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Valentine’s Day DIY Gift Box

Valentines Day DIY gift box

Check out this easy tutorial on how do you make Valentine's day box. If you are looking for Do it yourself Valentine gifts- this easy idea is perfect. This is an easy handmade gift perfect for all ...

DIY Christmas Santa With Paper craft

DIY Christmas Santa paper craft

Looking for an easy and fun Christmas Santa craft for kids? Don't miss the one below.  Christmas would never be without Santa so here we are making our very own Santa can also be used as a DIY ...

DIY Christmas Angel with Paper Plate

DIY Christmas Angel with Paper Plate

Looking for an easy and fun Christmas Angel craft for kids? Check out the one below. As its a Christmas craft theme why not add a bit of magic by making our very own Christmas Angel craft. It can ...

Why do we celebrate Holi?

Why do we celebrate holi_featured

Why do we celebrate Holi and what are the various legends associated with the festival. Check out here why we celebrate Holi.The most colorful festival celebrated in India is HOLI. This festival ...

Why do we celebrate Valentine’s Day?

Why do we celebrate Valentines day

As the month of February begins, shops are stocked with fascinating things in the shape of heart such as heart shaped boxes, pair of Teddy holding heart with a love message, gifts symbolising love, ...

DIY Punched Paper Lantern for Diwali

Punched Paper Lantern Tutorial

Step by step instructions on how to make Punched Paper Lantern for Diwali at home. These are also called paper lamps and they are great as home décor or party decorations.If you are bored with ...

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