Few Finest Air Purifying Plants for the Bedroom

Are you browsing for air purifying plants for Bedroom? Here is a list of air purifying plants that you can use to beautify your home. These plants not only make your bedroom look beautiful but also there are countless advantages of placing such plants in bedroom area.

Go through this article to get answers to Can you put plants in Bedroom? Or why should we put plants in Bedroom, or what is the best plant for bedroom, how to choose plants based on your bedroom (area, low maintenance, low light) and much more.

Let us begin with the essential question.

What are the plants that are suitable to be placed in Bedroom?

The human body needs rest in the form of sleep to function better. Our body keeps check on the duration and the quality of sleep. Nowadays, people complaint a lot about sleeplessness and take medicines to fall asleep which should actually occur naturally. Surprisingly, nature provides some chemical free ways to help us sleep peacefully. There are certain plants which bring peaceful mood to the people round it. They serve multiple purpose, purify the air, calm the surround and also beautify the space. Large number of them grow very well indoor with less maintenance and low sunlight. Most of the plants possess some distinct functions and abilities to make us fall asleep.

Here are few air purifying plants for the bedroom:

These plants improve the air quality of our bedroom and thus induce sleep.

English Ivy

Yes, this is one of air-cleaning plant on NASA list. Its botanical name is Hedera Helix often called as European Ivy.

Caring for English Ivy plant

  • Most people want this plant as its greenery looks good in any way either hanging, creeping or climbing.
  • This plant grows well in shady place with rich organic soil.
  • Plant it in pot with stake or vertical structure for climbing.

Benefits of having English Ivy in bedroom:

  •  It clears the air of pollutants along with the molds and other aerial allergens within the house
  • It is good at cleaning xylene, toluene and benzene and formaldehyde from the air.
  • It is allergic to dust then this plant is just for you as it removes 78% of mold and 94%of airborne faeces in as less as 12hours thus helping you sleep better.

Snake plant

Its scientific name is Sansevieria trifasciata but commonly known as mother-in-law’s tongue. It is native to west Africa

Caring for Snake plant

  • Growing this plant is quite easy as it grows from cut leaf.
  • This plant does not require much maintenance.
  • They can survive low light and have few insect problem.
  • They rot very easily hence a free draining soil should be used.
  • Keep it in indirect sunlight and do not water it regularly, especially during winters.

Benefits of Snake plant in your bedroom

  • This plant is excellent air purifier as it filters the air indoor out of the toxins and emits oxygen during the night.
  • They help by cleaning air inside contain toxins such as formaldehyde, benzene.
  • There are not many plant which can do all these functions in one.

Bamboo palm

One more plant from the palm group is the indoor bamboo palm. It appears attractive with greenery and it is a low maintenance plant. It gives an appeal to the room.

Caring for Bamboo palm:

  • Bamboo Palm grows only 4 and 12feet.
  • while getting it make sure it has healthy and dark green leaves to make it grow easily.
  • This plant can grow even in low light area but it grows large if it gets bright light.
  • Simple way to water it is to do it evenly so that all the soil is moist and do not over water. When the soil feels dry only then you need to water it.

Benefits of Bamboo Palm in your bedroom:

  • Bamboo Palm improves the air quality indoors
  • It gives a tropical like look to your bedroom
  • NASA has certified this plant as one which fights air pollution.
  • It removes the harmful toxins such as benzene and trichloroethylene

Spider Plant

Spider plants scientific name is chlorophytum comosum.  It is an excellent addition to the bedroom as it purifies the air you breathe and beautify the surrounding thus assisting you to have a good sleep.

Caring for spider plant

  • This is the easiest growing houseplant.
  • It requires very less care and pretty tough plant that can tolerate
  • It doesn’t need bright sunlight but must have a well drained soil
  • Spider plants wish for less watering and prefer to dry out or else their roots rot.

Benefits of spider plant in bedroom

  • This plant is high rewarding and low maintenance indoor plant.
  • It produces oxygen while purifying the air indoor.
  • It absorbs carbon monoxide, formaldehyde and xylene which are proven to cause headache and brain fog.
  • When this plant is suspended in a hanging pot it appears great.

Areca palm

Areca palm is the easy growing palm tree indoors. It looks like a miniature version of the palm tree.

Caring for Areca palm

  • Areca Palm grows well in bright, indirect light.
  • They require proper watering during spring and summer so that the soil doesn’t dry up
  • During autumn and winter just allow it to dry in between watering

Benefits of Areca palm in your bedroom

  • This plant is top on the list of air purifying plants as it is an excellent natural air purifier.
  • It is even a good humidifier during winter.
  • It works equal to any electric humidifier that we use to keep the room warm during dry winter times.
  • It purifies the air from pollutants so that you stay away from airborne pollutants that cause disease while you sleep.

 Boston fern

Boston fern is also one of those plants which works wonders as an air purifier inside the house. But one has to keep misting and water it regularly to prevent it from dropping its leaves when placed in your bedroom to retain its greenery.

Caring for Boston fern

  • Boston ferns prefer indirect sunlight, some shady area would be good.
  • They prefer soil around them to be humid most of the time.
  • When placing Boston fern indoor try to retain temperature and moisture level consistent as they prefer lots of humidity and temperature around 70degree F.
  • Boston Ferns are vulnerable to root rot, make sure the plant is potted with clear drain holes to remove excess water out.

Benefits of Boston fern in bedroom

  • Boston fern eliminates xylene and toluene from the indoor air.
  • A study published in 2011 says that, these ferns have the highest proficiency to remove formaldehyde from the atmosphere” compared to any other plants tested.
  • These ferns are non-toxic.

Chinese evergreen

Chinese evergreen is a plant which is very tolerant and difficult to destroy even if it is neglected. This plant is very popular indoor plant not just because it is easy to look after but also for the reason that it is available in many varieties.

Caring for Chinese Evergreen plant

  • This plant can withstand no water, no light and low level of humidity
  • Although this plant can resist harsh condition better to keep it in indirect sunlight below 60degree f.
  • It grows well when given moderate water and have proper draining
  • But be careful as it may be toxic to dogs, cats and even people.

Benefits of Chinese Evergreen plant in bedroom

  • It cleans the air around you and hence an excellent plant for your bedroom or any room in your home.
  • This plant is effective at removing air pollutants and toxins that can cause several diseases and damage your respiratory system.

You would like to know about more plants to improve air quality
✅ Also these plants are best suitable for a cheery bathroom.

Weeping fig

Weeping fig plant is also known as ficus plant genus can grow well even in poor conditions and easy to look after. Its scientific name is Ficus Benjamina, its natural habitat is rainforest.

Caring for Weeping Fig plant

  • It like to be in bright light and partially shady area. A place that gets few hours of sunlight and enough of shade would be great for the plant.
  • Water only when the soil feels dry as over or under watering can cause the leaf to drop.
  • Less water during winter and mist the leaves during summer
  • It is poisonous for pets as in dogs and cats.

Benefits of Weeping fig in bedroom

  • Its ability to freshen the air out of unsafe toxins and its graceful growth makes it the best indoor plant for your bedroom or any part of your house.
  • Large plants look great standing at a corner or on the patio.
  • This plant is good at removing xylene, toluene and formaldehyde from the inside air.

Purple waffle plant

Purple waffle plant is on the list of super ornamental plant as per the research revealed by university of Georgia. The scientific name of the plant is Hemigraphis alternata.

Caring for Purple waffle plant

  • It grow well in sunny indirect sunlight indoor or limited shade outdoors.
  • Two main ingredients for this plant to survive are warm temperature and consistent watering.
  • Purple waffle plant is non-toxic to dogs, cats and even humans.

Purple waffle plant

Benefits of Purple waffle plant in bedroom

  • This plant not only sanitises the air inside but also its vegetation gives an aesthetic appeal to your bedroom.
  • It is certainly good enough for your eyes and helps you to get a stress free sleep.
  • Certain research conducted have proven that this plant can remove highest rate of volatile organic compounds, or VOCs [including benzene, hexane, octane, xylene, decane, heptane, trichloroethylene (TCE), and methylene chloride], that is present in the air we breathe indoor.

Dracaena Marginata

Dracaena Marginata plant is among the many plant species in the list of air-purifying plants of NASA. It is very well-known indoor plant formerly from East Africa. Its leaves are dark green with slight reddish edge. It is common name is dragon tree.

Caring for Dracaena Marginata

  • This plant is easiest to grow and needs no extra care.
  • Some morning sunlight is enough for it. It flourishes well even in bright, indirect light and its elongated lean leaves preserve their colour in less sunlight too.
  • Water the plant only when the upper surface of the soil is dry. Water only the soil not the leaves.
  • Remove discoloured leaves to keep it healthy and mist the foliage to clean the dust settled on it.

Benefits of Dracaena Marginata in bedroom

  • This plant is perfect for smokers in their bedroom as it can suck particles of smoke from the bedroom air that cause health issues.
  • Make sure to place this plant in bedroom to cleanse the air out of polluting toxins such as benzene, formaldehyde, xylene, toluene, trichloroethylene and carbon-dioxide.
  • Dracaena is one of the most effective air purifying plant for indoors.

These are just few of the indoor plant that we have listed for bedroom. Apart from these there are many plants which you can choose according to area, required care the plant need and atmosphere they need to grow. Choose carefully when you buy them.

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