How to convert these worksheets into Reusable worksheets

You can turn these printables into reusable worksheets by laminating them using Laminating sheets and laminator.

I use this Laminator and sheets as home and they work great

If you are not in India, check this most popular laminator

Also you may find below useful

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For older kids (more than 6 years) I loved this game

I would like to say once again – Doing worksheets is only a part of contributing to your child’s development. There are many other ways to contribute but most of all spend time together, do any kind of activities and talk.

I have shared worksheets and coloring sheets that I am using with my kid. But each child is different and so are their interests. So do not compare one child with another. The activities on our blog are based on what we moms are doing with our kids. So if need be take an inspiration and plan something based on what your kid likes.

How to use worksheets with kids

After taking printout, show a worksheet to your kid and ask him/her would you like to solve this with me today? If he/she shows interest then show him/her how these can be solved and then let them try on their own.

Otherwise sit with the worksheet for some time and try to solve it with interest. If that sparks interest and curiosity -Great ! Show them how it is done. But if your kid wants to run around or do something else, keep these worksheets aside and spend time together.

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