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SOE Store Kids – Phonics (Level 1) PDF Downloadable Worksheets for kids 3.5 yrs above


Phonics (Level1) Worksheets for teaching and practicing letter sound recognition with kids

This PDF downloadable worksheets set focuses on recognition of letter sound of each alphabet . The set is designed for  3.5 years and above kids to learn the recognition of letter sound of each alphabet and focuses on recognition of starting letter sound of objects.

The set has number of sheets, to practice the letter sound of alphabets. The set has 29 interesting activities, sheets have images which kids need to recognise and say it aloud and then recognise the starting letter sound of each image. Through these activities the set covers the letter sound of each alphabet.

Minimum age recommended is 3.5 years.

  • Activity Sheets
  • This set contains 29 activities with one cover page containing instructions thus set has 15 worksheets with 29 interesting activities to practice Phonics (Level 1)
  • Once you buy these, you will get the printed version of these worksheets and you can play with them with your kids.

Activities in this set are :

  • Identify the object and recognise the starting letter sound
  • Match the pictures of same starting letter sound
  • Identify the picture and write the starting letter sound
  • Match the picture with the starting letter sound
  • Find the odd image in the given row ( image which is not starting from the given letter)

This is a comprehensive set of some interesting activities to practice letter sound specially recognise the starting letter sound while having some fun. We have tried to keep the activities simple and entertaining so that kids can understand the concept easily.

How to make these worksheets reusable ?

Once you have printed these worksheets, you can laminate them using a laminator and laminating sheets and thus use them as many times you want :-).

We have personally used these brands of printer, laminating sheets and laminator to make worksheets reusable. Click here to see

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How to use these worksheets?

As soon as you get the set you can download print and start playing with your kid. There are activities to practice and understand the letter sound. Recognize the picture and say it aloud, and help your kid understand the letter sounds separately. If needed you can say the name slowly and break the word and let your kid understand what you are saying clearly.

Let your kid solve these using crayons or pencils or as per your kid’s choice.

To make learning more fun :

  • You can play some games around it. Collect small objects or toys of your kid. Name the objects and let your kid understand and recognize the starting letter sound of objects.
  • While talking or playing with your kid randomly you can say a word and ask your kid to recognize the starting letter sound.

Hope you and your kid will love to play with these worksheets.

Have fun together, you are doing great as a parent 🙂


In case you would like any worksheet to be customized or are looking for more worksheets on a particular subject. Please drop us a mail at sharingourexperiencesblog@gmail.com.


All sales are final and no refunds will be given once the order has been placed.

**Note – Please note that each child is unique, please start these when you think your kid is ready for these concepts and using worksheets. Worksheets are to be used for young kids for a very small duration, these concepts can also be taught in a variety of other ways.

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For printing on 8.5” x 11” paper. Highly recommended to print on heavy cardstock and laminate for reusability and durability. You may also use Velcro dots or small magnets to assemble.

FAQs – If you are in India – You can go for this printer, this laminator, and these Velcro dots. If you are outside India, Check out the amazing handpicked list of supplies by clicking here (This is a list of items moms usually buy to plan activities at home)


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SOE Store Kids  – Phonics (Level 1) PDF Downloadable Worksheets for kids 3.5 yrs above
SOE Store Kids – Phonics (Level 1) PDF Downloadable Worksheets for kids 3.5 yrs above


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