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SOE Store Kids Learn Capital Letters in a fun way PDF Downloadable worksheets – Colour, paste pom poms or stickers or do finger painting

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Capital Alphabet themed worksheets are designed for kids to make them familiar with letters and related objects in a fun way. 

Learn alphabets and objects that start with each letter by using these alphabet themed worksheets . These can be used by kids of all ages – 1- 5 years. Kids can finger paint, or paste pom pom or stickers or colour or use crayons. Kids love doing all of these so use these worksheets in a hands on way.

This pdf downloadable worksheets set focuses on introduction of capital letters and related objects by doing some fun art and craft work. It has been proved through various researches kids learn better in a play way mode. So when they are small, its better to choose activities which help them learn new things while playing.

The set has 26 sheets, each sheet has one letter and one picture of related object. Kids can do finger painting, paste pom poms or can colour of their own choice. We suggest let your kid do whatever they love to and let them choose colour of their own choice. These are open ended worksheets designed specifically for small kids to help them learn letters and at the same time give them opportunity to do some art and craft work as we know art and craft activities play important role for their brain development.

These worksheets are really good for fine motor skills and can be used in many other ways.

Minimum age recommended is 2 yrs.

Activities in this set are :

  • Paste pom poms
  • Cut and Paste
  • Colouring
  • Finger painting
  • Paste Stickers

This is a comprehensive set of some interesting fun activities to practice capital letters. We have tried to keep the activities simple and entertaining so that kids can understand the concept easily.

**Note – Please note that each child is unique, please start these when you think your kid is ready for these concepts and using worksheets. Worksheets are to be used for young kids for very small duration, these concepts can also be taught in a variety of other ways.



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How to use these worksheets?

As soon as you get the set you can download print and start playing with your kid. There are activities to identify the capital letters and related object. We recommend start practicing these worksheets when your kid is comfortable and can enjoy these activities. Go slow and let your kid learn with his/her own pace.

Let your kid solve these using crayons or pom poms, cut and paste, sticker pasting or as per your kid’s choice.

Hope you and your kid will love to play with these worksheets.

Have fun together, you are doing great as a parent

How to make these worksheets reusable ?

Once you have printed these worksheets, you can laminate them using a laminator and laminating sheets and thus use them as many times you want :-).

We have personally used these brands of printer, laminating sheets and laminator to make worksheets reusable. Click here to see


In case if you would like any worksheet to be customized or are looking for more worksheets on a particular subject. Please drop us a mail on [email protected]

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