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Digraph ‘wh/ph’ words worksheets for Kindergarten & First grade 1

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Digraph “wh/ph” Word Family Unit activities and worksheets for ALL level learners.

Fuel your child’s love for reading with our ‘wh/ph’ Word Family Worksheets Set! 🚀 Dive into a world of vibrant activities that make phonics fun and engaging. From rainbow tracing to creative storytelling, these worksheets are the key to unlocking a lifelong passion for words. Download now and turn learning into an adventure!

We also have other individual word families available here.

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💡 Why Choose Our Worksheets? 💡

  • Expertly Crafted: Our materials are designed by experienced educators who understand how children learn best.
  • Printable: Download and print these worksheets from the comfort of your home, as many times as you need.
  • Affordable: Quality learning tools need not break the bank. We offer exceptional value.

Don’t let your child miss out on the joy of reading. Invest in their future today with our “wh/ph” Words Worksheets! Your child’s literacy adventure begins now. 🚀

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🌟 Unlock the Magic of Reading – One “wh/ph” Word at a Time! 🌟

Original price was: ₹299.00.Current price is: ₹99.00.


Transform your child’s reading journey with our ‘wh/ph’ Word Family Worksheets Set – the ultimate toolkit for phonics mastery. Crafted for Kindergarten & First Grade, these worksheets are not just educational; they’re a gateway to a world of interactive and enjoyable learning.


🌟 Unlock the Magic of Reading with “wh/ph” Words Worksheets! 📚

Are you ready to embark on an exciting journey into the world of literacy with your young learners? Look no further! Our “wh/ph” Words Worksheets for Kindergarten and First Grade are the perfect tools to ignite their love for reading while building a strong foundation in phonics.

Activities Included:

🔤 Digraph ‘wh/ph’ Word Family List Mats: Organize and conquer! Start the learning journey with organized word family lists, providing a structured foundation for ‘wh/ph’ words.

🖼️ Match Pictures with ‘wh/ph’ Words: Connect visuals with words! Enhance recognition skills by matching pictures with corresponding ‘wh/ph’ words, creating a vibrant learning experience.

🌈 ‘wh/ph’ Words Rainbow Tracing: Add a splash of color to tracing! Rainbow tracing turns ‘wh/ph’ words into a vivid adventure, making it both enjoyable and memorable.

✂️ Cut and Match Pictures with ‘wh/ph’ Words or Use as Flashcards: Hands-on learning at its best! Foster engagement with cut-and-match activities and use them as versatile flashcards for continuous reinforcement.

🔄 Circle the Correct Word: Sharpen decision-making skills! Circle the correct ‘wh/ph’ word to reinforce understanding and recognition, transforming learning into an interactive game.

🔍 Understand Initial Sounds: Dive into the world of sounds! Understand initial sounds, laying the groundwork for phonetic awareness and effective reading skills.

🔊 Missing Initial Sounds: Challenge auditory skills! Identify missing initial sounds for a nuanced approach to phonics, fostering a keen ear for language nuances.

✂️ Cut and Match ‘wh/ph’ Word Images: Enhance word recognition! Foster fine motor skills with cut-and-match images, adding a creative touch to the learning process.

📝 ‘wh/ph’ Words Read Trace Writing Fun: A multisensory approach to writing! Read, trace, and write ‘wh/ph’ words for an immersive and enjoyable writing experience.

🔎 Find & Circle the ‘wh/ph’ Words: Transform learning into a search-and-find adventure! Circle ‘wh/ph’ words to combine the thrill of discovery with effective word family reinforcement.

🎨 Draw Pictures: Unleash creativity! Drawing pictures related to ‘wh/ph’ word families provides a fantastic way for children to visually express their understanding.

🧩 Puzzles: Engage in problem-solving! ‘wh/ph’ word family puzzles add an element of challenge and fun, making learning an interactive and exciting experience.

🗂️ ‘wh/ph’ Word Family Sorting: Develop categorization skills! Word family sorting enhances organization and cognitive abilities, making learning structured and enjoyable.

💭 Brainstorm and Write ‘wh/ph’ Family Words: Encourage critical thinking! Brainstorming and writing ‘wh/ph’ family words actively engages children in the learning process.

🎲 Roll & Read ‘wh/ph’ Word Family Game: Turn learning into a game! The roll-and-read activity adds an element of play while reinforcing ‘wh/ph’ word family concepts.

🖍️ Colouring Fun: Transform learning into an artistic adventure! Colouring activities offer a delightful way for children to express themselves while reinforcing ‘wh/ph’ word families.

📷 ‘wh/ph’ Words for Kindergarten with Pictures: Bridge language and imagery! Words for kindergarten with pictures facilitate a holistic understanding of ‘wh/ph’ words, creating a seamless learning experience.

🔍 ‘wh/ph’ Word Search Game: Dive into the excitement of word search games! This activity combines the thrill of a game with effective word family reinforcement.

🔠 ‘wh/ph’ Family Word Scramble: Infuse an element of challenge! Word scrambles enhance problem-solving skills, making learning ‘wh/ph’ words dynamic and enjoyable.

📜 ‘wh/ph’ Word Family Sentences: Progress to sentence formation! ‘wh/ph’ word family sentences encourage the practical application of learned concepts in language use.

📇 Make Sentences: Word Cards: Craft sentences interactively! Making sentences using word cards bridges individual words to sentence formation, fostering comprehensive language skills.

📝 Complete the Sentences with ‘wh/ph’ Family Words and Pics: Boost reading comprehension! Completing sentences with ‘wh/ph’ family words and pictures reinforces contextual understanding, making learning meaningful.

📖 ‘wh/ph’ Word Family Stories: Immerse in storytelling! ‘wh/ph’ word family stories not only reinforce word families but also kindle a love for narratives, making learning an enjoyable journey.

🎡 ‘wh/ph’ Family Word Wheel Spinner Game: Add an element of chance and excitement! Word wheel spinners turn learning into an engaging game, keeping children enthusiastic about ‘wh/ph’ word families.

🎢 ‘wh/ph’ Family Word Slider: Create a dynamic learning experience! Word sliders add a hands-on and interactive element to the exploration of ‘wh/ph’ word families, making learning both enjoyable and effective.

Incorporating these activities ensures that every facet of your child’s learning journey is covered. From fine motor skills to cognitive development, from phonics mastery to creativity, our ‘wh/ph’ Word Family Worksheets are the complete package. Make learning an adventure your child will never want to end

🌈 Colorful and Captivating 🌈 These worksheets are an absolute feast for the eyes! Vibrant colors, adorable illustrations, and engaging activities await your little ones. With each page, they’ll dive into a world of exploration, as they learn to decode these tricky “wh/ph” words.

🤩 Hands-On Learning at Its Best 🤩 We understand that young minds thrive on interaction. That’s why our worksheets are carefully crafted to be interactive and hands-on. From tracing and coloring to matching and fill-in-the-blanks, these activities keep your child engaged while reinforcing their understanding of these challenging phonics sounds.

📈 Progressive Learning 📈 Whether your child is just starting their reading journey in Kindergarten or is well on their way in First Grade, our worksheets are designed to cater to all levels. They start with simple words and gradually progress to more complex ones, ensuring that your child’s skills develop at a pace that suits them perfectly.

👨‍👩‍👦 Fun for the Whole Family 👨‍👩‍👦 Learning becomes a delightful family affair with these worksheets. You’ll be amazed at how these engaging activities spark conversations and curiosity around words at home. Plus, what better way to spend quality time than guiding your child through the magic of reading?

🌟 Unlock the Magic of Reading with “wh/ph” Words Worksheets! 📚

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⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “Engagement on Another Level! 🎨🧩” – Ryan “These worksheets go beyond the usual. The variety of activities, from puzzles to sorting and drawing, has taken my child’s engagement to new heights. Learning ‘wh/ph’ words is no longer a chore; it’s an adventure filled with hands-on activities that challenge and entertain. Kudos to the creators for making learning so interactive!”

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “Versatile and Educational Flashcards! 👏🔤” – Jessica “The cut-and-match activities not only serve as fantastic flashcards but also add a layer of versatility to learning. My child enjoys the hands-on experience, and I love how seamlessly it fits into our daily routine. It’s not just about learning words; it’s about making them unforgettable!”

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “Building Strong Foundations! 🏰📚” – Emily “As a mom, I’ve always emphasized the importance of building strong foundations. These worksheets do just that. From understanding initial sounds to forming sentences, each activity contributes to a robust learning experience. I can see the progress in my child’s confidence, and that, for me, is the ultimate win!”

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “A Whirlwind of Creativity and Learning! 🌪️🎓” – Alex “The blend of creativity and learning in these worksheets is truly commendable. The draw pictures and word family stories activities have become a whirlwind of imagination and skill development. My child is not just learning ‘wh/ph’ words; they’re creating stories and unlocking a world of possibilities. Highly recommended for every mom looking for an enriching learning journey!”


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  1. Raju

    I’m so excited about using this with my young daughter! Perfect for beginners, we love it!!

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  2. Avinash

    Very colorful worksheet.. multiple ways have been included in this worksheet to make the kid to learn the words.

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  3. Victor

    my daughter loves this worksheet set.

    These kindergarten and first-grade worksheets for ‘wh/ph’ words have been an absolute game-changer for our child’s reading journey. Here’s why we’re raving about them:
    Effective Learning: These worksheets make mastering ‘wh/ph’ words a breeze, with interactive activities that engage young minds.
    Strong Foundation: They’re the perfect tool for building a solid literacy foundation, which is crucial for early readers.
    Confidence Booster: Watching our child confidently decode ‘wh/ph’ words has been truly rewarding.
    Ideal for Parents and Teachers: Whether you’re a parent or educator, these worksheets are a valuable resource for teaching digraphs.
    Fun Learning: Learning becomes an exciting adventure with these worksheets, making them a hit in our home.

    Invest in these ‘wh/ph’ words worksheets and unlock the door to confident reading for your child. They’ve been a fantastic addition to our educational toolkit!

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  4. Chandrashekar

    i loved Reading comprehension section from this worksheet since these are short stories which engages my son. awesome

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  5. Rama

    for multiple use have laminated these worksheet which is helping me to use multiple times. best content.

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  6. Rita

    this worksheet is helping my son to learn spellings along with phonic. thank you SOE.

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  7. Kalavathi

    My 4 year son loves to do Read & Highlight from this worksheet.

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    Digraph ‘wh/ph’ words worksheets for Kindergarten & First grade 1
    Digraph ‘wh/ph’ words worksheets for Kindergarten & First grade 1

    Original price was: ₹299.00.Current price is: ₹99.00.

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