So Much To Learn !

So much to learn…

I have never felt so humiliated by anyone in my life till date but today by my own daughter.But instead of being sad I am happy because it opened n broadened my whole perspective about parenting.

So much to Learn from my daughter

I thought I was always a hands on mother giving the best to my kids, disciplining them, making them strong enough to face the world, teaching them good values, making them well educated….

But I suppose in the process I forgot one important thing n that is their identity. They are an individual in their own right n I was forgetting that important aspect of their lives. And this is what happened.

On one fine evening my daughter and I were walking and buying our daily grocery when suddenly she said mom can I eat golgappas today.Only my look was enough for her to realize what I wanted. And she said ok got it it’s not your mood to eat today n that’s why we cannot eat today.

And I felt that pinch that moment itself.

She is an individual with her own mind and needs and cravings. I as a mother cannot and should not suppress her identity .

What if I wanted to eat and someone said no.

That is when I decided as a parent I may have the privilege to bring up an individual and guide her but I don’t have the right to suppress or kill her desires and let her not enjoy the beauty of this wonderful world.

That day I learnt something more from my daughter.

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