A Quick Rectangular Pouch


This is a really quick project that can be done with one skein of yarn.

I think that one should always have some tiny little gifts ready at home, so that when you have a sudden guest with a little one, you can easily spread smiles. And in keeping with that thought, I decided to make a little bag, which can work as a pencil case as well as a toiletries bag / jewellery case as well.

This is my original pattern. Thank you for joining me as we work on this pattern together.

Skill level : Easy to Intermediate

Materials used for this Rectangular Pouch

Today I’ve used about one cone of our Indian Polyester silky purse yarn with a 4 mm crochet

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Learn how to crochet rectangular pouch by going through this free crochet pattern

Click here for free step by step pattern and instructions

Have fun creating something beautiful and hope the recipient loves it too.

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Have a great day and see you soon.

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