How to make 3d paper stars from newspaper

Today I am going to talk about how to make 3d paper stars from old newspapers. Yes you heard it right 🙂 We are going to recycle newspapers into beautiful stars.

So before we start, first of all Happy holidays friends!

My previous blog was on newspaper wind chime , in which I used waste newspaper. This one has the same raw materials but with a different outcome .

Its Christmas so I chose paper stars … its “Newspaper 3d Christmas Stars”.

Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year. This season has a unique charm in itself the Christmas tree, the wreath at the door, frosty, lights ,stars, the delicacies and not to forget the snow in the yard, it is a magical time indeed. And apart from presents, we all are looking for Christmas decoration ideas.  And no Christmas decoration is complete without stars.

I personally believe that there is nothing better than home made Christmas ornaments for decorating our homes and Xmas tree. Its always nice to decorate our houses with some handmade things, it adds a personal touch to the special day.

So let us check out this easy tutorial on how you can make 3D paper stars out of old newspapers for your Christmas decorations.

3d paper star

So Lets get started !!

Here is a step by step tutorial with pictures to help you with how to make 3D stars from paper.

Materials you will need to make these beautiful Christmas Ornaments

  • Newspaper tubes
  • Acrylic paints
  • Glitter
  • Paper glue
  • Glue gun
  • LED lights
  • Thread

Procedure to make 3D paper stars

  • Join the newspaper tubes at the ends to make one long stick. Just slide the end of the tube to the other end of another tube. To know how to make newspaper tubes please check my previous blog on how to make wind chime from paper
  • Take a desired width (say 8 cm) and fold the tube at 8 cm three times to make an equilateral triangle .Now glue the ends to form triangle.3D Christmas Paper Star

3D Christmas Paper Star

  • Now fold the extended part of the tube to one side of the triangle making a clockwise turn around the tip of the top most part of the triangle. Use generous amount of glue at the tip.

3D Christmas Paper Star

  • Repeat the same at all the three edges of the equilateral triangle.

3D Christmas Paper Star

  • Now continue weaving it in the same pattern till you reach the center most part of the triangle. Finally glue the edges.

3D Christmas Paper Star

  • Make two such triangles and glue them together in opposite sides using a glue gun.

3D Christmas Paper Star

  • Paint it with a colour of your choice

3D Christmas Paper Star

3D Christmas Paper Star

   Taking this a step further to make a bigger 3d Paper star –

  • In the same way as the small stars , join the newspaper tubes and fix a particular width (say 15 Cm).
  • Now take the center of the first 15 Cm width and cross it at the center of the third 15 Cm width. This forms a triangle, glue the point where the tubes overlap each other using a glue gun.

    3D Christmas Paper Star

  • Now take the fourth 15 Cm width and overlap it across the first and the second 15 cm width. And glue the overlapping points.


3D Christmas Paper Star

  • Next, take the fifth 15 cm width all the way up to overlap with the second and the third 15 cm width . Finally glue it at the overlapping points. Hence you get a five sided star.

3D Christmas Paper Star

  • Now continue the same way as the small paper star. Take the extending part of the tube and fold it to one side of the star making a clockwise turn around the tip of the top most part of the star. Use generous amount of glue at the tip.

3D Christmas Paper Star

3D Christmas Paper Star

3D Christmas Paper Star


  • Then continue the process and glue it at the end. Paint it with a color of your choice and use glitter for the extra glow.

3D Christmas Paper Star

  • Fix lights at the back side of the 3d paper star , and hang it using a thread.

    3D Paper Stars

The Newspaper 3d stars are ready .

3D Christmas Paper Star


You can also check the video below for detailed tutorial on “DIY 3D Paper stars out of old newspapers”

Please try out making these paper stars yourself and give your precious feedback using comment below. If you use them for anything other than Christmas decorations do let us know 🙂

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