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Check out these Fun Activity books that kids love and which help them learn without being overwhelming.  We also have multiple themed PDF printable packs that you can download and print any number of times. Our products help you be part of your child early education and have fun along the way.

Preschool and Nursery Activity books for 2 to 4 year olds

For 2 to 4 year olds
Covers almost all skills and activities required for Preschool kids
For 2 to 4 year olds
Focuses on Capital Alphabet recognition and objects starting with each letter
For 2 to 4 year olds
Covers all concepts required for Preschool and Nursery Math


Introducing Super saver activity books bundle

These activity books are loved by kids and you can never go wrong with them.

This set would cover your preschool syllabus and you can save a LOT of money by getting this bundle.



What Parents Say

Excellent for kids ages 2.5 n above

I had been looking at this book for quite sometime. Finally ordered after a lot of confusion whether it will serve the purpose or not. Good I did. My kid enjoys the varied activities in it. It has a colourful format which attracts kids to it. The activities makes sure to cover all the basics which they are currently learning or have learnt in near past.
– Ankit Anil for early learning book

Best maths activity workbook for 3-4 year kids

This is a great Maths activity book for 3+ year olds. The activities are truly age appropriate which is rarely found in other activity books. And as a result my kid does all activities willingly and with enthusiasm. Learning in a fun way without even realizing . All the concepts are perfect for a 3-4 year kid in order to help in learning simple Maths. It also has logic activities to encourage problem solving in preschoolers and helps in brain development. My son truly loved this book.  Read more here

– Shaikh Gosia for Math Activity Book

A book to introduce capital alphabets

This book aims to help the kid explore, experience and learn at the same time,my child really loved doing every activity in this book😎, this in turn made me happy to choose the right book for her 😃. . .
This book introduces kids to capital alphabets and focuses on recognition of each alphabets in a fun way using the ‘I SPY GAME’
The pictures are colourful and interactive with activities on each page like matching each alphabet with an object, spot the odd one out, circle the right alp .. Read more
– Mustansir (for Capital Alphabet book)


Covers brain games, number counting, alphabets and much more
Covers prewriting skills, pattern tracing and much more
Covers number, counting, sequencing puzzle, brain games and much more
Wipe clean cards to learn Capital alphabet tracing. A fun DICE game
Wipe clean cards to learn small alphabet tracing. A fun DICE game
Reusable version of our Early learning book for kids

SOE store kids Learning aids helps your child develop

animal learning binder homeschooling bundle


Get all preschool and nursery worksheets in printable version

If you have a printer at home this bundle is perfect for you as you get all themes and worksheets in pdf format in ONE GO. So complete syllabus and thousands of worksheets at a ONE TIME cost for LIFETIME access

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At 2 years you can get our Early learning book as it covers all preschool concepts in one book, It is available in both normal and reusable format.  You can also invest in flashcards for planning hands on activities –  Emotions cards, Numbers cards and Action cards.  And you can for prewriting cards. Ask your child to place stickers on the various patterns. Also you can get these popular books for 2 year olds

At 3 years if your child is in prenursery  – you can get our Early learning book  (It is available in both normal and reusable wipe clean format). You can also get first Capital alphabet book and First Math books for kids. You can invest in prewriting cards and capital alphabet tracing cards.  Three year olds also enjoy doing our reusable activity flashcards  and brain booster cards

We have many printable worksheets on various theme that you can download and print at home. So you can buy them and print them as many times you want for your personal use. You can check them out here. Or you can get our VIP membership where you get all existing printables in ONE go plus you also get all printable we create for LIFETIME.

We create multiple printables at regular basis on various themes. VIP members get all our pdfs FREE for LIFETIME at one time cost. So it is a great option for homeschooling or supporting what is being done in school. You can check out more about VIP membership here

Definitely. We have many FREE digital worksheets you can sign up here to get FREE alphabet worksheets now

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