Journaling for kids- Everything You Need To Know About Journaling

Kids go through many emotional turbulences, social happenings, and psychological changes. If they are not allowed to express themselves, they start showing negative signs of lack of focus, frustration, improper sleep routine, anger issues, and so on. This is where journaling helps. Every child faces different situations at an early age, and each life is different, if we give them a place that is free of any judgment and a place they can freely express themselves it will help them to get their coping mechanism in place. In this article, we have covered all you need to know about Journaling and how journaling can help children!

Therefore, parents opt for various ways to handle them appropriately without worsening the situation. But sometimes, they need to change their ways and find easier but effective alternatives.

Fortunately, journaling is one solution that can help kids pen down their thoughts, from the smallest to the deepest. It not only introduces a habit of writing everything but helps them to share their thoughts and opinions, even when no physical being is involved. 

Several studies have shown how important journaling can be for kids. Perhaps it is included in parenting books and other sources nowadays. Keeping all these factors in mind, we have analyzed certain facts about journaling, from its benefits to the exact process of getting started.

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How can journaling help kids from an early age?

The benefits of journaling cannot be observed almost immediately. Instead, parents must be patient and watch their kids’ activities. Gradually, they can witness the changes in their little ones, and to say they are good would be an understatement. So, before we proceed further, let’s glance at how journaling can benefit your kid.

Paves the way for dealing with emotions and experiences

As you have crossed the age your kid is now, you are familiar with the emotional turmoil and apprehension of new experiences clouding your mind. You have first-hand knowledge of how difficult it is for a kid to share everything with parents or anyone else. Your child might be going through the same feelings at present. 

As a parent, you must look after your little one. That’s where journals come into play! Encouraging your kid to write down their thoughts and experiences can prove to be quite helpful for them. It will assist them in unwinding and processing everything with ease. The fear of the future and expectations will be significantly reduced.

Improves the writing skills

How often do you need to deal with a cranky kid right after asking them to write something? It’s frequent. Most kids hate to write for too long. They are more inclined towards typing things on mobiles and laptops for hours instead of taking a pen or pencil. While it may not seem to be a big matter now, you will soon face problems later in future. For instance, your kid won’t write everything during exams due to a lack of practice.

Therefore, opting for journaling is a wonderful idea. Once you allow them to write down everything in the journal, you can easily see how their skills improve gradually. They will develop a habit of writing every day. Their handwriting will also improve, and they might not write further in broken words. 

Enhance the communication skills

Sometimes, kids can become introverted and won’t communicate easily, no matter how much you nag them. Cooping up all feelings inside can prove to be detrimental for them. From anger to depression, children can suffer from clinical and psychological issues. That’s why opting for journals can be beneficial for them.

They might not communicate with you, but they will have a journal to share their thoughts and emotions. Writing down their feelings can help them relieve their stress and deal with emotions.

Is journaling for kids only?

No, your teenage child can also opt for journaling to unwind their stress, improve their writing skills, and communicate properly. Journaling is for everyone, adults, kids, and teenagers alike, the sooner they start, the better it is. There is no age restriction on it. You can hand over one of the best journals to your child as soon as they start writing. 

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Types of journals that a child can write

There are several types of journals that your child can write, from a daily prompt to a dream journal. Making it a habit for your little one requires an additional effort from your side as a parent and that is to make them understand the basic differences between them. 

Feelings journal- Best Journal For Introverts

From the name itself, you can understand it is specifically formed for emotions and feelings. Your kid can use it only when they have to write down their feelings, emotions, and thoughts. This will be their soul companion with whom they can share everything, from the smallest happy moments at the morning to a time when they received a scolding from the teacher when it wasn’t their fault. 

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Nature journals- Best Journal for Nature Lovers

Kids are great observers and explorers. So, having a journal with their observations listed down will make them more curious to find something new and jot them down at once. It will make them creative, daring, and prompt.

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Vacation journal- Best Travel Journal

This is more like a fun activity where they can fill the journal with family pictures, share incidents from a family trip, draw many things like the sea, beach, and so on. 

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Daily Prompt- A Journal That Can Be Carried Everywhere

It means to give a journal to your kid that they will carry everywhere and anywhere to write down any idea or inspiration that pops up in their mind. It can be as simple as getting a new teddy bear or an observation that she suddenly realized. 

How to get started with writing a journal?

  1. It isn’t necessary to give them a brown paper journal only. You can give them this cute 3 minutes journal or, an embellished journal like the VIPbuy journal with wonderful sequins having varied colors. You can also get the beautiful blue leather-covered journal from Maleden.
  2. It is not necessary to start writing the journal early in the morning, right after your kid wakes up. Instead, journals can be filled at any time but without fail every day.
  3. Your kid needs to have everything required for writing the journals. For instance, they must have a pen and pen, diary covers, stickers, and more. For example, you can give them these journaling kits- Sakura pigma & other Lettering, stickers and journal stencil kits that will make your kid super happy.
  4. Encourage them to write everything they feel. It doesn’t need to be something significant that happened in their life. It can be as meager as eating their favorite breakfast or going to the nearby park. 
  5. Sometimes, your kid might not show any interest in writing a journal all by themselves. In that case, you can start with a family journal that will easily inspire them to have something on their own.
  6. When your kid is small, you can start with a pictographic journal. It will help them to identify everything and also make a habit of filling another page in the journal, whether it is through pasting pictures and cutouts or writing something down. 
  7. Ensure to identify the characteristics and habits of your kids and decide which type of journal they need. For example, kids who often dream absurdly need a dream journal. Similarly, when your kid is a wonderful observer or love nature, hand over a nature journal. 
  8. Do not mix and match the hobby journals. Stick to one and allow your little one to focus on that activity only. For instance, if your child is a diehard fan of barbie series, go for a barbie journal.

Best ideas for helping your kid write a journal

  1. Whom do you look up to?
  2. What is the most special memory you have and why it is so special?
  3. What is that one thing that made you happy today? 
  4. When do you often feel sad and upset?
  5. How do you feel when your parents scold you?
  6. Do you love to explore gardens and parks?
  7. What is the challenge you want to overcome today?
  8. What do you do when you see others bullying your friend?
  9. Who is your best friend and why?
  10. What are your new favorite food items?

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Things a kid needs for journaling

Wrapping up!

Handling kids can be quite tough, and sometimes, you fail to find ways to deal with them. That’s why encourage them to journal, as it has proven effective for kids. Not only can they unwind their emotions, but their communication skills will also improve.

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