Best Tricycles for 2 year olds in India – A complete guide on how to choose a Tricycle for kids

Your complete guide on How to choose a tricycle for 2 year old toddlers in India, What factors to considering when buying a tricycle for kids and at what age can a child ride a tricycle, different type of tricycles or trikes for kids and a lot more. 

As a parent, selecting proper toys to assist your child’s development is often troublesome and even sometimes stressful . There are so many questions that pop up in your mind and the most important one is: HOW DO I CHOOSE A TRICYCLE?


In case if you are in a hurry
✅ Based on our analysis this tricycle on amazon wins hand down. It also has multiple good customer reviews.

This tricycle is EN -71 certified which makes it safe for babies as per European standards. It has accessories like a cute bell on the handle, storage basket and a foldable canopy. It also has Cushioned seats and secured front bar. Unlike other tricycles it is easy to assemble and has a push bar with directional control.If you can get this for lesser than Rs 5500 grab the deal. See Colour options, latest price and reviews here

Note – if you want a tricycle with all the above features plus rubber tyres and rotating seat. Check out this new variant R for Rabbit Tiny Toes Striker

You can read details about each tricycle and pros and cons later in the article in this section  Best tricycles for toddlers in India.


I still remember when I had to choose tricycle for my 2 year old, I was worried which type of tricycle should I take, what age should I buy a tricycle, what are best tricycle for 2 year old. I remember I was even confused with words like trike and tricycle.

After reading more I came to know about words like push tricycle or tricycle with push or parents handle and a lot more.

So here is a complete guide on what I researched and analyzed on How to choose a best tricycle for kids. I have also added few pointers on what I think are best tricycle for toddles and kids (as reviewed in 2018). The list provided here is purely based on our research, actual reviews from the buyers and the best features available in trikes.

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What is a Tricycle?

A vehicle similar to a bicycle, but having three wheels, two at the back and one at the front. It is safer and more stable than a bicycle. These are also known as trikes. So you can refer to them tricycles or trikes, both are same.

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How does a Tricycle help in child development?

Tricycles can be used both indoors and outdoors and can help your child develop their mobility skills (specially gross motor skills and hand eye coordination).

By riding a tricycle (also called trikes), your child will get lots of exercise and improve both coordination and balance.

Interestingly, steering a tricycle teaches kids their rights and lefts, and that there are different consequences to going in each direction. Riding a tricycle also helps them learn about the concept that their body has sides four sides (left, right, front, back) and improves spatial awareness.

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At what age can a child ride a tricycle?

Each child and his or her development is different, so you don’t need to worry if your neighbor’s child is pedaling his tricycle earlier than your child.

Most kids are ready for a tricycle by the age of 2, but you can also use tricycles cum stroller that are pushed from behind (toddler push tricycles and also referred to as toddler trikes with parent handle) once your child is able to sit with a help i,e, when he or she turns around 1 or one a half year old.

By the time they turn 4, they become pro in pedaling, steering and controlling the tricycle and are ready to move on to a bicycle with training wheels.

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What features you should consider before buying?

A comparison of few features in tricycle will help you buy the best one for your baby. These are the factors you should consider when buying a tricycle for your kid.

1. Safety certification

Whatever toy we choose for our little one, its important to look at the safety standards and/or certifications.

EN – 71 is one such certification defined by European standards for Tricycles for Safety of Babies and Toddler. For e.g. I could find ‘Baybee’ company and ‘R for rabbit’ has this certification for its tricycles.

This take cares of every minor point to give safest product  – in this case tricycle for your Baby.

Related – Explore Baybee tricyles on, R for Rabbit tricycle on

2. Frame

Industry standards for cycles generally prefers steel frames that remains durable, and largely resistant to weathering, which is important if you plan on passing a tricycle down from one child to another.

But the tricycles with plastic frames are also available and used by many parents.

3. Color

Bright colors attract kids and allows a tricycle to stand out. Look for the one your child is attracted to.

4. Wheels

Certain tricycles provides rubber wheels as against the traditional plastic ones. These rubber wheels are shock absorbing especially when the child rides over uneven surfaces.

Also some tricycle has big wheels for toddlers. Choose a tricycle with big wheels and which is lower to the ground as it is more stable and does not tip over easily.

5. Cushioned seats

Seats for these tricycles are generally made of plastics. For younger ones, they provide a thin layer of sheet on top of it. This layer provides a cushion that is not only comfortable but also helps to keep a child from sliding off.

6. Storage

Most of the tricycles are now offering storage in the tricycle.

A basket or a bucket type that depends on the type of tricycle you’re choosing. These storage can be at the back of the seat or under the seat. These can be used to keep bottles, toys and other essentials.

7. Ground clearance

Yes tricycle makers also consider this feature. Generally tricycles are built low to the ground to accommodate small children while also preventing the risk of certain accidents. As lower tricycle with a wide base are more stable and less prone to tipping over.

The only area where this could be a concern is if the tricycle’s rear bar/ platform tends to scrape along the pavement.

8. Foot rest

The kids can keep foot on these foldable/ removable bars while they’re being pushed. It avoids dragging of foot on the floor when they are not in mood to pedal but still want to enjoy their independence.

I would suggest take a tricycle with comfortable and if possible foldable foot rest.

9. Height adjustment

Parents may think that choosing a tricycle that is bigger will be useful when a child grows taller. Please choose what is best fit now.

A child must be able to place his feet on the pedals, once seated, and comfortably being able to ride the tricycle.

Seats for certain tricycles are made adjustable – so you can use the same tricycle after adjusting height as your baby or toddler grows up.

Since a tricycle is used for maximum of two years, my experience is I never needed to adjust height though we had bought a tricycle with this feature so I will not call it an essential feature

10. Safety harness

Safety harness are essential to protect the child from sliding off, you should look for a tricycle with at least 3 point safety harness.

It’s basically a safety belt that protect the child in case of sudden jerk. I will call this an essential feature and would recommend that you use it.

11. Canopy/ sun shade

In order to protect the delicate skin of the kids from harsh sun rays, certain tricycles offer sun shade on top. These are either foldable and/ or removable.

This is a personal choice, so you can choose accordingly.

Mostly we ride tricycle in evening so my personal opinion is having this canopy makes the cycle a little bulky. But there are many variants that have foldable canopy option so choose what you think is best for your child.

12. Assembly instructions

Every tricycle bought online need to be self-assembled.

You can do this using the assembly instruction provided or can take the tricycle to the nearest cycle shop for the same.

I could find assembly instructions for most manufacturers like ‘Babybee ‘, ‘Chicco’, ‘R for rabbit, ‘Babyhug’, Bajaj’ on youtube.

13. Push bar with directional control

There are multiple tricycles available with parental push control where parents van push the tricycle from behind but very few tricycle have push bar with directional control. I would prefer a tricycle with push bar with directional control as in that you can actually guide the tricycle very easily while pushing.

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What matters the most when buying a tricycle?


Apart from safety features on the trike that you are buying for your baby, toddler, 2 year old or 3 year olds, you need to take care of below tips for your child’s safety.

  • To avoid an unavoidable accident that might occur, you need a helmet that can protect your child from any minor head injuries (to say the least).
  • Also always remember to supervise your child at all times when he or she is riding a tricycle.
  • Always keep your child away from any intersections or high-traffic areas. It is better to use sidewalks, public parks or secluded areas.


We all love the grown up feeling when we buy our own vehicle or home. The feelings are similar when your child gets his first vehicle that is Tricycle.

At times, to see that big smile parents are ready to shell out money on buying expensive items. You can act smart and look for budget friendly options.

Budget friendly doesn’t always means non-expensive items. Here it means to look for additional things like adjustable seats, sun shades and other accessories that may come as a package.

Secondly, consider the usage of the toy. For e.g. If both the parents are working and child spends most of the time at a day care, you may not require fully loaded trike. As the usage will be very low.

However, if you plan to pass on the same trike to the second child, you may like to look for a stronger and sturdier option.

Again its a personal opinion and choice, Decide your budget, do the analysis and make the best use of online deals and coupons when buying a tricycle.

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What are the Tricycles options available online?

Amazon offer a wide range tricycle for your tiny tot. You can see the actual reviews of the parents who bought them. To make it easier for you, here is the list of 10 trikes (NOT in the preferential order) age wise with their pros and cons.

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Best Tricycles for Toddlers in India

1. Baybee Mario Sportz – The Stylish Plug and Play Baby Tricycle with Canopy and Parent Control with Reversible Seat) (Now with Rubber Wheels) ( Orange )


Age group: 0.9 yrs to 5 yrs (Tricycle for baby as well as toddlers)

  • Safe as EN71 certified
  • Soft and comfortable for small babies as young as 9 months.
  • Rotating seat makes it a stroller too so that you can see your baby face while strolling around.
  • High quality big rubber wheels are sturdy and strong for uneven surfaces and make no noices while strolling indoors.
  • Stylish push bar with directional control. You can actually change direction of trike using parental control to guide the tricycle.
  • Foldable canopy.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Takes care of all the 3 stages of Infant stroller, steering and ride-on tricycle

  • Price on a bit higher side.
  • Not a complete stroller, if your baby falls asleep while strolling, he would be in a sitting position only.
  • Cannot be folded easily.

Price of Baybee Mario Sportz on Amazon and colour variants

2. R for Rabbit Tiny Toes Sportz – The Stylish Plug and Play Baby Tricycle for Kids/Baby with Rubber Wheels (Red)

Age group: 1.5 yrs to 5 yrs (tricycle for toddlers)


  • EN -71 certified which makes it safe for babies as per European standards.
  • Accessories like a cute bell on the handle, storage basket and a foldable canopy
  • Cushioned Seat with Secured Front Bar makes it easy for them to spread their arms and relax.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Stylish push bar with directional control. You can actually change direction of trike using parental control to guide the tricycle.
  • Plug and play wheels for both riding and direction control.

  • Plastic wheels.
  • No seat rotation is possible.

The only con is that this tricycle has plastic wheels and does not have seat rotation, If you are looking for a Tricycle with rubber wheels and rotating seat. Check out this new variant R for Rabbit Tiny Toes Striker


Price of R for Rabbit Tiny Toes Sportz tricycle for kids on Amazon and colour variants

While you are considering this brand you can also consider R for rabbit Tiny toes Grand baby. It can support weight till 25 kgs which makes it stable and secure. The only difference I can see between both variants is it does not have foldable canopy.

Price of R for rabbit Tiny toes Grand baby on Amazon and colour variants

3. Baybee Duster Tricycle with Canopy (Blue-Black)

Age group: 1.5 yrs to 4 yrs

  • Durable Metal And Plastic Construction.
  • Light in weight as compared to the one with strollers
  • Secured Front Bar makes it easy for them to spread their arms and relax.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • 10-Inch Front Wheel, 8-Inch Rear Wheel for stronger grip and safety.

  • Seat height not adjustable.
  • No directional push control
  • No seat rotation available

Price of Baybee Duster Tricycle Grand baby on Amazon and colour variants

Amazon also has a good list of best tricycles for 2 year olds. And they usually have deals going on and many are on sale. Check out Amazon picks of Best tricycle for toddlers


4. Baybee Vepsa Tricycle with Canopy and Parental Control Handle 


Age group: 1 yrs to 3 yrs

  • Meets safety standards EN 71
  • Light weighted, easy to use, smooth body and EVA coated strong wheels.
  • Offer toy storage space under the seat.
  • Has foldable canopy
  • Horn and musical tunes with lights on the handle which attracts the baby.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Has push bar with directional control

  • Not suitable for taller and 3 year and above old kids.
  • No adjustable seat
  • No head rest, foot rest and comfortable backrest.

Price of Baybee Vepsa Tricycle for kids on Amazon and colour variants

You can also consider a version without canopy

5. Chicco Toy U go Trike Ducati

Age group: 2 yrs to 5 yrs

  • Meet safety and construction standards (EN 71 certified), has seat belt.
  • Handle lock feature and free wheel on and off available.
  • It also has pedal lock for push mode when kid is not pedaling
  • Strong and sturdy metal frame used.

  • Seat adjustment not available.
  • No cushioned seat and no backrest.
  • Directional push control not available
  • A bit on a higher side price-wise.

Price of Chicco Toy  go Tricycle for toddlers on Amazon 

The other option available is Chicco Pelican Trike which has better reviews. Also it has horizontal seat adjustment which is useful

6. LuvLap Baby Tricycle – Trike T30 with Control Push Bar (Red/Yellow)

Age group: 0.10 yrs to 2.5 yrs

  • EN-71 Safety certified.Seat belt provided (3-point safety harness).
  • Multi position seat adjustment can be done.
  • Adjustable and removable.
  • Parent steering handle.
  • Wheel steering lock. It also has pedal lock for push mode when kid is not pedaling.
  • Full metal frame used which makes it strong and sturdy.

  • Not suitable for taller kids.
  • Plastic wheels.
  • Parental directional push control not available

Price of Luvlap baby Tricycle on Amazon 

You can also consider Luvlap baby tricycle T10 as most of the features above except safety hand bar are available and its cheaper.

If you are looking for cheaper tricycle for kids in India we have included some easy on pocket tricycles for toddlers below

7. Dash Kids Vega Musical Tricycle with Canopy and Parent Push Handle (Green)

Age group: 2 yrs to 5 yrs

  • Attractive design with a musical toy in the front, rear basket and foot rest
  • Front round bar prevents kids from toppling.
  • Foldable canopy, parental control and leg rest made with high quality plastic.
  • Assembly youtube video link provided.
  • Long back support for extra comfort.

  • Plastic wheels.
  • Pipe frame look from behind.
  • Safety certification not available
  • Directional push control not available
  • Mixed reviews on Amazon

Price of Dash kid musical Tricycle on Amazon 

8. Goyal’S Mr. Rambo Baby Tricycle Ride-On Bicycle – Foldable Rider With Music & Lights (Red)

Age group: 1 yrs to 3 yrs

  • Music and light on the handle.
  • Foldable and easy to store.
  • ABS plastic used.
  • Easy to assemble.

  • Not suitable for 3 year and above old kids.
  • No canopy and foot rest provided.
  • Plastic frame instead of metal.
  • Safety certification not available
  • Push control not available

Price of Rambo baby Tricycle India on Amazon 

9. Ehomekart 2 in 1 Tricycle Cum Scooter Runner – (L53cm x B40cm x H54cm)

Age group: 1.5 yrs to 5 yrs

  • 12 inches wheel size for safety and firm grip.
  • 2-in-1 tricycle cum Scooter can be converted from tricycle to scooter easily.
  • High quality plastic used.
  • Strong and sturdy.
  • Easy on pocket

  • No cushioned seat.
  • No safety certifications.
  • No musical or lighting toy on handle.
  • No foot rest or push bar control

Price of Ehomekart Tricycle for toddlers India on Amazon 

10. Luusa Falcon Kids Tricycle – Pink And White

Age group: 1 yrs to 3 yrs

  • Seat with a backrest , safety handle at the front seat as a safety measure , Padded side handle in the front for better grip.
  • Canopy, parental control and cute character on front and back.
  • Assembly youtube video link provided.
  • Foot rest for shorter babies.

  • Plastic frame and wheels.
  • Directional push control not available
  • Mixed reviews on amazon in terms of quality.

Price of Luuca Tricycle for toddlers India on Amazon 

Click here to Explore more tricycle for 2 year olds on

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Compare Tricycle for kids in India (Sorted by Price)

Last update was on: 17th May 2019 7:39 pm

I hope this article on best tricycle for kids in India and guide to choose the tricycle helps you in answering your queries before you make decision to buy a tricycle for your child. Wish you all the best.

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Best Tricycles for 2 year olds in India - A complete guide on how to choose a Tricycle for kids

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