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Parenting is a term we do not give much attention to until we become parents. And then it hits us hard because we do not know what to do next and whom to ask.
Here We share what we have learnt during our journey of parenting. So you will find books we love, toys that have worked for us, honest product reviews, activities that the are doing, crafts suggestions, parenting tips based on our experiences and also information on parenting from experts.
Let us start with our most popular parenting blogs on child development
I believe we are more than how we look. We are what we feel think and express. To me Parenting is joyous and tough. It makes you happy and at times sad. Parenting introduces you to love like you had never experienced before and at the same time makes you experience exhaustion which again you never knew existed. It teaches you to learn and at times unlearn what you thought you already knew. Parenting is a myriad of emotions, expressions and experiences. And definitely a continuous learning journey.

Recommended books and toys for you

I love buying toys and books. So here is a list of my recommendations on books and toys that I have bought since my son was born

Kids activities, crafts and games

Mommy Hacks – How to plan activities for kids

Hi Mums. This is a simple article to say about how we can plan activities with our kids. I shall share some of my personal hacks I follow to plan my son’s ...

Hitting children: Is it a form of disciplining? Definitely a Big No

I have been working with children since 12 years now. My daughter is 15 months. I primarily work with children with neurodevelopmental delay. I also have ...

How to Develop Healthy Eating Habits for kids

Easy tips to help your kids develop healthy eating habits Healthy eating is essential for your kid’s overall health, but in today’s life kids became too ...

Importance of car seats for infants and toddlers. Do you really need it?

Do you need a car seat for infants and toddlers ? In this article we will talk about importance of car seats for infants and toddlers and help you make a ...

12 simple things you can do to have a Normal (Vaginal) Delivery | Easy Pregnancy tips for normal delivery

Among the many questions, one which every mother-to-be wonders is how to get a vaginal delivery ? Read these easy normal delivery tips that can increase your ...

10 Best Air Purifying Plants for Your Home to Improve Air Quality

10 air purifying plants to have in your home to release oxygen and purify air. Great for combating pollution. You don't need a big balcony or terrace for them, ...

How to Lose weight after a baby ?

Easy tips on how to Lose weight after a baby This is one question almost all moms google after having a baby. I have googled the same question many times so ...

How to help your kid settle in school

Your little one has started first grade but still your child is not happy at school or does not feel comfortable. Know How to help your kid settle in school. ...

How to help your child in transition from Kindergarten to First Grade

The time of transition from kindergarten to first grade is an exciting time for children. But it can also be frightening for many. Know how you can help your ...

Why Babies Cry ?

To know why babies cry, it is necessary to understand what your baby wants to say by crying. It is not exaggerating to say that the human infant is the ...

Good Touch and Bad touch

How did I teach my kid about good touch bad touch? Few years before, I was not using any smart phone and neither I did not have any access to Internet. ...

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Parenting Why do we celebrate Holi?

Why do we celebrate Holi?

Why do we celebrate Holi and what are the various legends associated with the festival. Check out here why we celebrate Holi. The most colorful festival ...

Best products 10 Best Air Purifiers in India 2018

10 Best Air Purifiers in India 2018

Carefully selected list of 10 Best air purifiers in India currently available in the market. We have also tried to cover how to choose best air purifier and ...

Child Behaviour & Discipline Hitting children: Is it a form of disciplining? Definitely a Big No

Hitting children: Is it a form of disciplining? Definitely a Big No

I have been working with children since 12 years now. My daughter is 15 months. I primarily work with children with neurodevelopmental delay. I also have ...

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