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SOE Store kids Educational Flash cards Combo for kids Complete learning pack Flashcards for kids. Learn alphabets (ABC), numbers (1- 20), colours, shapes counting + Reusable activities

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  • These Alphabets, Numbers (1-20), counting, Colours and Shapes flash cards for kids are designed for toddlers, preschoolers and young kids to learn about various concepts easily. Each card is thoughfully designed to teach concepts in a practical way and can be used for matching activities. These cards can be used for babies and younger kids if you want to introduce these concepts
  • Contains 12 shapes, 20 Colours, 26 alphabets, 20 numbers (1-20), 20 counting and 4 reusable wipe and clean activities cards. Number of flash cards is 51 (2 sides printed with various concepts). All cards are water proof and do not tear easily. Perfect for little hands and when travelling (Size is 3×4 inch). You can easily keep in handmag thus serve as excellent travel toys for kids.
  • Learn and play flash cards for kids – Perfect for kids (18 months to 4 years). Can be used for younger kids as well. Economical and affordable for giving as return, birthday or holiday gifts as they are educational toys that helps kids in learning
  • Great for reducing screen time for kids and great for carrying when travelling (as they are small in size). Can also be used for introducing first words. Wipe and clean activities cards are great for engaging kids when you are eating out in a hotel :-). Just carry a white board marker and a flashcard in your handbag for hours of fun.
  • How to use these Flash cards ? For younger kids, you can show these flash cards and talk about various shapes, colours, alphabets, numbers and objects. Use them for matching colours, shapes, alphabets with objects available at home. For preschoolers these flash cards can be used to play games and design activities. For e.g. you can ask kids to sort all objects in a basket based on shapes or colours or alphabets or count objects in a basket and match with numbers. (various Montessori activities).

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This Flash cards for kids set contains 1) 36 colors, shapes and activities cards, 2) 26 alphabets cards 3) 40 numbers and Counting flash cards.

  • Total number of cards is 51 and each card is 3*4 inches.
  • These are double sided cards and each card contains a color or shape or alphabets or numbers or counting or reusable activities.
  • Each card is thoughtfully designed to teach concepts, to be able to be used with matching activities and we have tried to keep the pictures realistic and something that a kid can relate with.
  • The cards are small in size so that kids can easily hold them and their four corners have been cut to give them a smoother finish.
  • These are designed and conceptualized by moms and worked well with our kids to make them familiar with various concepts.
  • These will be packed by hands so please do not expect machine made packing. All cards are water proof, do not tear easily and are travel friendly.
  • These cards go well with our Early learning book and ABC books.
  • They are also available individually. Flash cards are good for helping kids learn and retain various concepts and can be incorporated in reinforcing learning via doing more activities on these concepts. These flashcards when combined with games and activities of various difficulties level can be used by kids of various ages. Get these travel toys for kids to make Traveling more fun and introduce learning is a playful way.
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