Today let’s see how to crochet this cute topsy turvy cinderella doll.

Sometime last month, I made my first topsy turvy doll, which started off like a cupcake that transformed into a doll.

I then thought (oh, didn’t I think I am oh, so smart.. LOL!  😉 ) that I’d come up with this huge range of similar stuff. Starting with Cinderella in her cinders dress which when flipped over would be Cinderella in her ball gown.

So still in my blissful ignorance, and trying to create a Cinderella doll myself, I found a freebie pattern for a basic pattern, and worked off that to create *my genius idea* 😉 and halfway through my creation, lo behold, I find that there *are* patterns readily available And that too for exactly what I was making!!

So anyway, I made my creation with my own twists and tweaks, and now give you lots of ideas.. so let’s go ahead and create and spread smiles.

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Skill Level : Intermediate to Advanced

Materials used for this Topsy Turvy Cinderella Doll

For this creation, I used Indian Oswal Cashmilon acrylic, with a 3 mm crochet hook ;embroidery needle ; beads and other bling ; safety eyes 

Size : 7” tall ; 5” around the base.

Stitches used for this Topsy Turvy Cinderella Doll

Magic Circle– Learn or refresh your skill on How to Crochet Magic Circle

Single Crochet Back Loop Only – For this stitch, we work the regular sc,but instead of going through both loops, you only go through the back loop of each sc.

Single Backloop only –  Do take a look at this self explanatory videos on How to Crochet Single Backloop only (sc-blo)

Do take a look on this self explanatory video on

How to crochet with Beads

How to thread beads onto yarn

How to do the French Knot embroidery Stitch

Learn how to crochet topsy turvy conderella doll by going through this free crochet pattern

Click here for free step-by-step pattern and instructions

Enjoyed this ?? I sure did.. come back right here for more patterns.

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I’d also appreciate if you could credit this blog (and that of the original designer) when you complete your project. Thanks.

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Have a great day and see you soon.

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