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With time our community is growing and many bloggers and mompreneurs are joining us 🙂 .. Which actually is great. So first of all a warm welcome ..

I have started this group to share my experiences on how to make a website using WordPress. It’s taken me multiple years to create The idea of this group is to help each other positively by sharing our experiences so that we can learn from our combined wisdom. So I invite you to Join us to help each other.

So if you like anything on this site you can ask me How I did that and I will try to answer it in this group. I am hoping you will find this group useful.

This is a closed group, which means that non-members cannot read posts to the group but they can see who the members of the group are. Members may add friends to the group but the admin team needs to approve their membership.
As this group is growing everyday, I am setting some simple rules for this group.

How to make a website using WordPress Facebook Group Rules

  1. This group is to help each other, so talk about anything that could be useful to other bloggers or mompreneurs. Whats worked for you, any hacks and tips or you can ask any queries you have.
  2. If need be you can link to your blogs when posting But any adverts posted will be removed by admin immediately without warning. No direct sales or marketing is allowed.
  3. If you are a business or a mompreneur you can check with the admin and we will find a way to help you without compromising the group members interests. We also have a separate group for mompreneurs so if you want you can join that.
  4. We ask that you do not share screenshots of group activity outside this group, nor share screenshots of activity within other closed or secret groups here for discussion. This would be regarded as a gross breach of etiquette and privacy, and will result in the offending member being banned from all sister groups.
  5. Do not download or use photographs or information (including our files and albums sections) for use without our permission or the express permission of the original poster.


The material, advice and information contained on this forum is for general information purposes only and is to the best of our knowledge. This group also contains affiliate links. You should not rely only upon the material or information given in the group as a basis for making any legal, business or any other decisions.

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