Why Babies Cry ?

To know why babies cry, it is necessary to understand what your baby wants to say by crying.

why do babies cry

It is not exaggerating to say that the human infant is the most remarkable life-form ever to draw breath on this planet. Small, vulnerable and wordless though the newborn may be, it is at the same time power-packed with astonishing potential.

Becoming a first time parent is a wonderful feeling. A new-born comes with intense joy, love, smiles and excitement. But it brings lots of questions in parent’s mind too. Why he is sleeping so long? Is he taking proper feed? Why he is crying? Why his body is so warm etc. Being a parent we should try to see the world from their (infants) point of view instead of ours. The more we can think like a baby, the greater our chance of becoming a good parent.

Infants can only express their feelings or problems through crying. As their speaking capability is still under development phase they are fully dependent on their parents. Through crying they are trying to say something and as parents its our responsibility to understand the reason behind it.

There are various misconceptions about a crying baby. For example he is crying because he is naughty and wants you to take him in your lap. And more importantly if you do so you are leading him in a wrong direction. One most common misconception is that crying strengthens the lungs.

It has been proved through various researches that parents who immediately take actions when their baby cries  leads to less fussy child on the other hand parents who do not care or do not take immediate actions leads to more fussy child.

To develop a healthy child-parent relationship it is very important to listen to your baby and take immediate actions.

Let’s find out why do babies cry?


This is a very important reason behind a crying baby. Give your child some milk. He will stop crying.


May be your baby has some gas issues. Take him in your lap and tap gently on his back.


May be your baby is not comfortable. May be he is feeling hot or cold. Take apt actions to make him comfortable.

Chest Pain

If there is irregular breathing, or some sort of voice is coming with each breath. Take your baby to the doctor immediately.

Ear Pain

If your baby is crying while moving his head. Take him to the doctor immediately.


Your baby may cry when he has fever. Take his temperature and take him to the doctor.

Feeling wet

May be your baby is feeling wet. Check his nappy or diaper and change it. Babies does not like dirty or wet nappy or diaper.

Feeling Alone

May be your baby needs your presence and touch. Naturally babies want their mother to be around and feel comfortable and happy in her lap. Take your child and sooth him.

Feeling Bored

Babies always want to be center of attraction and sometimes they want to be involved in every activity at home. So make him sit so he can see and listen to everything happening around him.

Hyper Stimulation

Sometimes babies cry because they are tired due to long-playing hours. We should play with babies when they are awake and active and their basic needs like – quite environment, sleep and hunger are fulfilled.  Be mindful of the small signals your baby shows of being tired. He will be unable to sleep and will get cranky is he is too tired to sleep.

As the time will pass you will start understanding why your baby is crying. Initially it is like trial and error. But one thing is sure the more you try to understand your babies’ world, the more you are ready to solve his problems, you will see that your baby has found the better ways to communicate to you, besides crying.

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