. He was very lazy and always troubling others. One day,  he took his flock to the hills to graze. He felt bored and decided to play a trick on the villagers for some fun.

He shouted, “Help! Wolf! Wolf!” The villagers who were working on the farm heard his cries. They took some tools and rushed out of the village to help the shepherd boy. On reaching the hills, they were surprised to see that there was no wolf.

The boy laughed loudly, “Ha, Ha, Ha! I fooled you all. I was only playing a trick on you.” The villagers were enraged, and they went back.

A few days later, the boy played this trick again. Again he cried, “Help! Help! Wolf! Wolf!”  This time, too, the villagers rushed up the hills to help him. Again, they found that the boy had tricked them. They were very angry with him for being so naughty and reckless. But, the boy laughed at them.

Then one day, a wolf actually came to the hills where the sheep were grazing. The wolf attacked the sheep one by one. The boy cried out for help. He shouted, “Help! Help! Wolf! Help! Somebody!”

The villagers heard his cries, but they thought the boy was tricking them again. They continued to work ignoring his cries. The boy somehow escaped from there, but his sheep were eaten by the wolf. He now learned his lesson for life. He promised himself to never lie again and trouble others.

Moral: No one trusts a person who lies, even if he is telling the truth.

Famous Moral Stories For Kids- The Boy Who Cried Wolf.

The Fox And The Crow

A  crow once found a big piece of cheese. He held the cheese in his beak and flew away to a nearby tree. A fox was passing by when he saw the crow with the big piece of cheese in his mouth. 

He went to the crow and said ” Good morning, dear crow.  You have a lovely piece of cheese with you. Could you please share a bit with me?”. 

The crow refused and looked away. The fox begged a little, but the crow wouldn’t listen. He just sat there, quietly eating his cheese. 

But the fox didn’t give up. He continued persuading the crow. He called the crow handsome and praised his black feathers. He said,” You have a beautiful voice too. Everyone in the forest is praising your voice. Can you sing a sweet song for me?”. 

The fox saw the crow swelling with pride. The foolish crow believed the cunning fox. He suddenly forgot all about the cheese and began to sing. 

As soon as the crow began to sing, the piece of cheese fell down to the ground. The fox immediately picked it up and ran away. The crow was left crying on the tree all by himself. 

Moral:  Beware Of flatterer.

Famous Moral Stories For The Kids- The Fox And The Crow.

The Pigeon And The Ant

Long ago, a pigeon flew down to drink water from a river. While drinking, she noticed an ant flowing away with the water. She thought of helping the ant. She looked around and plucked some leaves from the tree.  She then flew over the river and dropped it into the water near the struggling ant. 

The ant quickly climbed over the leaf and reached the shore safely. The ant was grateful to the bird and thanked her. The pigeon smiled and said that it was her duty to help someone in need. She then flew away.

 A few days later,  a hunter came to the jungle. He was aiming at a pigeon that sat on a nearby tree. The ant was walking through the forest when she noticed the hunter with a gun.

She immediately recognized the pigeon who had saved her life. She decided to return the favor by helping the bird. She crept into the hunter’s trousers and bit him hard.

The hunter fired the shot but missed his target because of the ant bite. The pigeon heard the gunshot and was alarmed. She flew away.

The ant, too, quickly jumped off the hunter’s leg and fled into the forest. The hunter sat there upset and saw the pigeon flying away.

Moral: We should always help others selflessly.

Famous Moral Stories For Kids- The Pigeon And The Ant.

Three Fishes

Once there lived three fishes in a lake. They were very good friends. They loved playing with the other fishes in the lake. One day, some fisherman came near the lake. They saw many fishes there and decided to come back the next day to catch them all.

One of the three fish heard the fishermen talking. She hurried back to her friends and alerted them. She suggested that they should leave the lake immediately and go to some safer place. To this, the second fish agreed, but the third fish refused to go. 

She said, “ It is not wise to run away from here. If we are destined to die, then we will surely die. Nobody can save us. So, I am not going anywhere.

The first fish said her goodbyes to her friends and immediately left with her family to some other lake. The second fish waited for the morning. When she saw the fishermen, she, too, left the lake with her family.

The fishermen spread their nets and captured all the fish from the lake. The third fish was also captured, and they all died.

Moral: We should act immediately when we see a danger approaching.

Famous Moral Stories For Kids- Three Fishes.

The Talkative Tortoise

Long ago, there lived a tortoise and two swans in a  pond. They were very good friends. The tortoise was very talkative. He used to talk to swans for a very long time. All of them were happy.

Once there was a drought and it lasted for a long time. The water in the pond dried up. There was no water to drink even and it was now impossible to live there. So, the swans decided to fly away to some other place.

The tortoise requested the swans to take him along too. But, since he couldn’t fly, they sat down to think and found a way. The swans suggested an idea according to which the tortoise would have to hold a piece of the stick by its mouth and the swans will hold the ends of that stick.

They warned the tortoise to not talk during their journey. The tortoise promised, and the three friends set out to fly. On their way, they crossed several villages. Many villagers saw the tortoise and made fun of the tortoise. 

This enraged the tortoise and he couldn’t control himself. He opened his mouth to speak. As soon as he did so, he fell down and died. The swans were shocked to see their friend die. The tortoise lost his life because of his foolishness.

Moral: We should listen to our friend’s advice.

Famous Moral Stories For Kids- The Talkative Tortoise.

Akbar And Birbal

Emperor Akbar was famous for asking tricky questions to his courtiers. One day, his question left everyone in the courtroom puzzled. Just then, Birbal walked in and asked what the matter was.

The other courtiers repeated the question to him. The question was, “How many crows are there in the city?”

Birbal thought for a moment and smiled. He replied,” There were ten thousand, six hundred and twenty-nine crows in the city.” When asked how he knew the answer, Birbal replied, “Ask your men to count the number of crows. If there are more, then the relatives of the crows must be visiting them from nearby cities. If there are fewer, then the crows from our city must be visiting their relatives who live outside the city.” 

The courtiers applauded the witty answer of Birbal. Pleased with the answer, Akbar presented Birbal with precious gifts.

Moral: Having an explanation for your answer is just as important as having an answer.

Famous Moral Stories For Kids- Akbar And Birbal.

Midas And His Golden Touch

Long ago, King Midas ruled in ancient Greece. He was a fair and wise king. His people were happy and prosperous under his rule. The king was known for his love for gold and his love for his only daughter, Marigold.

One day, he gave royal treatment to Silenus, the best friend of God Dionysus( the God of wine). Pleased with the king’s selfless hospitality, Dionysus granted him a wish.

Midas was overjoyed. He thought for a second and asked a boon that whatever he touches turns into gold. God granted him the wish. He said that from the following morning his mere touch will turn everything gold.

Midas eagerly waited for the sunrise. He couldnt wait to use his newly-acquired powers. He went about touching various objects and they turned into gold!

He was shouting with joy. After some time, he became hungry. The moment he touched a glass of water he could not drink it. It became solid gold. As he picked the bread, he could not eat it. It turned into gold.

He groaned in dismay and realized his folly. Just then, his daughter came to hug him. The moment she touched her father, she turned into a gold statue.

The king started wailing and realized that his golden touch is not a blessing. He begged God Dionysus to pardon his mistake and take back his boon. Since Midas was a kind-hearted man, Dionysus appeared before him and took away the golden touch power he had given to the king.

Everything turned back to normal immediately. Marigold came and hugged her father. Midas no longer considered gold as the greatest thing in the world. He had a hearty breakfast with his daughter.

Moral: Greed always causes pain and brings about downfall.

Most Popular Bedtime Moral Stories For Kids- Midas And The Golden Touch.

The farmer and the well story in English pdf

One day, a farmer named Bholaram, bought a well from his neighbor, Dharma. Dharma was a cunning man. When Bholaram went to fetch water from the well the next day, Dharma stopped him.

When asked why, he said that he had sold only the well to Bholaram, not the water. In order to use the water, Bholaram must pay for it.

Bholaram was shocked to see the cunningness of his neighbour. He took the matter to the court of Emperor Akbar. There, his minister, Birbal was given the responsibility to solve the matter.

Birbal called Dharma and asked why he was not letting Bholaram take the water from the well. To this, he replied,” I just sold the well, not the water within it. So, Bholaram has no right over the water.”

Birbal thought for a second and said, ” Since you have sold the well to the farmer, you have no right to keep your water in it. If you do so, you have to pay him the rent for using his well. Else, take out all your water immediately.

Dharma was caught off guard. He realized his cunning scheme stood no chance before the razor-sharp wit of Birbal. He apologized and went home.

Moral: Cheating can never lead to happy endings. You have to pay for your mistakes.

Most Popular Moral Stories For Kids- The Farmer And The Well.

A short moral story in English with moral for kids

One day, a group of students were sitting in class when their teacher walked in. She had a stack of papers in her hand and began passing them out to the students.

“These are your mid-term exams,” she said. “I’ll be grading them and returning them to you tomorrow.”

The students groaned as they took their exams. They all knew that this was going to be a long night.

As the students worked on their exams, one of the boys began to cheat. He looked around the room to see if anyone was watching, and then he began to copy the answers from the student next to him.

The boy continued to cheat for a few minutes, but then he started to feel guilty. He knew that he was doing something wrong, and he didn’t want to get caught.

So, the boy stopped cheating and finished the exam on his own.

When the teacher returned the exams the next day, the boy was relieved to see that he had gotten a good grade. He had learned his lesson and realized that cheating is never the right thing to do.

Time is valuable story

Once upon a time, a wise man said that time is the most valuable thing a person can have. He was right! Just think about all the things you can do with your time: learn new things, play with friends, explore the world, help others, and so much more.

So don’t waste your time! Use it wisely, and you’ll be sure to achieve great things in life.

Another short story below,

One day, a little girl was playing in her backyard when she found a watch. She was excited to have found such a pretty thing and ran to show her mom. Her mom was very pleased and told her that she could keep the watch, but she must always remember that time is very valuable. The little girl was very happy and thanked her mom. She wore the watch all the time and made sure to be extra careful with it. Whenever she looked at the watch, she remembered her mom’s words and was reminded of how valuable time is.

Another short story about a girl below

Once upon a time there was a little girl who had a very special gift. She could make time stand still. She used her gift to help other people. She would help them finish their chores or tasks so they could have more free time. One day, she met a woman who was very sad. She had lost her husband and was having a hard time coping. The little girl used her gift to help the woman. She made time stand still so the woman could grieve and spend time with her husband’s spirit. The woman was very grateful and the little girl realized that her gift was very valuable. She used it to help others and make their lives better.

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