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SOE Store Kids Farm Animals Activity Book + Small Activities Cards for Hands on Learning

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Level 1 Early learning Activities on Farm animals theme to introduce various concepts related to Farm and domestic animals. Appropriate for Toddlers, Prenursery, Nursery kids (3-5) years

Multiple Activities for prewriting, visual discrimination, problem solving, logical thinking.

Fun activities and games for tracing, finger painting, phonics, counting. Introducing concepts like animal families, lifecycle of hen/chicken, what animals eat and much more.

The associated flash cards can be used for planning matching and counting activities and solving riddles. Special review sheets to cover the concepts learnt and hep kids retain them.

A Perfect First theme based complete learning pack for kids. This set contains 1 activity book + 70 small activities cards for hand on games that helps kids learn easily and in a fun way.

Colourful and engaging activities that are designed thoughtfully and contains age apt concepts and activities

A Preschool activity book and set of flashcards that are loved by kids. A perfect gift for your little one so gift your kid the joy of learning

48 pages in activity book, Excellent as birthday gift or complete educational and learning pack for toddlers and kids specially for preschool or homeschooling parents

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My Farm animals Activity + Small activities cards for hands-on learning is a complete preschool learning pack for young learners (3 to 5 years old).

This is the first book and set of activities cards that you can buy for your little one to introduce him/her to Farm animals.

This book introduces a child to domestic animals and things associated with them, animals families, the lifecycle of hen/chicken, what farm animals give us, what they eat, and much more.

The colorful and interactive pictures will develop an interest in your little one to go through and try to complete exciting activities on each page.

Thus helping the kids to not only know about farm animals but build prewriting skills, hand-eye coordination, language skills, cognitive skills, problem-solving abilities, and much more.

The small flashcards can be used to play multiple games and do hands on activities for eg counting , learning about vegetables, animal sounds, solving riddles. Thus reiterating the concepts learned by repetition.

These activities are carefully designed to engage kids and stimulate their brains – at the same time being simple enough for them to solve on their own and develop confidence. Activities like join the dots teach kids number sequencing and finger painting and tracing help in prewriting skills in a fun way.

These activities are designed in a way that kids love to solve them – thus making the journey of learning for our young learners a joyful one.

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