10 Best Baby Feeding Essentials For Starting Solids 2023

Congratulations!! Your baby has reached yet another milestone. As you prepare your baby for solid foods, you will wonder what are the essential items or what items will help you smoothen this transition, in this article we have put together the Top 10 baby feeding essentials for starting solids.

Starting solids for your baby is an exciting phase, as your baby is slowly exposed to different foods and textures, you get to see what your baby prefers and what he/she does not. Also, your baby’s dependence on you for breastmilk reduces a bit.

Top 10 Baby Feeding Essentials When Starting Solid Food 2022

The below list will help you smoothen this transition for your baby, also it will make preparing and serving the baby food easier for you.

High Chair or Booster Chair- Best Thing to buy While Starting Solid Food

One of my best investments was a high chair. My baby eats well, without fuss and I give partial credit to my baby’s highchair.

You should get a high chair for your baby when they sit unassisted and can hold his/her neck, this is usually at 5-7 months. You must start solids only after 6 months or if you wish to start before 6 months, do it only after consulting your pediatrician.

Check out this article to check all about the Best Booster seats for babies

You will find this article on Best High-Chairs for babies also useful.

You must check this convertible booster-Highchair by LuvLap This 4 in 1 Convertible – Can be used as a high chair, low chair, booster seat on a chair & Low seating on the floor

Easy To Clean Bibs- Most Important Feeding Essential

There are different kinds of bibs available in the market. Babies make a lot of mess, so as parents we must be prepared to handle it. A few good bibs can make your job easier.

If your baby creates a lot of mess while eating you must check this Bib>>> Bib for Messy eaters <<<

Baby Food Maker- Best Mixer/Blender for making baby food

Making baby food is an art of a different sort. You need to master the quantity, as your baby will need only very little at a time. This Mixer Blender is perfect for making baby food. Preparing baby food can become fairly easy with baby food makers or blenders, you just need to know the right quantity. If you are following baby-led weaning then you can simply introduce finger foods to your baby ensuring they are the right size and texture for the baby to hold and put in her mouth.

Pressure cooker or Instant pot- Best Kitchen Equipment For Healthy Cooking

Pressure Cookers make your job easy and quick, a small pressure cooker, preferably 1-1.5 liter is ideal for baby food like khichdi, boiling apples, etc. Check this bestselling pressure cooker for making baby food.

Steriliser- Essential For Baby’s Health and Hygiene

A sterliser is a good investment for you baby’s health and hygiene. 99.9% of all harmful germs are killed without chemicals, complete natural steam sterilisation.

Small Cast Iron Pans

Food cooked in Iron pans and kadhais is iron-rich and very good for health. Check out this Cast Iron kadhai to prepare wholesome meals for your baby.

Unlike non-stick and other pots cast Iron is very healthy. Cast Iron requires very less oil to cook. Your baby deserves tasty and healthy food every day.

Baby Bowls, Spoons, and Plates

The market is flooded with China Cheapy plastic plates, bowls, and cutlery. Always buy non-toxic, BPA, lead, and phthalate-free material for your baby. There are good quality bamboo plates, and cutlery available for children.

Sippy Cups/ Straw Cups

Most pediatricians and pedodontists recommend that you wean your baby from the bottle (of breastmilk or formula) and switch to a toddler cup at approximately 1 to 2 years old. This helps in getting their face muscles, tongue, and soft palate to get exercised, all of these are connected to speech and feeding. We did not use bottles at all as my child was exclusively breastfed. However, at 6 months mark, when we came to introduce cups, we directly introduced a straw cup, and soon after that a munchkin Miracle cup.

Choosing the right cup for your baby can get overwhelming, you can try a few different types to see what suits your baby best. For every different type of cup, your baby will require to use their tongue and mouth differently than when they use while drinking from a nippled bottle.

Splat Mat or Splash Mats – Best For Keeping The Mess Away

A Splat Mat is a waterproof sheet and is easily washable. It is used to collect food dropped by babies and toddlers while eating.

Cleaning Supplies- Best Cleaning Supplies for Baby Stuff

Feeding babies is no child play. After all these accessories and gadgets you also need to clean up the mess, you will need burp cloths, wet wipes, tissue rolls, etc.

Hope you liked this article and found it helpful, if there is anything that we missed in our list, we would be happy to know it through comments.

Happy Feeding!!

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