Check out this easy Christmas tree paper plate craft. Easy to set up and fun kids crafts loved by kids of all ages. Perfect for busy moms like me 

With not even a month left for Christmas to come, I feel it’s almost time we get engaged with our kids in Christmas craft. So I am sharing with you an easy Christmas craft you can do with your 2 – 3 year old child with supplies easily available on your home

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Materials Needed to make Paper Plate Christmas Tree

1. A paper plate
2. Green poster paint
3. A brush for painting
4. An ice-cream stick
5. Stickers of a star or of your choice for decoration
6. Glue for sticking


Christmas tree with paper plate

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How to make Christmas tree with Paper plate – Easy paper plate Christmas craft

1. Start by painting your paper plate green. Let it dry completely.

Christmas tree with paper plate

2. When your paper plate is dry, cut it into three parts , where one of the section a bit smaller.

Christmas tree with paper plate

Christmas tree with paper plate

3. Arrange the parts one above the another with help of glue ( with the smallest one on top, you have a Christmas Tree shape.)

Christmas tree with paper plate

Christmas tree with paper plate

4. Stick the ice cream stick behind with help of glue and let it dry

Christmas tree with paper plate

5. Decorate it with your choice of stickers or pom-poms or glitter just the way you like 🙂

Christmas tree with paper plate

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