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Space themed Printable Worksheets for Preschool, Pre-K and Kindergarten

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Learning about space was never so much fun with our fun and engaging space themed worksheets printables bundle which focuses on prewriting, early literacy, math skills, coloring pages, logical reasoning, science skills, brain-stimulating activities, templates, and many more organized and well thought of activities to develop age-appropriate skills.

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Use these fun and no prep space-themed worksheets for preschool, toddler, pre-k, kindergarten, and first graders to create your own toddler printable busy book or file folder game.  This Space learning binder can be used by homeschooling moms or as a supplementary resource for parents.

Download now and Get instant access to the Ultimate space-themed worksheets printables bundle, a complete organized pack to develop age-appropriate skills. These can be used for space-themed classroom setup, space-themed preschool circle time, or for homeschooling and creating your own scape-themed learning binder.

Original price was: ₹499.00.Current price is: ₹99.00.


If your kid is an outer space enthusiast then this ultimate space-themed printables pack is for you. This pack amazing covers all early learning skills required for a preschooler.

The Ultimate Space themed Worksheet printables pdf pack includes:

  • Space themed Pre-writing tracing practice
  • Space themed tracing letters
  • Write the missing letters
  • Upper and lower case letter match
  • Space themed initial sound match cut and paste
  • Tracing names of Space terms and Space themed word scramble activity for kid
  • Space themed crossword game and word search game for kids
  • Space themed early maths worksheets
  • Counting Space themed worksheet
  • Space themed color by number, Space themed dot to dot sheet and Space themed puzzle by number activities
  • Space themed themed addition mats
  • Space themed matching worksheets
  • Space themed Logical Reasoning worksheet for preschoolers
  • Space themed Color and Shape matching worksheets
  • Space themed cutting skills activity
  • Design your own Rocket cut and stick activity template
  • Space themed coloring worksheet
  • Space themed Flashcards Printable
  • Space themed Fact Cards printable
  • Label the Solar System worksheet
  • Phases of Moon Flashcards
  • Phases of Moon Oreo activity
  • Constellation Flashcards and activity cards

✅ Fun Space themed Pre-writing tracing practice:

These space-themed trace the line printables help the little ones to practice their prewriting skills to become to confident writers. Children trace the lines on the page, left to right.

SPACE Pre-writing tracing practice

✅ Colorful Alphabet Upper case and lower case matching game printable:

This would be a fun hands on uppercase and lowercase letters game printable. Children match the upper case letter to the correct lower case letter by cutting through the planets and matching them.

Space themed Upper and lower case letter match

✅ Initial sound identification of names of planets worksheets (Beginning sound match cut and paste fun game):

Match the initial letter of the names of the eight planets and complete the spelling.

space themed Write the missing BEGINNING letters

✅ Fun and engaging Space themed coloring worksheet:

Some really fun coloring pages with lots of space scenes.

SPACE coloring sHEETS

✅ Tracing names of Planets and Engaging Space themed word scramble activity for kids

Two pages of different types of planets names to trace and learn. Lots of jumbled words in this space themed alphabet puzzle related to solar system’s vocabulary to be solved for kids.

Tracing names & word scramble activity

✅ Brain stimulating Space themed crossword game and word search game for kids:

Every kid loves crossword games and its fun when the hints are cute little cliparts. Lots of words are introduced to strengthen the space vocabulary in this fun word search game.

Crossword & word search games

✅ Lovely Space themed early maths worksheets for little learners:

Lots of lovely space themed early maths activity sheets.

SPACE early maths worksheets

These early maths printables are low prep worksheets which can be downloaded, printed and put in to use immediately.

✅ Attractive Space themed Counting printable worksheets:

Space Counting cards for early maths practice. Space I spy sheet with lots of Space related objects to count and followed by a Space themed bar graph activity to introduce the concept of graphs.

Counting SPACE worksheet

✅ Space themed color by number and puzzle by number activities:

Little learners will color dinosaur pages by following color codes. Distribute plenty of crayons and markers for this coloring activity that asks students to identify numbers and fill in the matching colors in this prehistoric-themed dinosaur pictures. A brilliant Dinosaur Dot to Dot Colouring Pictures are great for maths lessons and art lessons.

SPACE color, trace & puzzle by numbers

Number Order Puzzles – This dinosaur theme resource contains 2 Puzzles. This fun and creative worksheet is perfect for kindergarten and the younger grades.

✅ Wonderful Dinosaur themed addition and subtraction mats for Kindergarten kids:

Adding and subtracting with Dinosaur theme line fun! Addition and subtraction within 10. 2 pages of addition practice, and 2 pages of subtraction practice.


✅ Fun and Easy Space matching worksheets and puzzles for preschool circle time

There are different types of matching activities. This activity is ideal for toddlers.

sPACE matching worksheets

✅ No Prep Space themed Logical Reasoning worksheet for preschoolers:

This logical reasoning sample activity set was created for preschoolers till 1st graders to practice using problem solving skills in a fun, engaging, and educational way.

SPACE Logical Reasoning worksheet

✅ Engaging and cute Space themed cut and paste activities worksheets:

Ideal for toddlers to match different shape and colors and learn their names.


✅ Space theme cutting skills activity:

Couple of pages to practice more of cutting skills.

SPACE cutting skills activity

✅ Fun hands on Space flashcards

Some dinosaurs have lost their tails and some their spikes. Use playdough to give their parts back and also work on you finger muscles.

SPACE themed Flashcards Printable

osaur flashcards will really capture your children’s imagination. The illustrations help these ancient reptiles come to life too; they’re a wonderful way to teach kids all about dinosaurs.

✅ Epic Space themed Fact Cards printable:

These  fact cards are wonderfully versatile and can be used to teach your children lots of fascinating information about space.

space themed Fact Cards printable

✅ Learning about constellation worksheet:

This is a great addition to any Space themed unit. LEARNING ABOUT CONSTELLATIONS

✅ Label the Solar system worksheet:

Use this  worksheet to get your children labelling planets of solar system.

Label the solar system worksheet

✅ Fun and easy – Learning about phases of moon worksheets for preschoolers


A great set of resources to support the teaching of dinosaurs!

For more Fun Worksheet Printables click here.

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  1. Taksh

    Really love this learning set! It’s a staple in our homeschooling fun! The content quality is great.

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  2. Akash

    Perfect. Very happy with the purchase. Love the design. Thank you

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  3. Nayana

    Superb Learning Resource!

    We’re absolutely delighted with the space-themed printable worksheets for preschool!

    Engaging and educational.
    Diverse activities maintain kids’ interest.
    Boosts confidence and curiosity.
    Ideal for both parents and educators.

    An essential tool for young learners. Get them today and ignite your child’s fascination with space!

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  4. Savitha

    Packed with information and scientific facts. Great way to learn all about the solar system in a fun and entertaining way.

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  5. Prabhavathi

    wonderful world of space and planets A perfect book at best price

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  6. Simrin

    WOW!! These are INCREDIBLY BEAUTIFUL!!! We do NOT want to put them down!!! These are some of the Best educational Cards you will ever put your eyes & hands on and I’m so grateful to have found this faith based shop!Thank You & we look forward to making future purchases from your shop!!!

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  7. Parvathi

    Beautifully done. Love these set! myself learnt many things from this. thank you.

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    Space themed Printable Worksheets for Preschool, Pre-K and Kindergarten
    Space themed Printable Worksheets for Preschool, Pre-K and Kindergarten

    Original price was: ₹499.00.Current price is: ₹99.00.

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