Kids activities and Games

Looking for kids activities?

Here are some kids activities ideas that you can easily do at home or plan for doing with kids in school and preschool. We have included ideas, tips and hacks for parents to make life easier and engage kids in a fun way (that also helps in kids development)

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Age wise kids activities suggestions

Activities and games for 8 months old baby

Fun games for 1 year old

Activities for 18 months old

Activities for 2 year olds

Fun games for 3 year olds

Skills Based & Early learning Activities for Toddlers and Preschoolers (2 to 4 years old)

How to use flashcards to plan activities with kids

Hands on activities with things available at home to improve Visual Discrimination skills

Fun ways to teach alphabets to preschoolers

Montessori toddler activities that you can do at home for child development 

Sensory activities for kids

Early learning Activities for Nursery and KG kids

Preschool Activities (Free worksheets)

Kindergarten Activities (Free printables)

Fun and easy ways to teach sight words at home

All Kids activities and games

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