How to choose the Right Highchair for my baby? Complete guide to buying highchair or booster seats

A complete guide to How to choose Right highchair for baby compiled by a mom. It covers questions like What is a high chair and booster seat, Do you really need a high chair, what are different high chair. All frequently asked questions related to high chair are answered here.

Everything about highchair for babies

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So what is a highchair?

A high chair can be well defined as a self-supporting chair raised to a height of more than 15 inches from the floor, to feed a child not older than 3 years of age. High chair are available with or without an attached tray and many other features as per your budget.

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Do you really need a highchair?

A high chair can be used

  • To feed the baby easily while sitting or standing, without the need to bend forward or grab him.
  • High chair can be placed at the dining table so that the baby can have food along with other family members.
  • Having food with the family influences the child in having his food as other do, as babies learn by mocking. A high chair can boost baby’s interest in having solid food.
  • As the baby is seated in fixed place, cleaning the mess after the meal becomes an easy task.
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When do I buy a highchair or what is the right age to buy a high chair

By the time your baby is 6 months old it’s time you give some solid food other than milk but feeding solid food to the baby is a messy job. If the baby has learnt to sit then its time you get a high chair for your baby.

So to answer when to buy a high chair for babies – By the age of 6 to 8 months when the baby is ready to sit up right on his own without anyone support and you are about to begin his solid food that is the time for your baby to get into a high chair

To be extra safe you can get a high chair when your kid is 9 months old. Or you can also check with your pediatrician when to buy a high chair after your baby turns 6 months.

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Different types of highchair

There are many varieties of high chair available depending on your requirement and budget

  • Traditional: They are the basic type of high chair with a standard design. These high chairs are economical and they have little or no extra features.
  • Detachable booster seat or chair: A booster chair alters a standard chair into a high chair for a toddler. As they do not come with legs, they are called as space saver chairs
  • Modern style: They are same as traditional ones with extra features as in food tray with cup holder, reclining back supporter, adjustable height. Etc.
  • Multi-Stage convertible chair: These type of high chair are usually 3 in 1 chair that is, high chair first for the baby, and then it can be converted into a sitting chair for a toddler and last it can be converted as sitting stool for child older than a toddler.
  • Clip- on chairs: These types of chairs are clipped to the dining table directly and they do not come with a tray. They convert dining table into a high chair table for the baby.
  • Travel: A travel high chair is a foldable chair that can be conveniently carried whenever traveling with the baby.
  • Fabric chair: This type of high chair are attached to standard chair to alter into a high chair. Fabric chair are machines-washable as they are made of easy to clean material. Though, fabric chair are not always available
  • Twin-high chair: These high chairs are bulky and contain seats for two infants, and are best suited for twins. They are space consuming and oversized, hence making them rare even in home with two infants.
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How to choose a highchair for babies

Primary thing to consider while buying a high chair is that whether it’s safe and comfortable for your baby and convenient for you to put the baby in and take him out easily or not.

You can buy a high chair online but to choose the right high chair you must visit a store and see if the high chair works for you and your baby. When you go to the store to buy one, check

  • if your baby seems comfortable in it
  • check if you can operate it comfortably 
  • see if the height is convenient for you
  • you can remove or put the tray with single handed.
  • Also check that the seat strap is easy to fasten and unbuckle

One other important parameter for me was whether it had a removable tray and seat cover for cleaning. As that makes cleaning a very easy task.

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What I need to know more about highchairs?

How to choose the right high chair depend on what features you are looking for and what suits your baby.

With so many wide range of high chair available in the market, your primary concern should be safety and functionality features while buying a high chair.

And also you should make sure that the high chair is durable and easy to clean. If space is an issue than you should consider a high chair that is quick and easy to fold and store.

The price range depends on the extra features the high chair comes with such as:

  • Resting seats
  • Flexible foot-rest
  • Compact when folded
  • Adjustable seat height
  • Detachable tray for cleaning
  • Extra padding for comfort for the baby on the seat
  • Removable and convenient to clean seat cover
  • Multi-functional high chair that converts into a low chair and table for the toddler, or else can be used as needed when the child grows.
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Are the high chairs safe?

Few tips for safe use of the high chair:

  • Most injuries with the high chair can be stopped by proper use of the safety restraints each time the baby is seated in the chair.
  • Be certain that all the straps are properly buckled up, as well as the crotch strap if there is any, and be sure the straps fit comfortably against the child.
  • Oversee your baby all the time while he is sitting in the high-chair. For any reason whatsoever never leave him alone while he is eating just in case he chokes.
  • Never use a high chair on raised, slippery or uneven surface.
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Are Wooden high chairs safe?

Yes, wooden high chair are safe until they have the necessary safety features such as a safety strap. A traditional high chair with the required safety features is safe to use if it is free from any toxins or leads used for wood polishing.

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Best Highchair in India

Few good options of high chair in India are:

Last update was on: 1st October 2020 2:17 am
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Best Booster seats in India

Last update was on: 1st October 2020 2:17 am

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How long do you need a high chair?

It depends on the child and the chair weight holding capacity.

A few kids as they grow to toddlers i.e. by the age 2-3yrs age –  they may not like being strapped on the chair and would like to sit independently like other members in the family on the dining table.

Otherwise if the child has learnt to unbuckle itself from the chair and climb up to get out of the high chair then those are the signs that it is time to quit the high chair.

If the child enjoys being in the high chair and he fits in it then let it be till the time the chair can hold the child.

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Are there any differences between high chair and booster seat?

High chair is a complete chair in itself.  Booster seat or chair is strapped onto a chair for the baby

Pros of using High chair:

  • In terms of safety it comes with buckle and anti-tipping sturdy base.
  • Convenience- As the baby grows and does not want to sit in the high chair, transition to the normal dining chair is easy. This high chair can be used as activity table for the child.

Pros of using booster seat:

  • It is a portable and foldable chair convenient to carry anywhere you want easily and has safety straps.
  • It is has to be placed on a regular chair to feed the baby or for any other purpose.
  • Most of the booster chairs have different attachments to the main body of the booster chair such as food tray, flat surface for the baby to play with his/her toys or even a tray with toys attached on the surface so that the baby doesn’t drop his toys.

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How to choose the right high chair for your baby. Complete guide to buying high chairs


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