Transport Theme Printable Bundle for Toddlers & Preschoolers


Transport themed Digital downloadable worksheets set. This is a full set (50+ pages) of transport-themed activities which you can use to cover various hand on and fun activities with your kid. Great for visual discrimination and brain development

Activities included:

– Number counting 0 – 10

– Alphabet matching activities (Capital to Capital letter and Capital to small)

– Find the missing part

– Size seriation Activity for kids

– Sorting activity based on the type of transportation

– Shadow matching

– Color by number

– Number Puzzle and zig-zag puzzle

– Pattern matching

– Wheel Colour matching activity

– Farm and Forest animals sorting activity

– Prewriting practice for kids

– Word Scramble

-Transport crossword

-Count & write activity

-Measure and write

-Count and graph activity

-Memory game

-Copy the picture

-Traffic signal and Road signs

The set contains activities in both cut and paste format for toddlers and worksheets format for elder kids.

Download, Print solve, and have loads of fun 🙂


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How to use these worksheets?

As soon as you get the set you can download print and start playing with your kid. There are activities to practice and understand the letter sound. Recognize the picture and say it aloud, help your kid in understand the letter sounds separate. If needed you can say the name slowly and break the word and let your kid understand what you are saying clearly.

Let your kid solve these using crayons or pencils or as per your kid’s choice.

To make the learning more fun :

  • You can play some games around it. Collect small objects or toys for your kid. Name the objects and let your kid understand and recognize the starting letter sound of objects.
  • While talking or playing with your kid randomly you can say a word and ask your kid to recognize the starting letter sound.

Hope you and your kid will love to play with these worksheets.

Have fun together, you are doing great as a parent 🙂


In case if you would like any worksheet to be customized or are looking for more worksheets on a particular subject. Please drop us a mail on [email protected]


All sales are final and no refunds will be given once the order has been placed.

**Note – Please note that each child is unique, please start these when you think your kid is ready for these concepts and using worksheets. Worksheets are to be used for young kids for a very small duration, these concepts can also be taught in a variety of other ways.

Transport Theme Printable Bundle for Toddlers & Preschoolers
Transport Theme Printable Bundle for Toddlers & Preschoolers


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