Let us all Rejuvenate Ladies

Early morning 5:30 am till 11 pm at night, the clock constantly keeps ticking for a ‘Mom’.

A multi-tasker in the true sense from being a mom, wife, daughter, daughter-in-law, boss at work; she is on her toes 24*7 without any hesitation and complaints. She loves her children and family unconditionally and goes out of the way to fulfill their varied demands and yet is smiling all day through. In the midst of all her daily chores and responsibilities at work, she forgets “who she is”.

Her hobbies and passion all become so much secondary in this rat race, that at times looking at herself in the mirror she fails to recognize herself. She tries and attains perfection in all her duties and responsibilities every time,  so much so that her family gets used to it. She wonders “Am I the same person who once loved to sing and dance, used to read books for long hours?

Multi-tasking and being there at the right time for everyone is great, but not at the cost of one’s own health every time. Late shifts or staying back in office to help the team members complete their assignment is definitely a very big help to all but not always at the cost of over-burdening your own self. Likewise, the ideal “Bahu” is always there for her family and relatives but one needs to understand her tenacity too. We should also know how to say “No” at times and push back though we are capable of undertaking extra work, so that we don’t get over exhausted.

Gradually amidst all this sacrifice, she forgets to enjoy life and starts accepting the mundane routine gracefully. But is this justified? Why should boys have all the fun?

Ladies, let’s also enjoy the beauty of life according to the way we want, let’s live life to the fullest. We should follow our heart and passion and love what we do. So friends, going out for movies and ladies’ parties are definitely very good stress-busters wherein one should not  be discussing maids and household chores, instead should be focusing on latest fashion trends, travel plans, food joints, career plans etc. Join an activity like swimming, aerobics, dance or music to get some time for oneself and relax. Pursuing a hobby and planning frequent vacations with family and friends will also give a break to our daily schedule and will make us feel refreshed.

Taking a maternity break is very important but only for some time as every woman has complete right to pursue her career goals and aspirations. Children are a joint responsibility of both the parents so let’s divide the responsibility with our respective spouses and make them aware too.

It is commonly said that a girls’ life is full of choices, so let’s try out different ways to keep ourselves rejuvenated and motivated to excel out in every responsibility we undertake so that we can still give in our 100% with complete satisfaction and happiness. If the heart and soul of a family i.e. the “Mom” is happy, the whole family will be very happy too as she’s the home maker in it’s literal sense.

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