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SOE Store Kids ABC Capital Alphabets Writing Game for Kids


This Capital Alphabet writing game (Interactive Activity mats) for kids set contains 7 reusable wipe and clean cards with 14 activities. Kids have to throw a dice and accordingly trace the letter.  This is a fun activity to encourage kids to learn writing thus making learn fun for our young learners. 

**Includes Reusable pen + Achievement certificate for kids** .

Since these are REUSABLE kids can draw scribble write rewrite as many times as they want (Just write wipe clean and rewrite). Capital alphabet A to Z are covered and there is one missing alphabet activity (covers alphabet sequencing). Appropriate for Nursery kids (3 to 5 years).

Reusable activities are great to teach concepts by reiteration and learn through play.

All cards are ring bound at top for ease. Perfect travel toy for kids. Can be carried when travelling in car or flight.

Great for quiet time activities.

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These travel friendly Reusable Wipe and Clean Capital Alphabet writing game is designed for preschoolers, nursery kids and young kids ( 3 to 5 years) learning to write in 3 lines.

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Learning to write via alphabet game and dice helps in making learning fun. Reusable activity cards helps in writing practice, tracing capital alphabets and reinforcing concepts by repetition.

  • Contains 7 double side (2 side printed) reusable cards/mats with 14 wipe clean activities covering alphabets from A to Z and one missing alphabets learning game for kids.. All cards or activity mats will be bound in a ring and do not tear easily. Perfect for little hands and when travelling (Size is 6×4 inch).
  • Learn and play alphabets activities mats or cards for kids – Perfect for kids (3 to 5 years). Affordable and Economical for giving as return, birthday or holiday gifts as they are educational games and alphabets toys that helps kids in learning. Great for schools, daycare and homeschooling.
  • Great for reducing screen time for kids and great for carrying when travelling (as they are small in size). Wipe and clean activities cards are great for engaging kids when you are eating out in a hotel or travelling :-). You can write on them with any white board marker pen and erase with duster.
  • How to use these Alphabet writing game cards? Throw a dice, depending on number write on card. For elder kids you can play with more than one kid, whoever finishes writing on alphabets cards first is the winner. Dice included in the pack. Pen and duster not included. You can use our alphabets activity books along with these cards to introduce alphabets to young kids. This is a good alternative if you are looking for alphabets writing books or alphabet games for preschoolers.

LEARNING OUTCOME – develops fine motor skills, pincer grip, hand eye coordination, writing skills. Improves Focus, concentration and attention span.

Each card has been thoughtfully designed. This an affordable and unique learning gift for your kid and grand kids.

Excellent birthday return gifts for 3 to 5 years old. Perfect for quiet time activities . Can be used in day care, class room, school, at home or when traveling.

These are designed and conceptualized by moms specially for making writing fun with kids who don’t want to write -As most kids love dice games 🙂 Excellent alternative if you are looking for Capital alphabets writing books for kids, Capital alphabets tracing book, Alphabet learning toys or Alphabet toys for kids.

SOE Store Kids ABC Capital Alphabets Writing Game for Kids
SOE Store Kids ABC Capital Alphabets Writing Game for Kids


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