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Child Behavior and Discipline Tips

Never Say These Things to Your Kids – Part 4

Kids learn several things from each and everything told to them and it carries more weight when certain things are told by parents or guardians. I shared several points which are sensitive and may impact your kids adversely in first, second and third part of this article. Let’s take a look at more ...

Never Say These Things to Your Kids – Part 3

We talked much about how parents could behave sensibly in front of the kids and what they should avoid talking in front of their kids in the first and second part of this continued post. Let’s continue talking more about things to be avoided in front of kids. Kids can be easily taught things by ...

Never Say These Things to Your Kids – Part 2

Kids are like open book where parents can craft them in whatever way they want, but sometimes certain things done unintentionally will leave a negative mark on your kids brains. In continuation to my previous post on “Never Say These Things to Your Kids – Part 1“, read about more things which ...

Never Say These Things to Your Kids – Part 1

Kids are like plain papers and as a parent you can write whatever you wish to write on them but this is a sensitive situation as some bad things written on their minds are non reversible. As a guardian of growing kids, parents carry certain responsibilities which mostly revolves around certain ...

Are we raising super kids or dependent adults ?

J.K. Rowling came out with a series of novels about a boy wizard capable of magical feats which no other could. Her work was an instant success as Pottermania caught the fancy of world besides the fact it was a FANTASY & FICTION!! However, the parents in today’s time are expecting their ...


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