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Read on to understand What is StumbleUpon, how to use StumbleUpon. Frequently asked questions like how to set it up, How to get your website on Stumbleupon answered below. Great read for beginners to understand how does StumbleUpon work. A beginners guide to Stumble Upon

Things you need to know How to use stumble upon Beginners guide

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What is StumbleUpon (SU)

Stumbleupon is a social network and a discovery engine that helps you discover new content on the web based on your interests.

Usually its asked what type of website is stumbleupon? To understand consider this. Google tells you what you are looking for by letting you search for content via its search bar. Stumbleupon suggests you articles, web pages, photos and content that you may like based on your interests.

So every time you open StumbleUpon app or site you are presented with content (that are based on your interests). You can chose to like it (Thumbs up) or dislike it (Thumbs down) or add it to your list for easy reference later. So stumbleupon is a discovery engine.

Stumbleupon is also a social network as you can follow people and have followers. It is a medium to find and connect with other like minded people.

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How can I create an account on StumbleUpon

To create an account/profile on StumbleUpon follow the below instructions

  1. Visit
  2. Sign up by filling out the registration form.
  3. You can also register by using Connect with Facebook or connect with Google option If you do, stumbleupon will automatically create a username for you.

What is stumbleupon

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How to set user name and change your profile pic on Stumbleupon

After you login on the right hand side you will find an option of ‘Settings‘.

How to set up your profile on Stumbleupon

You can click on that and go to first tab ‘Profile‘ to set your user name and change profile pic on Stumbleupon

How to set up your profile pic and name in Stumbleupon

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How to connect with your existing friends on Twitter, Facebook and Google

After you login on the right hand side you will find an option of ‘Settings‘.

You can click on that and go to last tab ‘Connections‘ to connect your Facebook, Twitter and Google accounts to Stumbleupon profile

How to find your connections on stumble upon

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How to add or edit interests on Stumbleupon

After you login on the right hand side you will find an option of ‘Edit Interests‘.

How to set up your profile on Stumbleupon Click on edit interest to set up your interests. This is essential as your interests will decide what content you are shown by Stumbleupon.How to edit interests on Stumbleupon

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What can I do with StumbleUpon

With above steps done, you have set up your basic profile on SU. Now lets come to the next important part. How can you use StumbleUpon or How does StumbleUpon work.

StumbleUpon is mainly used for discovering content though it can also be used to drive traffic to your blog.

So first we will talk about – what can you do after your log in and you see new content.

After a content is displayed to you, you can like a content (Thumbs up sign) or dislike a content (Thumbs down sign) or add it to your list (Book marking). You will see all these options at the top. You can also use the share option to share the content with your followers.

The Stumble button at the left is for telling SU that help me discover more content. So if you press this the current article will get refreshed with another one .

How to use Stumble Upon 2

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How to get your website on StumbleUpon

To add your site on StumbleUpon. Log in to SU. On the right side you will see ‘My Profile‘ Click on My profile and you will see “Add a page“. Click on Add a page and add required details.

how to add a page on Stumbleupon

Add your website’s address, mention whether this website is safe for work (mainly does it have any content that could be objectionable). Do set up what is this page about and add tags. Click on save after you have filled all required information.

Your blog or site is submitted to StumbleUpon.

But I would suggest you not to submit your website links. If you do maintain a healthy ration of submitting other links more that yours otherwise SU may consider it a spam and block your account.

How to add my blog to Stumbeupon

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How to add StumbleUpon share button on your blog

I have come across two ways of adding StumbleUpon badge to site. I am going to talk about them one by one.

One, You can quickly grab it from StumbleUpon button page.

Two, to have StumbleUpon social sharing buttons , you can use plugins like Shareoholic and Sumo

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How to submit content to StumbleUpon

SU is all about discovering content. So if you like any content you can add a website to StumbleUpon by any of the below ways

Easy ways to submit website to StumbleUpon

  1. You can add a website in a way similar to “Add a page” option above
  2. Use StumbleUpon button available on the website.
  3. You can add a website to StumbleUpon by using ‘Like’ Thumbs up option in SU toolbar

If you are wondering what does a stumble symbol looks like, here we have highlighted it below.
Stumble Button on a website

Adding page on SU by using StumbleUpon sharing button

You can add a page to SU by clicking on StumbleUpon button/symbol on the site (as shown above).  When you do that, you will be presented with a pop up as below, please fill required details and submit.

How to submit a site to stumbleupon

Adding page on SU by using StumbleUpon toolbar

You can also submit content to SU by using StumbleUpon toolbar.
Check pic below to see how a SU toolbar looks like. We have added links later to specify how SU toolbar can be added to your browser.

how to add a website to stumble upon using tool bar

So to submit a site, click on ‘Stumble’ symbol (and not button) above and then click on ‘Like’ button

how to add a website to stumble upon using toolbar

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How can I download StumbleUpon toolbar

If you have not yet installed StumbleUpon toolbar, you can download them from links for Firefox and Chrome below

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  1. Great guide! I just started using SU last week (after a 5+ year break) and looking forward to re-engaging with it.

  2. I am so grateful for your post, I just started to use SU and am still learning how to use it. I have all I need to know now thanks to your post. Thanks so much for sharing

    • Thanks Marjie for making my day. It’s my pleasure entirely and I am so glad you liked this guide on stumble upon. Anytime if you have any questions feel free to connect with me..

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