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CVC eg word family worksheets pdf – Learn phonics


This CVC ‘eg’ word family pack contains fun interactive activities and worksheets for the “eg” word family. It has worksheets, sliders, word wheels, and flashcards for teaching about words that end with the -eg. These printable worksheets help children practice their spelling skills by matching words with pictures. Kids love these printable worksheets because they’re fun and easy to do.

Use them as a way to teach your child about CVC ‘eg’ family words.

We also have other individual Phonics word families available here. Your child will be able to read and write much better after practicing on these printable worksheets.




CVC “eg” word Family worksheets pdf (eg word family words with pictures printable worksheets) for Kindergarten kids

Phonics CVC Word Families are words that have the same ending letters making them rhyme. Teach your child to read by exposing them to word families. This exposure helps build phonological awareness and can be lots of fun!

If you are looking to improve your child’s spelling ability, using word family worksheets can be a big help. By focusing on words that share a common root, your child can learn the spelling patterns more easily and quickly. This can be a big help in both school and in everyday life. Download these printable worksheets and make learning phonics fun!

CVC “eg” word Family worksheets pdf

This “eg” word family set includes the following worksheets:

Activities included

– CVC ‘eg’ word family list mats

– Match pictures with ‘eg’ words

– ‘eg’ words Rainbow Tracing

– Cut and Match pictures with ‘eg’ words or use as flashcards

– Circle the correct word

– Understand initial sounds

– Missing initial sounds

– Cut and Match ‘eg’ word images

– ‘eg’ words read trace writing fun

– Find & Circle the ‘eg’ words

– Draw Pictures

– Puzzles

– ‘eg’ Word family sorting

– Brainstorm and write ‘eg’ family words

– Roll & Read ‘eg’ word family game

– Colouring Fun

– ‘eg’ words for kindergarten with pictures

– ‘eg’ Word Search game

– ‘eg’ family word scramble

– ‘eg’ word family sentences

– Make sentences: word cards

– Complete the sentences with ‘eg’ family words and pics

– ‘eg’ word family stories

– ‘eg’ word family word wheel spinner game

– ‘eg’ family word slider

Perfect for preschool and kindergarten-aged children as part of your preschool or homeschool curriculum! Recommended to laminate and add Velcro dots for durability and reusability.

We also have other individual word families available here.

Wondering how to teach Phonics CVC words to kids?? You might like to read How to Teach Phonics to Kids (Step by Step Instructions for Parents)  and How to teach CVC words to kids – fun ways that really works

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For printing on 8.5” x 11” paper. Highly recommended to print on heavy cardstock and laminate for reusability and durability. You may also use Velcro dots or small magnets to assemble.

FAQ’s- If you are in India – You can go for this printer , this laminator and these Velcro dots.

If you are outside India, Check out the amazing handpicked list of supplies by clicking here (This is a list of items moms usually buy to plan activities at home)

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  1. Darshan

    We love this product! It started helping our little sound out words the night we got it!

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  2. Siddhi

    the best section in this worksheet is coloring is fun children can learn words while coloring. am including this in my class too. thank you.

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  3. Manya

    I love the way the worksheet was organized. It has made a positive impact on my teaching,

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  4. Siri

    I feel this was a Great Buy! looking forward to buy more as content is very good. thank you guys for bring this

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  5. Tanya

    This worksheet is great for those who are looking to begin doing word study in small groups. Highly recommended

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  6. Kavin

    Very handy to for homeschooling. loving it. thank you.

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  7. Malini

    Word Search Fun section is amazing way to introduce crosswords to these young minds. kudos

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    CVC eg word family worksheets pdf – Learn phonics
    CVC eg word family worksheets pdf – Learn phonics


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