Poinsettia Table Coasters

This is my first (of many) blogs on this new portal.  I have been writing blogs and offering free crochet patterns of products that I make for a few years now.  I have over 350 patterns on my blog and am adding one almost every day.
Poinsettia Table Coasters
This project - Poinsettia Table Coasters was made pre-Xmas, but I have been so busy, I have not had time to write out the pattern and post this - that said, it's not too bad an idea to start on your DIY homemade Christmas decorations well in advance. After all, a thing of beauty is a joy forever.
With each blog, I make a product and I write out the pattern.  I also offer links for other similar patterns at the end of each blog... and each of my blogs has several links that give you an idea of new stitches or old stitches worked in a new way.. so enjoy.

Skill level : Advanced Skill level

Size :  6.5" across

Materials used to Crochet Poinsettia Table Coasters
Today I have used ~ about a little bit of our lovely Indian Red Rose cotton yarn and Metallic cotton yarn with a 1.3 mm crochet hook
One quick note : I found that my Indian Red Rose bled a bit, so if you too are using two colors (of Red Rose yarn), one of which is light, please ensure that the darker color does not bleed.  Lesson well learned :-/

 Stitches used to crochet Poinsettia Table Coasters:  (Using U.S terminology)

Magic Circle  - Learn or refresh your skill on how to crochet a magic circle

Chainless dc start : Instead of the usual dc row start with ch 2 or ch 3, I’d like to introduce this lovely new way of starting a dc row. Do take a look at this self-explanatory videos on how to crochet a chainless DC start

In case you are unhappy with this start, do continue with the usual ch 2 or ch 3 start.  However, all instructions are given assuming that you’re using this chainless dc start. 

Double treble crochet (dtr) : Learn or refresh your skill on how to crochet a double treble stitch

Treble / triple 2-together (trc 2-tog) : If you’ve worked a dc 2-tog, then this is a lot like that, just that you work it with a trc.

*yo two times, insert hk into st ; yo and pull up a lp ; [yo, draw through 2 lps] ; rep [to] once ; rep *to* once more ; yo and draw through all 3 lps on hk.  One trc 2-tog complete.

Learn or refresh your skill on how to crochet a tr2tog treble crochet two together decrease stitch

Picot stitch : Learn or refresh your skill on how to crochet a picot stitch 

dc 3-tog : Double crochet 3-tog : [yo, insert hk in st or ch-sp, yo and pull up a lp ; yo and draw through 2 lps] 3 times (4 lps on hk) ; yo, draw through all lps on hk.  One dc 3-tog made.


Pattern for making Poinsettia Table Coasters

Abbreviations used :  Using U.S Terminology

fsc: Foundation Single Crochet

dc : Double crochet                                             sp(s) : Space(s)

st(s) : Stitch(es)                                                    hk : Hook

lp : Loop(s)                                                            yo : Yarn Over

sk : Skip                                                                  sc : Single crochet

trc : Treble / Triple crochet

dtr : Double treble crochet

Click here for free pattern and step by step Instructions : (Using U.S Terminology)

ALL I request of you ,the reader, and creator of beauty, is that you share my blog page when you make your product and give credit where due.  If you have benefitted from the experience, pay it forward, and pass it along.  
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