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My First Learning pack ( Multiple Activities Set ) Worksheets for kids 2-3 yrs and above – My First Learning Pack (Cover page + 32 activities) # Printables # Worksheets

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My First Learning Pack for teaching and practicing some basic, yet important learning for small kids aged 2-3 yrs.

This set focuses on many matching activities (fruits, vegetables, things around us etc) and recognition of Capital Alphabets, Numbers (1-10), Shapes, Colours, pre writing activities, problem solving skills (picture sudoku activity, simple maze) etc. The set is designed for  2-3 years and above kids to learn the basic things which keep the foundation of future learning.

The set has number of sheets, which has many interesting activities which are designed in a way that attracts small learners and develops interest in them to play with worksheets and learn some basics.

This is a comprehensive set which covers many activities and help the kids learn new things. The colours and pictures we used in sheets are attractive enough to keep the kids occupied and entertained with activities.

Minimum age recommended is 2 years.

  • Printed Sheets
  • This set contains 32 activities with one cover page containing instructions. thus 16 worksheets with 32 interesting activities.
  • Once you buy these, you will get the printed version of these worksheets and you can play with them with your kids.

Activities in this set are :

  • Matching Activities
  • Find the Alphabets
  • Find the Numbers
  • Counting till 5
  • Find the differences
  • Find the same
  • Find the odd-one-out
  • Learn Shapes
  • Learn Colours
  • Recognise Birds
  • Recognise Flowers
  • Maze
  • Learn Directions
  • Learn Big-Small, Empty-Full, Long-Short,Tall-Short
  • Colouring

This is a comprehensive set of some interesting activities to practice many important skills while having some fun. We have tried to keep the activities simple and entertaining so that kids can understand the concept easily.

**Note – Please note that each child is unique, please start these when you think your kid is ready for these concepts and using worksheets. Worksheets are to be used for young kids for very small duration, these concepts can also be taught in a variety of other ways

How to use these worksheets ?

As soon as you get the set you can start playing with your kid. There are activities to practice many interesting topics. Our suggestion is go slow and let your kid learn with his own pace. Help your kid in learning and enjoying these activities.

Let your kid solve these using crayons or pencils or as per your kid’s choice.

To make the learning more fun :

  • You can take your kid along with you when you go to buy fruits and vegetables. Let your kid recognize and choose the fruits and vegetables on his/her own. You can do some vegetable or fruits themed colouring or craft activities.
  • For Colours, use coloured balls or blocks and you can play hide and seek game. Each time your kid finds a ball ask him to say it loud “I found a red ball” or ” I found a yellow ball.” You can play some sorting game that again a fun game around colours.
  • For recognition of birds, it is advisable to take your kids to park or zoo and show them real birds there. It would be easier for them to recognise the birds.
  • For recognition of flowers, we suggest grow plants in your balcony, garden, terrace etc. Let your kid learn how to take care of plants, how to tender them, how to water them. How fruits , vegetables, flowers grow on plants and trees. Let them feel the flowers and know the name of flowers.

Hope you and your kid will love to play with these worksheets.

Have fun together, you are doing great as a parent 🙂


In case if you would like any worksheet to be customized or are looking for more worksheets on a particular subject. Please drop us a mail on sharingourexperiencesblog@gmail.com.


For printed files – All sales are final and no refunds will be given once the order has been placed.

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Specification: My First Learning pack ( Multiple Activities Set ) Worksheets for kids 2-3 yrs and above – My First Learning Pack (Cover page + 32 activities) # Printables # Worksheets

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