12 simple things you can do to have a Normal Delivery | Easy Pregnancy tips for normal delivery 2023

Among the many questions, one which every mother-to-be wonders is how to get a normal delivery ? Read these easy normal delivery tips that can increase your chances to give birth without an operation.

Motherhood is the most beautiful and amazing phase of women’s life. The love, happiness, emotions and feelings a woman experiences can’t be actually expressed in words.

Also, motherhood starts from the day a lady comes to know that she is pregnant. The news of her pregnancy fills her heart with happiness and love and at the same time fills her mind with so many questions and at times a little fear.

So if you are reading this, first and foremost thing is to remember that you are pregnant not a patient. Thus, live your life and continue doing what you used to do before you got pregnant.

You might have heard that normal delivery or natural childbirth is a painful process and you have to bear a lot of pain. It’s true that normal delivery is little painful but believe me even getting operated is not easy.

A normal birth is a normal process and since its a natural way most of the women are actually capable of it (unless there is a medical complication). With natural delivery, recovery of both mother and child is very quick.

Thus most of expecting moms wish to have a natural child birth as opposed to undergoing an operation. But with rising cases of C-section being reported, is there something you can do to prepare yourself for a normal delivery ?

Read on for easy normal delivery tips that will help you to go for a normal birth

Stay Happy, Calm and Positive

The first and foremost thing when you are pregnant is stay happy and stay calm and positive. This is main rule or mantra for a successful pregnancy.

This is the time when you get good attention from everyone around you, especially at home. So enjoy this time, pamper yourself, eat good and healthy food, have atleast 7-8 hours of sleep, read good books and spend your time in a fruitful way. 3

Do things which make you happy. Go out and spend happy moments with your loved ones. It’s perfectly fine if you want to go out and have your favourite food. Just try to eat at places which are clean and serve fresh food. Once in a while treating yourself is a good idea.

Get ready for the bundle of joy who is about to come in your life and fill it with lots of love, happiness, smiles and giggles.

Eat Healthy, Stay Healthy

When you are pregnant you should focus on your food in-take.

Eat food which is healthy and has a high nutritious value. Your protein, iron and calcium in-take should be on the higher side. Have eggs, fish, sprouts, dal/pulses, salads, fruits. Try to have food rich in fiber.

Avoid having junk, tinned and packed food. Keep a watch on your tea and coffee in-take as well. Eat fresh and avoid eating out.

Whatever your are eating portion of that food will go for your baby’s growth thus eat smartly and eat healthy food which is good for your baby’s growth.

Breathe Pure

We all know the air we breathe is too much polluted now. We can’t avoid that but we can make our home greener, cleaner and neat.

Go green and fill your living space with some plants. Plants have the ability to absorb assorted pollutants in the air while adding oxygen to the indoor environment.

Thus, plant some air purifying plants in your home. The greenery around you will not only give you some fresh air but also lift your mood and soothe your eyes when you are feeling tired.

Keep an Eye on your weight gain

You might have heard people saying when you are pregnant you should eat for two. This is not correct when you are pregnant you should eat healthy  – Do not eat for two.

Eat food with high nutritious value not the food which gives you more carbohydrates and fat.

The good option is go for SIX MEAL OPTION. Instead of having three big meals, divide your diet into six small portions and keep yourself energetic and active. Try to have something every two hours and don’t try to eat too much. Your baby will get the required portion from your food in-take.

Gaining too much weight may lead to more weight of you and your baby which makes normal delivery difficult.

Sleep adequately

Getting some extra sleep when you are pregnant is good for you and your baby. Try to get at least 7-8 hours of sleep in a day. When you are up and doing some work your baby is up with you, so have some rest let your body and baby have some relaxing time.

If you are finding it hard to have some sound sleep let your practitioner know about it. You may get good tips to solve your problem.

Avoid taking a nap just after the meal, it may cause you heart burn and would not let you sleep. If you are feeling back pain try to support your back with some pillows or cushions, it will soothe you and you can sleep comfortably. If you are having leg cramps, don’t panic gently bend your toes towards your head, it will ease out the nerves and you can sleep comfortably.

Keep yourself hydrated

You should keep yourself hydrated when you are pregnant.

Getting enough fluids is more important than getting enough solids. Have plenty of water, soups, coconut water etc. Avoid having juices, instead have fresh fruits, it will give you fiber, minerals and vitamins.

If you find it difficult to have lots of water then have fruits having high water content.

Having good amount of liquid keeps you energized, on the other hand it helps you beat the heart burn and constipation problems.

Exercise Daily

Exercise daily when you are pregnant.

Exercising during pregnancy helps you get good sleep (if you are finding it hard to get some sound sleep), it keeps your body in a good shape and lifts your mood as well.

Now that you are exercising for two, you will need to doubly sure that you exercise in the right way with proper gear. Select the right surface and avoid risky moves. For this ask your doctor for what exercise you can or can not do.

If you are exercising don’t forget to have some water before you exercise to keep yourself hydrated and have some light snacks.

Don’t exert yourself

If you are feeling breathless and exhausted when you are exercising or doing some heavy house chores then its a good idea is to stop before you drop. Exerting yourself to the point of exhaustion is not a good idea.

You are the best judge to know when too much is too much. If you exert yourself during pregnancy it not only affects you but also your baby.

So its a good idea to maintain a balance between exercising and resting.

Choose your doctor smartly

You should select your doctor smartly.

Some tips – Choose a doctor who is near your home and has a good reputation. Try to get some in sight about the doctor and ask your friends and neighbors. Choose a doctor with good past record and good experience. Check the doctor is associated with which hospitals.

The best option is select a doctor who is near your home,  is associated with a reputed hospital, has a low rate for C section deliveries and both hospital and doctor have a track record of successful deliveries (with a high ratio of delivering babies via normal delivery as opposed to C-sections).

Be honest with your doctor and convey your desire for natural child birth

If you have any gynecological history, do tell your doctor. Previous medications, pregnancies, miscarriages, surgeries or infections may or may not have any impact on this pregnancy. But you should share the facts with your doctor and let her/him know if he/she needs to keep you on special medication or not or you need some special care or not.

Also tell your doctor about preference for natural or normal delivery.

The more he/she knows about you, the better care you will get.

Follow your doctor’s Advise

Follow your doctor’s advise and trust him/her. Don’t do things which could be harmful for your baby or your body.

If your doctor has asked you to avoid certain food, please don’t have them. There are certain food items which are strictly not good for pregnant women. Take your medicines on time, and eat well. Avoid going to crowded and noisy places that may be not good for your baby.

If you have any doubts, ask your doctor and clarify your doubts well in time.

Keep yourself updated and talk to your doctor regularly. If you are facing any problems regarding your health then take your doctor’s advise and take precautionary measures.

When your due date is approaching, check your doctor’s availability. If he/she will not be around then ask for a different doctor and consult him/her.

Choose a hospital with high track record of normal deliveries

Research show that 85 percent of pregnancies could be achievable by normal birth where as 15% may need medical interventions like C-section. WHO recommendations on upper limit of percentage of C-section is also 15% in its report

But National Family Health Survey India statistics show that for Urban India, births in a private health facility delivered by Caesarean section (%) is 44.8% and births in a public health facility delivered by Caesarean section (%) is 19.9%.

Why do we have such higher rates of C-section in India ?

These ratios are driven more by economics than any medical reasons. Mostly the charges for C-section are higher than that for normal delivery and that seems to be skewing the above ratios in India.

So two questions that you must ask when choosing a hospital or a doctor is

  • rate for C section deliveries
  • ratio of C-section deliveries as opposed to normal births

While doing a research on this subject, I came across  Sitaram Bhartia Institute Of Science And Research, a Multi-Specialty Hospital in New Delhi.

Snippet from Sitram Bhartia’s website

While our c section rates in 2013 were lower than in prior years, we were unhappy that they were still high. But I am pleased to report that these rates have substantially declined – our total caesarean rate in 2016 was 18% and our low-risk first-birth caesarean rate was 12%. This compares very favourably to most private hospitals in Delhi where rates are typically in the 40-80% range!

They not only spread awareness about the benefits of a normal delivery, but also actively educate expecting mothers of when and where a c section delivery can be avoided.

So all I can say is do your research well and choose a hospital and doctor who will help you in your pregnancy to deliver a healthy baby rather than taking advantage of it to make money.

Motherhood is a wonderful phase of a woman’s life. It is a phase when you love someone more than yourself, when you just want to go home early as your kid/s are waiting for you, when you are tired but you are reading stories for your little champ, when your are feeling hungry but you want to feed your apple of eye first, when you are not well but you want to help your genius in completing his important assignment, when you want to sleep but you want to sing a lullaby for your munchkin so he can sleep well.

This phase is beautiful but yes it is not an easy task, the journey is not easy for any mother. Each mother has to face so many ups and downs.

I wish you all the very best in your journey and hope you found these pregnancy tips for normal delivery useful. Do you have any tips that you would like to add in the list below ? Do let me know by using comments.

Note – This post is sponsored by Sitaram Bhartia Institute Of Science And Research but the opinion expressed is completely our own, personal and unbiased. Any advice given here should not replace Doctor’s advice, in case of any issues always seek professional advice from doctors. 

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Shweta Garg
Shweta Garg

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  1. This post was really very informative. These simple things can really make a lot of difference.

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    • Good to hear Deevyanka. I think you are one of the few ones we know who have had normal delivery. You are most welcome and thanks for stopping by

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  6. Very informative post, I agree normal delivery is the most natural thing if the pregnancy is not complicated. What is important is taking care of ones health during this time, which includes eating right and exercising and staying positive

    • Thanks a lot Smita. Absolutely. you summed it so well 🙂 Taking care, eating right, exercising and staying positive helps us in a longer run as well ..

  7. Very informative article. All the points mentioned are very much necessary for the healthy and successful pregnancy. It’s tad surprising but good to have the hospital which focus on natural child birth. I would like to add one thing – all to be mothers should take good care of their health during pregnancy and at same time if there aren’t any major complications they should really mentally prepare themselves for the vaginal child birth. At times due to fear of pain we ladies give up at the time of delivery and opt for c-section.

    • Thanks a lot Shuchi. Could not have agreed more. This fear of pain stops multiple moms to go for vaginal birth. What most people do not realize is that even C section involves pain. Csection is a major operation so it takes time for the stitches and the body to heal completely.

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