Best toys for 4 years old in India 2023 (best gifts for your four year old)

Looking for best toys for 4 year old in India? Here is a list of toys that you can for your four year old. We have covered best educational toys, pretend play toys, musical toys and much more

Parenting is a continuous cycle of learning and, at times, unlearning. There is no “one shoe fits all” rule here. What may deem fruitful to one may not be of any use to some. Thus, we evolve: learning from our experiences, our mistakes, and taking cues from others as well. Tending a toddler can be taxing at times, and if you happen to parent a four year- ever -inquisitive child, you are sure to be on an uphill journey.

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✅ Best toys for 4 years old 2023

Kids at this age are full of questions. They are observant and quick learner. They are ready (in most cases) to take a step ahead in learning new things which is a welcome change, at least for me. It is a little easier to keep them busy with themselves and include games and toys where the grownups can enjoy too.

Toys, as we know, must be good at developing some or the other skills in a child. Following is a list of some good toys for children of this age.


We can consider buying six-pieces puzzles for our four -years-old kids.

  • Challenges the kid’s mind and improves the thinking 
  • Better visualization
  • Improved concentration
  • Better problem- solving 

There are multiple types of puzzles in the market – I personally like these 2 brands – Frank puzzles (Click here to see) and Creative education puzzles for 4 year olds

You can also buy theme based puzzles based on what you are trying to teach to your child. You can click on any of the images below to explore.

Tetris Puzzle for Kids


You can always go for blocks as they are really good for children’s development.

  • Develops motor skills
  • Improves creativity
  • Teaches self-reliance
  • Improves focus and hand-to-eye coordination

You can check out any of the options below. We personally used these Mega blocks till my child was 6 years and got these foam based blocks .

We also used these wooden ones to make 3D models.

Spelling  Games

Kids at this age are ready to take a step ahead. It is a great time to introduce the spelling game to them.

Drawing Kits

Kids of any age need no reason to explore their creativity. They can never have enough colors and paints.

  • Boosts imagination
  • Makes them happy and confident
  • Strengthens hands muscles 
  • Improves motor skills
  • Learns about colors and their names

I personally loved these colours as they work very smooth.

Fun Fish catching game for kids

There are innumerable open-ended fun toys available that can be bought keeping in mind your kid’s interests. We loved this fish catching game and had got from Hamleys

Fun magnetic shape game for kids

You can also consider these fun magnetic shape games for kids

Stacking game for kids

Kids love playing with these wooden tumbling tower blocks. So you can definitely invest in this one. We also use it as dominoes.


There is no definite age to introduce the kids to the fantastic world of books.

  • Reading boosts a child’s imagination
  • Develop social and communication skills
  • Arises curiosity in kids
  • Improves concentration
  • Hones their know-how
  • Improves vocabulary and language skills
  • The child learns to enjoy his own company

At 4 years you can for Julia donaldson books for kids (We have reviewed Popular Julia Donaldson books here) Or you can go for Panchtantra stories

If your child enjoys Peppa pig – go for peppa big story books

I personally love Pepper books – I think they have helped my child a lot. Check them out here

Musical Instrument toys for kids

Music is a boon for kids as it :

  • Develops auditory senses
  • Opens new ways of keeping busy
  • Makes the child creative
  • Boosts concentration

So you can go for any of the musical instruments toys for kids

You can also go for drum sets for kids

Tab/boards – Erasable writing boards for kids

In case if you are interested there are a variety of tabs and erasable boards available in the market for kids to choose from. You can go for a table top version easel or a full easel as well

I personally have been using this easel

Best Role play or pretend play toys for kids

 Kids love to role play as it gives wings to their fantasies and it brings to life their make-believe world.

  • The kids learn about the world around them
  • Builds confidence in them
  • Enhances their creativity 
  • Teaches them to solve problems
  • Promotes physical development

We love below pretend play toys – You can click image to know more

Wooden Engineering Tool Set, Pretend Play Building Set Tool Set Fix It Learning Educational Construction Toy

Kitchen playset, with realistic lights & sounds,play sink with running water,dessert shelf toy & kitchen accessories for 4 year old girls

Sweet Shopping Battery Operated Ice Cream Trolley Pretend Roll Plastic Play Set with 360 ° Rotation, LED,Music Learning & Educational Toy for Kids 

M.B.B.S Doctor Medical Set ,18 Piece Non Toxic ,Fun Role Play Games for 3 yr Old Kids+

Physical Development Toys

Physical growth is of utmost importance in kids. Toys and gears  like cycles, swings, cricket set, badminton, football, hopscotch, etc. not only promotes physical development but also:

  •  Develops Motor skills
  •  Fosters Team spirit
  • Builds confidence
  • Learn new skills
  • Develops concentration and stamina

Hopping Ball Inflatable Bouncer Hop Ball with Handles for Boys Girls 

Wooden Ladder for Kids for Physical Activity

Toy Slide for Kids at Home and School

Table Tennis Trainer Indoor Outdoor Adults/ Teenagers/ Kids

Reflex soccer play set for kids

Tunnel playhouse ball pool ball pit tent summer indoor outdoor play fun toy

Liked this gift guide for 4 year olds

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