Kids Activities and Crafts

Unlock endless possibilities for your kids’ creativity with our collection of expert-recommended kids activities and crafts! Get answers to the most frequently asked questions and discover new and engaging ways to keep your kids entertained and educated.

Check out 100+ easy best Kids Crafts and Activities for kids.  Free crafts tutorials and age wise kids activities for kids of all ages – toddlers, preschoolers, nursery, kindergarten kids, tweens and teenagers.

These easy crafts ideas and activities are not only fun but also great for your child’s growth and development.

Crafts and kids activities give a medium for a child to nurture and spark his imagination and creativity. With few inexpensive craft supplies and thing available at home you can encourage your child to make anything and plan activities together.

And while you are crafting together or doing activities together you can use these moments to get to know your child, his interests, likes and dislikes. You can use these moments to talk to each other and create beautiful memories for years to come.

What supplies to buy when starting crafts with kids

Our favourite craft supplies are Construction papers, Pom Poms , Popsicle sticks and foam sheets. But to make it easier we have curated our favourite art and craft supplies for beginners in our Amazon store

Check out >> FAVORITE ART AND CRAFTS SUPPLIES LIST ON (Handpicked best rates supplies you need to do thousands of activities and crafts to engage your kid

Browse through these mom tried and tested crafts, kids crafts and activities to do with kids. 

Other ways to engage kids – Check out

Book lists for kids,

Best toys for kids

Age wise kids activities suggestions

Activities and games for 8 months old baby

Fun games for 1 year old

Activities for 18 months old

Activities for 2 year olds

Fun games for 3 year olds

Skills Based & Early learning Activities for Toddlers and Preschoolers (2 to 4 years old)

How to use flashcards to plan activities with kids

Hands on activities with things available at home to improve Visual Discrimination skills

Fun ways to teach alphabets to preschoolers

Montessori toddler activities that you can do at home for child development 

Sensory activities for kids

Holiday Crafts for kids

Check out these easy crafts and activities based on Holidays and seasons

Holiday times are great time to engage in some crafts and activities as it helps us create memories. So browse below craft ideas based on Holidays and seasons

Easy DIY Wreaths for Christmas

DIY Christmas Crepe paper flower and Satin ribbon Christmas wreath

Wreaths are an integral part of Christmas. Christmas Wreaths should be hanged outside the main doors. Wreath represents the thorns worn by Christ on the cross, and the tiny red berries represent ...

Easy Firework Crafts for Kids

Firework crafts for kids

Check out how to make these easy firework crafts for kids. I am sure this would help you to spend some fun time together. Check out the free step by step pictures tutorials Paper fire rocket ...

DIY Christmas Santa With Paper craft

DIY Christmas Santa paper craft

Looking for an easy and fun Christmas Santa craft for kids? Don't miss the one below.  Christmas would never be without Santa so here we are making our very own Santa can also be used as a DIY ...

DIY Christmas Angel with Paper Plate

DIY Christmas Angel with Paper Plate

Looking for an easy and fun Christmas Angel craft for kids? Check out the one below.  As its a Christmas craft theme why not add a bit of magic by making our very own Christmas Angel craft. It can ...

Why do we celebrate Holi?

Why do we celebrate holi_featured

Why do we celebrate Holi and what are the various legends associated with the festival. Check out here why we celebrate Holi. The most colorful festival celebrated in India is HOLI. This festival ...

DIY Punched Paper Lantern for Diwali

Punched Paper Lantern Tutorial

Step by step instructions on how to make Punched Paper Lantern for Diwali at home. These are also called paper lamps and they are great as home décor or party decorations. If you are bored with ...

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